Does Don bee threatens marine


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15.07.11.Po bee plague sweeping the planet. It all started in the U.S., and now spread to the Europeans — Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Great Britain.

Beekeepers Russia in recent years, too, there was massive mortality of bees.

— This spring, so gorgeous blooming acacia, hoping for good results, and the bees behaved strangely after sitting a bit, then, for no apparent reason flipped on his back and died, is divided sore familiar beekeeper.

The regional management of public employment services have concluded that among the ten start-ups that have received subsidies for their own businesses

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Snowfall in South Africa brought the first victim

Snow and rain, and the temperature drop in the south-eastern part of South Africa caused the death of two people. One of them was 50-year-old man of no fixed abode, frozen in a cardboard box, which had been his refuge in the streets of Westville. Another victim of snow was three year old girl who died under a fallen wall of a residential building in Eastern Cape, podmyta rains and muddy snow. Still two people are on the list of missing persons. Both of them were blown flow of melt and rain water with the vehicle, which are. Some

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Brand new battle for the Mediterranean

About fifteen years ago in the eastern Mediterranean region, more precisely in the Israeli shelf, opened a tremendous field natural gas. This discovery seems, was the first sign of regional gas warfare, which will have far-reaching geopolitical consequences. The fact that the oil-gas rich not only Israeli shelf, and the waters adjacent to Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Syria.

According to the Greek analysts, the price of natural gas that lies in the depths of the Mediterranean, is seeking $ 9 trillion dollars. Astronomical amount, especially if you compare it with enormous debts Greece and to take into account the unenviable

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For half a century, China has destroyed more than 200 lakes

Lakes ecosystem in China is on the brink of destruction. For the past 50 years due to human activities in China have disappeared 243 lakes.

These data are reported Iyuy Chen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the State Committee for the Management of Natural Sciences Foundation.

According to the academician, in the whole country for the past 50 years has dried up 4326 square meters. kilometers of lakes, 9,570 square meters were fading. kilometers, the total volume of water in lakes decreased by 51.6 billion cubic meters. This applies only to the lakes

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The storm paralyzed the railway in northern Sweden

Rail service in the north of Sweden, was paralyzed by a storm, reports the Associated Press citing local media.

On Sunday, the Swedish Meteorological Services declared a storm warning for the northern tier of the country. As a result, the state government decided to suspend train service in the northern parts of the country on Sunday and Monday.

Elements affected the transport activities in neighboring Norway. Because of the storm two ships regularly ply the route "Norwegian Coastal Express," could not get out in time from the bay. As a

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A strong storm hit Scotland

The strongest in 15 years storm hit on Thursday at Scotland. According to British media reports, places the wind speed reached 240 km per hour. Meteorological Service of the country declared "red" — the highest — storm warnings. Police encouraged people not to leave their homes, and to refrain from the use of motor vehicles.

Severe weather conditions have caused the closure of hundreds of Scottish schools, as well as changes in the schedule of air links with Edinburgh and Glasgow — a number of flights were canceled or delayed. In the west of Scotland, thousands of

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To Norway, which is still reeling from the effects of Berit, a new storm moves

Norway moves to a new hurricane. According to forecasts, Thursday and Friday, he will cover the western part of the country — Vestlandet again expected storm and heavy rainfall.

Forecasters warned that the storm will score the maximum force on Friday — the day is not recommended to go to the sea because of high waves.

Meanwhile, the Norwegians still continue to suffer from the effects of hurricane "Berit" hit the country in late November. So, in the Lofoten Islands today overturned truck with a Christmas post. Truck could not hold on icy road in the morning, and because

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More than 30 people have died in Sudan as a result of flooding

More than 30 people in various states of Sudan were victims of floods due to heavy rains, told reporters on Sunday the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Sudan, Ibrahim Hamed.

"Livni, which caused floods in various states of Sudan, have killed 32 people and injuries to 35 people, led to the loss of more than 35,000 head of livestock and destruction of 4722 houses," — he said.

According to him, on the Atbara river washed away 15 villages.

The minister said that the government is preparing to introduce a state of emergency in parts of the country.

According to

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The consequences of the heat in South Korea

The prolonged heat wave in South Korea reflected both humans and animals. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, from the end of July 2012 on the farms of the country from abnormally high temperatures in some places exceeding +33 ° C, killed 786,512 chickens, 40,780 ducks and 3,000 quails and 336 pigs.

Heat proved fatal for the seven people in the country, mostly elderly Koreans who worked in the fields or in greenhouses in the July heat. The Ministry of Health reports that dozens of people feel unwell and were in critical condition, as for 12 days in South Korea,

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Landslide in Ireland

Image of Pat Flynn

The road between Killarney and Dingle in Kerry was blocked by a landslide.

Workers continue to be cleared of mud and earth road, which was blocked by a landslide.

Heavy rain hit the south-west and west of the country. More heavy rain is expected across the country over the weekend and most of next week. The result could be flooding.

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