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Livni paralyzed life in the Philippines capital Manila

Livni on Tuesday paralyze the Philippine capital of Manila, with its streets flooded by streams of water depth on the belt, were evacuated tens of thousands of people, reports the Associated Press.

The agency reports that as a result of the shower, do not stop the last 24 hours in Manila rivers burst their banks and water perehlestnula dam.

Through flooded streets could hardly move, not only cars, but even heavy trucks.

By the Government, in the capital on Tuesday, remained closed schools and government offices. Does not work the main stock exchange of the country.


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Nigeria will repeat the fate of Sudan?

Nigeria fully may repeat the fate of Sudan. The scenario which work out in the African country, is quite common. In-1's, there is a country rich in hydrocarbons — oil sector contributes to 95% of the cash income of the country and provides 80% of the revenue of the municipal budget of Nigeria. In 2009, the government received from the sale of oil more than 58 billion. U.S. dollars, despite the fact that revenues of the Nigerian budget was a little more than $ 65 billion. bucks. Nigeria first in Africa and eighth in the world oil supplier. OPEC

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In Latvia, the snow emergency mode


6.01.11.Pravitelstvo Latvia announced today in the country a state of emergency due to energy supply disruptions caused by bad weather.

Because of the heavy snow and ice in some regions of Latvia were damaged power lines. Tens of thousands of inhabitants of the republic were left without electricity. In many homes, the electricity supply can not recover more than a week. At the moment, no electricity in Latvia are more than 16 thousand clients Latvian energomonopolista — company Latvenergo, UNIAN.

The decision to impose emergency in the country was made on the advice of crisis management, which is called

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Flooding in Thailand. Video. Photo

Pattaya, September 11 (New Region, Vasilisa Egorova, Michael Dezhnev) — Unusually heavy tropical downpour began in Thailand on September 11 and runs for more than 15 hours. Heavy rain triggered flooding in four provinces of the east coast of Thailand: Trat, Chanthaburi, Rayong and Chonburi.

As the correspondent of "New Region", the popular resort of Pattaya street completely flooded . Many streets of the city the water rose two feet higher. Bloggers have dubbed this phenomenon '9/11 in Pattaya ".

According to community members ru_thailand, locals claim that this was not about 30 years. Residents and guests

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When landslide in Thailand 10 people were missing, one dead

September 9. One person was killed and ten people were missing on Friday in the Thai province Uttharadit with mud flows, according to Thai media.

By mudslide hit three villages, who were on a hillside near Namphat, reported online edition of the newspaper Nation. More than 300 families living in the three villages, lost their homes, property and livestock.

According to the Ninth National Channel, in the three villages there was not a whole building.

On Friday, the National Disaster Warning Center announced the danger of floods and mudflows in most of the northern and eastern provinces of

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Kiribati could become the first floating state

A small island nation of Kiribati in the Pacific, the threat of extinction — the water level near the archipelago is constantly increasing and threatens soon to wash away the country to the ground. Kiribati authorities want to move more than 100 000 people on floating platforms, reports Associated Press.

At the meeting, the leaders of the Pacific in New Zealand, Anote Tong, President of the Republic of Kiribati, which comprises 33 islands, has expressed serious concern over the fact that soon led them to the country may cease to exist. At least, in the usual form. In recent

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Flooding in North Korea claimed the lives of nearly 170 people

Country threatened by famine.

As a result of the severe floods that swept several regions of North Korea, killing 169 people, 144 were injured, 400 more are still missing. This information is disseminated news agency KCNA.

The UN estimates doubled modest — 88 people were killed. But the country is threatened by a new danger, which can carry many more lives, experts warn — is hunger.

Brunt of the disaster was in the province of South Pyongan, North Pyongan, Chagang and Hamgyong. There's flooding, which began in late July, destroyed crops of grain, including rice, maize

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Indias poor sample rearm his infantry

A year earlier, the Indian military announced that it will apply for the development of the modern assault rifle, bought 44,000 of them, and then will create them under license in India. But the process is moving very slowly, and many Indians as military so outside the military suspected that hated corruption in the procurement system and slows the project.

India over the last 10 years building up its own military spending Army, but these efforts were not many effective. One reason is corruption. Like many other states, in India has long been a difficulty with kickbacks and favoritism

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Ode to a stable time


Tralee wali, tili-tili we clocks are: the alarm clock, and a mobile phone, a modern refrigerator, even a player MP3 — his clock inside. The whole house full of clocks: the local telephone numbers in the cassette recorder, the bread maker, a thermometer (which is in the medicine cabinet), in a coffee maker and stove — hell remember them in vanity! Ticks around the house, as it did not explode suddenly. -SLR camera, e-reader, the center of the disks in B-di — hell try to find all! Head swollen from stress: translated clock in the kitchen, and the cuckoo

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In Japan, a raging typhoon, there are victims

Three people are still missing, and more than 20 injured

In Japan rages powerful typhoon "Talas". According to the latest data, in some southern prefectures of the country where the element was played, missing three people over 20 were injured.

Airlines canceled about 300 aviareysov.12 second typhoon in a row is very close to the peninsula Muroto on Shikoku. As noted by the national meteorological office, it is expected that the rainfall in the country will go through Tuesday, posing a threat to many areas in the skeleton coast of Honshu.

By the Government initiated

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