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Does Don bee threatens marine


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15.07.11.Po bee plague sweeping the planet. It all started in the U.S., and now spread to the Europeans — Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Great Britain.

Beekeepers Russia in recent years, too, there was massive mortality of bees.

— This spring, so gorgeous blooming acacia, hoping for good results, and the bees behaved strangely after sitting a bit, then, for no apparent reason flipped on his back and died, is divided sore familiar beekeeper.

The regional management of public employment services have concluded that among the ten start-ups that have received subsidies for their own businesses

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UFO suspended the international airport in Tel Aviv


10.10.12.Mezhdunarodny airport in Tel Aviv, "Ben-Gurion" suspended operations early Wednesday due to the detection on the radar screens of an unidentified flying object. The alarm had been raised to the sky, Israeli fighter jets. Departure of all flights were delayed, and the plane, ready to land, were ordered to enter the waiting area, reports The Jewish

Within minutes of the airport resumed as usual. No details about UFOs is not given. ITAR-TASS news agency said that the object was observed near the air borders of the country. During the flyby fighter revealed that he is not an enemy

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America will be the first among equals

U.S. intelligence analysts predicted the future of the planet As recently wrote an influential South American newspaper Washington Post, making RF and the U.S., particularly in recent months, do not develop in the best way. Some experts even believe that once again began working model of cool war. Views on a number of American professionals, it is not that different, as the U.S. refusal to attempt to hold a «reboot» of the interaction of 2-among themselves and on the world stage. The newspaper notes that «from the point of view of the Russian Federation Obama ignored her concern on

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A few questions to the government, and citizens themselves

Prior to share their gaze to the ongoing action and announce specific proposals for resolving the current political situation (heated to the maximum), I will say a few words about yourself and why I believe the outlook worthy of attention pochetaemyh readers. I — Anatoly Nikiforov, a political scientist, Professor acmeologists and political psychologist. And I am a citizen of the Russian Federation and its patriot.

Feeling that he can no longer be kept away from the processes taking place in my country, I decided to share my thoughts with concerned citizens who, like me, have a plainclothes position and

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Belarus experienced a severe storm with snow and hail

In the evening of August 14 Belarus faced with an unusual natural phenomenon, writes

Almost the entire country at the same time were intense thunderstorms. Sometimes with hail and sleet. In the north-west — and Oshmyanschine Volozhinschine — hail and snow was so much that he fell asleep as the ground in the winter. In Volozhin because rain burst a dam. There is information about the devastation in other regions. Traffic on the highway Minsk — Vilnius was very slow — the road was covered with snow.

Ministry of Emergency Situations has not released exact information about the

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Winter in South America

In South America continues winter. Chilly in Chile — the northern regions of the country zamerzayut.Mestnye people like that pomnyat.Zdes frosts, but do not last more than one, two dney.No this time severe winter lasts more than a week in the region. The provinces and Kopayo Cornfield completely destroyed the harvest of early varieties. Bad weather caught residents by surprise. The population of the country is simply not sunny warm odezhdy.Snegopady was also hit in Brazil, Peru and Paraguay.

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In Kyrgyzstan, the earthquake (8 b.) Damaged industrial facilities and homes

In southern Kyrgyzstan as a result of aftershocks that occurred today, July 20, suffered social and industrial sites, as well as residential homes. According to local media, referring to the regional state administration Batken region the epicenter of the disaster in 8 points was registered just 7 kilometers from the town of Cannes Kadamjay district. The settlements in the immediate vicinity of the epicenter of the elements, de-energized. According to preliminary information, there is no loss of life. At the scene are specialists local MOE.

According to the representative of the Ministry for Emergency Situations Kadamjai areaAslanbek Osmonov, damage

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In America, from early July 670 recorded temperature records

As the portal "case" in the central part of the U.S. set an all heat. The National Weather Service has recorded since the beginning of July 670 temperature records. According to local residents, the air is so red hot that the dashboard is quite possible to fry eggs. Number of victims of natural anomaly has reached 39 people.

The most dangerous situation in Phoenix, the capital of southwestern Arizona. There thermometer for 33 consecutive days held around the mark +38 ° C. Forecasters say that this is not the limit. They predicted that the temperature increase expected in 24

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Neo-colonialism by the example of Côte dIvoire

Africa, as it is clear from the course of history, has become the prey of the European colonizers. In the middle of the 20th century, after the second World War, the colonial system almost fell, African countries are "free", or rather have the illusion of freedom.

At the current time the country Africa to a greater or lesser extent under the control of the Western countries, Western transnational corporations and transnational banks. One example — the government Cat-d'Ivoire, also known as the Ivory-saving value.

April 3, it became clear that the Republican Guard in Abidjan, remained faithful to President Laurent

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South Korea poured rain. Video

South Korea in July, was under the influence of extra-tropical monsoon zone. Since the first of the month, and so far in the country do not stop heavy showers. Each day has up to 150-240 mm Rain. That's the day before in a piggy bank added more rainfall of 170 mm.

Brunt of the disaster was in the southern and central regions of the country. In some areas, the amount of precipitation has exceeded 500 millimeters.Heavy rains have led to flooding and landslides in the mountains. Under the water were most agricultural land and dozens of houses. Across

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