Twas the drought in Africa is moving to Europe

In Ethiopia fixed the severe drought in 60 years and the situation is only getting worse. Besides African heat took direction on Europe.

As reported, Ethiopia meteorologists do not predict rain until the beginning of the rainy season: and it will come in October. From lack of water affects about ten million people. The worst situation in the camps, where refugees from the neighboring country of Somalia. People are suffering not only from thirst, and hunger.

And the drought continues its journey around the globe. African heat is coming to Europe. Thermometer in Italy places close to almost

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Atheists hassled increased spirituality


30.09.11.Vmeshatelstvo church officials in the social life of Russian citizens is becoming the norm, and the country's opposition to clericalism now criminalized — using the popular 282-th article of the Criminal Code.

The official representative of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) Vsevolod Chaplin almost daily media commentary happy for purely secular reasons. His last statement for classical literature.

In an interview with the "Russian news service" Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said that the novel "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov and "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is worth serious consideration for the presence of promoting pedophilia.

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South Korea hit typhoon Meara

South Korea is in the grip of a powerful typhoon "Meara", which is shifting to the north and, as expected, on Monday have a serious impact on the territory of North Korea.

Brunt of the disaster took over the South Korean resort island of Jeju. Strong wind led to the break power lines, resulting in a few hours without electricity were hundreds of people. Because of the typhoon were canceled many domestic flights, while the country's main international airport — Incheon — continues to operate normally.

Across the country, day after day are heavy showers. Unfortunately, there were

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Five people were killed and 2.5 thousand are hospitalized because of the heat in Japan

Five killed, 2483 people were hospitalized with symptoms of heat stroke because of the steady across most of Japan's hot weather, the Fire Department reported the country.

Management, which in Japan serves as the rescue and first aid, statistical data for the week from 9 to 15 July.

Most often the victims of heat are people working in the open air — in the field or on construction. Among the hospitalized many children who have not yet started school holidays and sporting events are held outdoors.

In much of the country, except for the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido,

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Flood risk for England to quadruple

By 2035, the risk of flooding in England will be meeting throughout the country, will increase four-fold. This is the conclusion a special state commission to analyze the data on the amount of precipitation, especially in view of the situation in June 2012.

Preventive measures to strengthen buildings, better planning of new housing and training of the population should be conducted immediately, according to representatives of the authorities and meteospetsialisty. Provision is also special subsidies from the state budget for the costs associated with the planned protective measures, so you do not have to pay for the damage element of

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Does Don bee threatens marine


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15.07.11.Po bee plague sweeping the planet. It all started in the U.S., and now spread to the Europeans — Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Great Britain.

Beekeepers Russia in recent years, too, there was massive mortality of bees.

— This spring, so gorgeous blooming acacia, hoping for good results, and the bees behaved strangely after sitting a bit, then, for no apparent reason flipped on his back and died, is divided sore familiar beekeeper.

The regional management of public employment services have concluded that among the ten start-ups that have received subsidies for their own businesses

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Off the coast of Iceland, a series of earthquakes


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27.10.12.Komissar state police in the country announced on Thursday the introduction of the current "regime uncertainty." This means that Iceland could threaten natural disaster that would threaten the health and safety of the local population.

The reason for the adoption of this measure served as a series of earthquakes that occurred off the coast of Iceland for a few days. The last earthquake, magnitude 3.5, was recorded at the northern coast of the country, near the town Siglyufordyur the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

Earlier, in the period between 22:00 and 23:00 pm Wednesday,

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Fracture point: Modern civilization as we know it on the verge of the end?


Suddenly, the world is a very scary place and it becomes even worse, like a broken, decaying, dystopian world in science fiction films, none of us ever imagined it would be in reality. Everything seems raspadatesya around us. Concerns about the deterioration of the European debt crisis grows as weak economic data from China, the stock market around the world has decreased over the past two weeks. The financial crisis has spread to Spain and beyond. The government in the Middle East is crumbling and power into the hands of the crowd. Tension rises between Iran and the Arab

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Chinese farmers are faced with a mysterious phenomenon


17.05.11.V a village in Jiangsu province, eastern China, is located on the melon plantation life threatening. Neither the owners of the plantations, or local botanists can not understand why in this country, one after another burst of hundreds and thousands of watermelons, and the plantation of giant fruit is crashing, as of gunfire on the battlefield.

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While all speculated on the investigation took local journalists. Several hypotheses, but the most plausible version of the sound that all the fault of the farmers themselves, who sprayed crop so-called "growth hormone" — chemical substances permitted

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Europe is waiting for the hot summer

The air temperature in Europe hits record. In many states, this spring was the hottest in the last 100 years. Forecasters in one voice say that the summer heat will continue, but it will not be as strong as last year.

Summer in Germany again this year promises to be hot, forecasters say. Last spring was too warm and dry with an average temperature above the norm. More of the same weather will continue in the summer. "The weather looks good for the summer. We believe that the summer will be warm and dry, "- said the expert on

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