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English golfer Rebecca Hudson was horrified to find her golf ball lying within a dead branch from a palm tree next to the tenth green at Selborne in the final round of the SA Women’s Open. And a strong wind was blowing the branch about, so she was faced with a moving ball. When the branch stopped moving, a rules official gave her the bad news: she must play the ball as it lies, or deem it unplayable and take a penalty drop.

Natural objects such as dead branches are loose impediments,

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Scottish TLP

IN JANUARY 1978, the Allied Air Forces Central Europe (AAFCE) staged its first Tactical Leadership Programme (HP) course at Fiirstenfeldbruck AB, Germany, after Air Force leaders recognised a need to improve their pilots’ leadership skills in multi-national air operations. Responding to that requirement, six nations — Belgium, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the United States — signed a Memorandum of Understanding to participate in the programme.

Bidding for Slots

A course schedule for the following year is formulated at a meeting between all potential participants from MOU and non-MOU nations every August. Each nation bids for slots on

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It may be a significant investment in both time and money, but photographers looking for a qualification can’t do much better than a BA Honours degree. While many will study at university, this type of heavily structured learning isn’t for everyone. With this in mind, the Open College of the Arts (OCA) provides a flexible online/distance-learning course that can be started at any time of the year.

Due to its modular structure, units can be studied for personal fulfilment, or with the aim of collecting credits towards a final degree.

There are three levels to the course: Level 1 introduces


How to become a workshop tutor.

Guiding budding photographers on their path to better images is no easy task. We talk to three expert tutors to see what it takes…

They say that those who can’t do, teach. Well, in the world of photography that sentiment falls flat. Here, those who teach must not only be able to do, but must also have a heightened awareness of the technical aspects of what they’re doing. Nothing requires greater knowledge of a subject than passing that knowledge on to an eager group of invested learners armed with equipment, a desire to see results and an arsenal of questions.

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Food for thought.

We found a food photography workshop in the heart of London for one lucky DP reader to enjoy

Perfectly positioned on London’s hustling and bustling Oxford Street, the London School of Photography runs a tantalising assortment of full and part-time courses throughout the year. The courses are run by a selection of elite photographers, and we met with tutor Debbie Castro whose speciality is food photography. We teamed her up with Digital photographer reader Belen Landa, who aspires to become a pro photographer. Hailing from sunny Spain, Belen was the perfect person to complete this course, as she herself admits

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With more than 20 years of teaching experience,

Paul Andrew and Brian Beecroft — the force behind Digital Masterclass (DMC) -understand the importance of feeling a sense of progression as you journey from beginner to professional photographer.

Courses run by the DMC are divided into Foundation, Specialist and Professional Photographic Diploma (PPD). Most students begin with the Foundation course, composed of three separate modules:

First Steps (covering the basics of picture taking), Next Steps (looking at more creative image making) and Introduction to Photoshop. Purchased individually, each part costs £250 — alternatively, you can buy all three for £499. For



Craig Roberts has been a professional landscape and travel photographer for more than 15 years, publishing articles in a wide range of magazines. His knowledge and enthusiasm is imparted via four courses: Beginner, Advanced, Value and Combination. Each of these begins with five basic modules: Exposure, Composition, Depth of field, Light and Filters.

Modules arrive as PDF documents coupled with a practical assignment to test your understanding. Advanced level courses push the student harder, with more detailed and challenging tasks. In any case, pupils benefit from Craig’s expert feedback throughout the 12-month course. The second half of the Beginner, Advanced


Chivenor Changes

Mike Pooler looks at the major changes recently introduced in the RAF’s fast jet training syllabus, and how they effect RAF Chivenor in particular.

THESE FIRST FEW years of the decade are seeing some major changes at one of the RAF’s most popular stations. Situated on the banks of the Taw/Torridge estuary in North Devon, near to the town of Barnstaple, Chivenor has been in the business of training pilots for the ‘fast jet’ squadrons since 1951 when 229 Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) was established there. In those days, the emphasis was on the fighter pilot side of training using

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For the repair of school parents had always pay

Lady: "We are more textbooks gets to conduct extra classes for more development. Also on paid circles. "Man: "To all — to renovate schools, offices and classes. Always help the school. "Reporter: "What you were the biggest expense associated with the preparation of the kid to school?"Lady: "We went from first class Sadochka — there have been repaired. Come to school in another Nechinenye class — and are also obliged were doing repair. There is a practice in schools. Naturally, we are warned that Tipo is all voluntary. And who flatly refuses, then that means do not take. But, in

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Movement For Freedom urged support student Yuri Aleynik

Honors student, was expelled from the 4-year academy May 15 2007 Tipo for truancy. But Yuri Aleynik said that the real reason for deductions — his plainclothes position and political views. Yuri Oleynik collected signatures against the law on abolition of privileges and participated in political actions. Movement "For Freedom" called to support student Yuri Oleynik and come to court on July 4 and 14 hours.Yuri Oleynik wishes through the Tribunal to recover in the fourth year of the Faculty of municipal management of the economy.

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