Taking centre court

They talk to Oliver Atwell.

EVERYONE likes a celebration. That’s particularly true when you’re faced with the borderline apocalyptic bleakness that is often characteristic of our British summers. Royal marriages and Olympic gold medals aside, nothing gets those plastic Union Jacks waving like a good old-fashioned tennis tournament. Back in July, Wimbledon was once more upon us and the cries of jubilation and anguished gnashing of teeth filled the air around south-west London. This year the sun decided to take residence in our skies throughout the entire tournament, turning Murray Mound into a sea of bare skin and sunglasses. Yet

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None of the athletes does not rule in his sport so completely as Serena Williams in women’s tennis. She does not stop even a split personality, with only afford a couple of cinnamon rolls

Who in today’s sports chief? Lebron James? Michael Phelps? I beg you. Forget about this weakling. Serena Williams. That it runs in women’s tennis, Kim Jong-un North Korea: ruthlessly, sometimes comical, a little lazy and occasionally suffering from a split personality.

Some facts. Serena — the number one tennis player in the world. Maria Sharapova — tennis number two. Sharapova — high white blonde, so

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In Genoa last hearing on Giusto-Bornachin

As said Freedom informed Italian source, the role of the victim in the Belarusian side is not provided.Recall that two years reverse, in September 2006 by an Italian family, which began to come on vacation Belarusian orphan, decided not to give a girlfriend reversed Vialejka boarding. Within 20 days the ancestors of spouses girlfriend hid in a monastery in the Swiss Alps. After returning home girls Belarusian side has accused the seven Italians in kidnapping and made pioneer court. Later One of the most languid, according to Italian law, criminal articles substitution was more "light" — withholding kid. "If Genoa

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Tribunal over Malady: May 30, 14:15

Russian referee District Court of Minsk Ruslan Aniskevich decided to hold an open meeting. At trial, be allowed journalists, diplomats and colleague Malady.Previously all court proceedings for his role in an unregistered organization held behind closed doors. So it was during trial activists "Partnership" Enira Branitskaya, Nikolai Astrejka Timothy Dranchuk and Alexander Central Shalajka in court district of Minsk.Later Oktyabrsky district court judge behind closed doors favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich. Explained to the judge that defense witnesses who testified during the investigation.In the case of Anastasia Palazhanka, Boris Goretskogo, Alexei Yanushevski, Dmitri Fedoruk and Aleh Korban KGB investigators and

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Mogilev activists called public servants accountable GAI

The plaintiffs accuse police in an attempt to thwart their visit to the founding conference of the Union of the Left parties in Belarus. Acts policemen activists regarded as a violation of their constitutional rights.Now tribunal heard explanations of the parties and the testimony of witnesses by the plaintiffs. After a day or first court hearing public activists and their opponents have not changed their positions. Tomorrow hearings last.At this court hearing public activists expressed their intention to withdraw the charges when the police ask for forgiveness for their acts. City traffic police spokeswoman Tatiana Martynov rejected this proposal, noting

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Isloch not return to Writers

Personal representative of a foreign drug Unitary Enterprise "LatInfarm" Alexander Pavlovsky asked the tribunal to cancel the appeal court ruling of December 21, 2006 and throw in force the decision of the Economic Court of Minsk on October 9 2006 refusal "Bellitfonda" to appease the complaints of acts bailiff.Lawyer "Bellitfonda" Alexander asked Tsarik Tribunal find direction bailiff action on putting up for auction primarily Head Case sanatorium which price to satisfy all» volume of property claims to "Bellitfonda" or put up for sale the entire property complex "Isloch".In an interview with BelaPAN director "Bellitfonda" Ales Danilchik said that on September

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The ex-head of the tax inspection for a bribe was sentenced to 5 years

In the Samara Regional Court sentenced the author of the biggest bribes this year — the former head of the tax inspectorate Railway District Sergei Zadyhinu, according to the Investigative Committee of Russia in Samara region.

Zadyhin convicted of st.290 Part 6 of the Criminal Code (bribery on a large scale).The Court found that the July 20, 2011 a man took a bribe of 2 million rubles from the director of "Hart-C" for the reduction of the amount of arrears, revealed as a result of a tax audit.

Zadyhinu assigned to 5 years of imprisonment in a penal

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The former head of a daughter, Sovcomflot Privalov sentenced to 4.5 years in prison

Dorogomilovskiy Moscow court sentenced the former head of a subsidiary of the "SCF" Yuri Privalov to 4 years and 6 months colony for stealing on a large scale (more than $ 67 million) committed by an organized group, and using his official position, according to RAPS.

Privalov verdict was read in his absence — he has not appeared. Earlier, speaking in court for the last word, Privalov admitted his guilt, saying that he did everything in his power "to rectify the situation and return the" Sovcomflot "and" Novoship "stolen property." According to investigators, Privalov from 2000 to 2005, together

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Swedish court allowed public masturbation

A Swedish court has rejected the accusation of sexual assault charges against 65-year-old man who was engaged on the beach in Stockholm masturbation, according to the Western press.

In Sweden, the court found innocent 65-year-old man who was engaged in masturbation on the beach in Stockholm, for which he was arrested by police, according to The Huffington Post, with reference to the Swedish edition.


The court ruled that a man can not be accused of sexual assault (sexual assault), since there is no individual victim, which were directed

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Germans rejected a request for the extradition of Belarus

During the trial, the judge considered unacceptable to send it back to Belarus, where violated basic rights and freedoms, and therefore decided the immediate release from custody Belarusian, report current local publications.According to German law, the media can not call the name of Belarusian and inform about the details of the court. With all of this most of the publications resulting clarification regarding judges verdict.According to Rhein Zeitung, a German tribunal casts oscillation Belarusian legal principles the country for trials and the criterion of detention. Also judges believe Belarus can not guarantee that the principles Euro agreement Human Rights. With

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