In the Belgorod region opened a sports park

The complex of sports facilities that can accommodate about three thousand people a day, was built in the city of Belgorod region Alexeevka completely out of the federal budget. The estimated cost of the park more than 763 million rubles.

Sports park consists of 11 items and includes an ice rink, a gym with a universal hall, tennis courts, outdoor volleyball and basketball courts. A large area is occupied by the cycle track and spetstrassu for Dirt jumping (extreme riding a bike with the performance of a variety of jumps and stunts in the air) with stands. It

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In Tyumen, has opened a new tennis center


Center houses the four courts (a total area of three thousand square meters), a fitness room for individual strength training with modern equipment and the latest in sports equipment, locker room with showers, coaching, sauna. In tennis center will be training students of the department of tennis sports school № 1 of Tyumen, as well as classes for tennis fans. The throughput capacity of the facility — 50 people per shift.

Today in Tyumen a dozen indoor tennis courts, and all of them — private, This center will be the municipal, that is, classes are free.

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In suburban Dolgoprudnom opened tennis center

September 2 Dolgoprudnom near school number 9 opened Tennis Center.

The Center 4 indoor courts with a cover "hard", 2 mini-courts to engage kids, 2 outdoor clay courts.

Germany puts the Russian for refusing seksprosveta

German authorities Salzkotten serious penalty imposed on the eight families of Russian origin for the fact that the parents refused to send their children to compulsory in primary school sex education lessons. The fathers of these families have been sentenced to prison. In addition to the rejection of the presence of their children in the classroom sex education, these parents also resisted attempts to involve their children in the school play «Mein Korper gehort mir» («My body belongs to me"), in which small children told how to have sexual intercourse.

Once the

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In Saratov, opened a new school for 825 pupils

December 25, in the neighborhood of one-and Leninsky district of Saratov, the solemn ceremony of opening of the school, received the status of biomedical Lyceum.

The school building was built in accordance with modern requirements for institutions of education and training is designed for 33 classes. Four-storey building consists of six blocks, two of which are universal gyms with transformable physical culture shells. In sports complex facilities include a stadium, basketball courts, 2 courts for volleyball and gymnastics. Training-test zone consists of meteorological and geographical areas.

In addition, the school has a conference hall with 500 seats, a dining room

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Positive PETER yard improvements

Now I’m in a long trip out, so after visiting Russia in the summer, and walking up to the next yard, I have a fresh vzgyada been noticed many positive changes in terms of blagoustroysta. Most of the changes occurred in just a year or two.

1. Playgrounds

In many district courts, new playground. And it is not sad, and very colorful, themed and all different. Children and parents — happy.

Photographed so that people did not get the shot — did not want to ask permission from each parent to take his picture or child. So

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In Izhevsk appeared tennis courts with professional covering

Tennis courts at the Central Republican Stadium in Izhevsk got a second life. Five sites leased to train athletes and competitions have been repaired at the expense of the Tennis Federation of Udmurtia.

A total of 10 complex comprising courts area 4661 square meters. Federation made a reconstruction of the five existing sites. Now they laid a professional finish. The works have cost 4.2 million rubles.

New tennis courts will qualitatively improve the training of Udmurt players. Athletes themselves — professionals — evaluated the new cover on "A +", the press service of the President and the

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On Dunaї pochinaєtsya vprovadzhennya rіchkovy іnformatsіynoї systems on ships

Pochinayuchi s ninіshnogo mіsyatsya 55 ships kompanії "Ukrainian Dunayske paroplavstvo" (UDP, Metro Manila), scho pratsyuyut on Dunaї will obladnanі rіchkovoyu іnformatsіynoyu SYSTEM (RІS). Installing ustatkuvannya bude vіdbuvatisya in ports Serbії.

Osnaschuvati plavzasobi E-cards bude serbska FIRMA "Plovput" yakoyu Єvrosoyuz vidіliv on tsі tsіlі 20000000 vro, povіdomlyaє press-service of UDP.

Ekіpazham ships will nadanі laptops s Software zabezpechennyam scho dozvolyaє otrimuvati іnformatsіyu about navіgatsіynoї obstanovtsі on rіchtsі in real rezhimі hour. Tse danі about ruhomі courts mіstsevostі titles, vіdstanі, numeratsії harbors, bridges, pіdmostovih dimensions so i dalі.

Yak nagaduє press-service of UDP, podіbnі Sistemi vzhe є on

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In Lublin open 4 courts for tennis and 4 courts for beach soccer

In the South-East of Moscow stadium "Locomotive" open 4 courts for playing tennis lessons and 4 courts for beach volleyball.

Anyone can see this object. invite all residents of Moscow in sports in our country.

Open the largest tennis club in Moscow with 10 courts under one roof

On the territory of South-East of Moscow (Ryazan Avenue, 4) has opened and actively funcktsioniruet "Tennis Park" — one of the largest tennis clubs in Moscow.

An area of 6000 m2 located 10 indoor courts coated hard. This allows the number of courts tournaments both local and national level. We train youth teams of Russia. Our special pride — Tennis school, created with the support of Tennis Federation of Russia. The school tennis engaged more than 300 children and adults. The school has only Professional coaches — Candidates and master of sports.Tennis Park has paid much attention

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