Tabletops For Album Covers

How does an idea of creating a very personal or unique album cover of a function shoot seem to you? And that too by shooting tabletops!

I have noticed that function photographers are generally interested in portraits or photographing models, but turn a blind eye to tabletops. They seem to pose a question, «What’s the use?» They crib that the market is competitive, but at the same time they fail to think ‘broadly, on how to deliver or present their pictures in a different way to make a mark of their own.

Through this write-up I shall deal with this

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Live Green and prosper…

There are plenty of things that unite us all as guitar players, and there are many times when the differences between us (technical ability, say, or musical preferences) are easy to identify, explain and potentially eliminate. But when it comes to notions of ‘charisma’, ‘mystery’ and ‘soul’, it becomes a tricky business. Cue this month’s cover story on the great Peter Green and his legendary Gibson Les Paul. Investigating what is it about the man in combination with this particular guitar that enchanted and continues to enchant so many wasn’t an easy job. There are plenty of stories surrounding both

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Universal technology «LEVIKOR» -MIF OR REALITY

MV Eksler, a spokesman «Victocor Technology», Belgium

Technology «Levikor» successfully won the European car market, which is the legislator of fashion technology for the global automotive market, as well as for many other industries. Conducted tests to introduce zinc coating aircraft, which previously ruled cadmium coating. In addition, preparing the introduction of new kinds of anti-corrosion and-wear coatings based on other powder metals, but in application, well-established process of thermal diffusion saturation. This year, our company is committed to the development of all the features of the zinc coating. What does this mean in practice?

We are accustomed to the

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Front cover shoot-out!


1) Brett Harkness shoots model Janine in Manchester

Equipment: Canon EOS700D with Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens

Shooting images for covers is always a privilege, but brings with it certain unique challenges and constraints. When capturing portraits, I’m constantly checking the composition is right, the subject looks good and the lighting is perfect. With cover images, I’m also having to think about how the image

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Weaving yourself a safety net of insurance is one of the smartest things a photographer can do, especially if using the Photoguard Pro insurance.

Imagine you’ve just turned up for your shoot at a prestigious wedding, or even your first job, and you realise you haven’t charged your camera or forgotten to insert an SD card. Your professional reputation could be at stake, as could the job. Not having professional insurance can have the same devastating effect on a photographer, so it’s time to make sure you have all the right cover.


Accidents can befall even the most

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Air War on the Edge

Author: Bill Norton

Details: Midland Countries, ISBN 1 85780 088 5, 432pp, illus, hbk, £50.00

WHEN I saw the by-line ‘A history of the Israel Air Force and its aircraft since 1947’ on the sleeve of the cover, I was intrigued to see just how comprehensive this account would be. I am pleased to report I was favourably impressed. I have no doubt that the censors in Israel would have stopped this book from being published if they could have their way because I have never seen such a detailed reference of this kind on the subject. Looking at the

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— The Quiet Professionals Air Force Special Operations Command

Randy Jolly, Midland Counties, 208pp, colour, £19.95, hardback.

THE ADVENT OF satellite news has brought the harsh realities of combat directly to the home of anyone who can afford the subscription. We’ve been able to view glimpses of US activities in Grenada, Panama, Kuwait and most recently, UN movements in Somalia, but still have only a vague idea of the scale of operations. This extraordinary book paints a much more detailed picture of one of the key elements at the centre of the action — the AFSOC.

This elite organisation flies

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My dream Nuts cover star would be Lucy Pinder!

Hi Danica! What’s new with you?

I’ve been doing so much! You’d have to work hard to keep up with me! But It’s so good to be back in Nuts. I’ve been keeping an eye on it. The covers are always amazingly hot!

Why, thank you very much!

So, Who’s your dream Nuts cover star?

It’d have to be Lucy Pinder.

Or maybe Rhian Sugden. Both always look amazing.

If you could create your own dream Nuts babe using various parts of the body, who would make up the components?

What a question! I quite like the athletic look, so

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Life and death legends: wings

"Wings (curve) — authentic old title Dnieper-Dvina region, place, inhabited Kriviches — naikrupneyshim protabelaruskim tribe. It — State ethnonym other Belarus.Wings — around here too the Holy Land, the eternal sacred archetype of our country. Wings — the myth of the "golden age" of our ethos. It — very beautiful and majestic myth that combines modern Belarus, with its beginnings. "***Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "Where does the name" Wings "? Either its etymology associated with some other myth, either some sacred meaning?"Alexei Dermant: "Linked directly. How authoritative researchers believe, more affordable version of the origin of Titles Curves and krivichi from Balt

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Rain in Malyatsichah damped ideology

On the threshold Malyatsichavskay high school I met an old guy in shorts, gloves and dusty Zapyataev "T-shirt." He claimed here’s license and passport with residence permit Minsk. After clutched his head to say: "come all the way from America, as if their kids are studying here …" It turned out that the head of the emperor Krichevsky rajono Pap.In late July Krichevskaya is independent newspaper "Free City" published facts concerning the readiness of the school for the school year. Local leaders gathered to make over her so called "Hipped" roof. Suddenly there came a storm with heavy rain. Fallen

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