How to build a home in Texas

For the foundation soil is removed depth of one meter and covered with a layer of gravel, sand and clay, compacted it all.


Then the supply of communications to the home (gas, cold water, sewer, electric cable, etc.) and going formwork for the foundation.


Then, the ground is covered with a thick dense plastic, fit fittings


Poured concrete


Then, filled screed is applied to the layout of walls and begins assembling a timber frame house.


All bearing house construction assembled from wood, typically use board 15 × 5 × 20

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Sisters shed their skin kilos


Emma and Stacy Picken suffer a rare genetic disorder, because of which their skin is growing six times faster than


Emma and Stacy Picken for the year losing almost 2 kg of skin that grows up to six times faster than ordinary people. Beauty treatments sisters takes more than two hours a day. In addition, the girls do not sweat, so they are forced to hide from the sun in the shade.

"In order to get rid of the painful itching, we are forced every day to put on

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British village was covered with sea foam

British village was covered with sea foam Natural Disasters

Once on the northern coast of British swept a storm, accompanied by strong winds, one of the Scottish fishing villages almost completely covered with sea foam. Many buildings and cars were under an impressive layer of foam wind water and coastal sand carried up high enough to wave.

After the invasion of the foam area was ruled by the heavy rains. The New Yorkshire fell 108 mm of precipitation, while the rate does not exceed 47 mm. The level of water gathered on the streets of a small fit

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United Kingdom: the end of the century England covered with ice




Britain in a few decades will be covered with ice.

According to NTV, British scientists in the newspaper "The Independent" warn that global warming temperatures in northern Europe, on the contrary, decreases.

Colder, on average, by 15 degrees, and for the UK it would be a tragedy.

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Guatemala's volcanoes continue to erupt

Volcanoes erupt in Guatemala continue to Natural Disasters

Volcano Santyagito, better known as Santa Maria, in the last few days has been very active. June 1, 2012 it erupted. The column of ash above the crater of the volcano reaches a height of 200 m Settling the ash had covered the news was almost Quetzaltenango, located in the east of Guatemala. Roofs, asphalt streets, the cars were covered with impressive layers of gray matter. Locals warned of the possible consequences of the volcanic activity. The volcano is located 206 km west of the capital, and has a 2500 m high.

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Tehran is covered with snow

Tehran is covered with snow weather and climate

Most of Iran captured the attack of cold weather. Everywhere in the country has dropped a lot of snow, which led to the temporary suspension of traffic on several dozen Iranian internal roads. In the mountains of Iran was formed snow height of 1 meter.

Due to the large amount of snow and unusual freezing temperatures in the capital, Tehran, and several other communities in schools canceled classes. As stated by the Ministry of Education, the classes will not resume as long as the streets are restored good visibility, and

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Coverage area than the ancient Egyptians?

September 27, 2012 12:02

Erich von Daniken in the program "Light for the Pharaoh." Have the electric batteries in ancient Egypt? As the ancient Egyptians covered their underground facilities? Cut in the rock tombs in the Valley of the Kings?

Corridors and crypts in the pyramids, where the walls are covered with texts? Maybe artists use torches and candles? But then the walls and ceiling must be covered with a thick layer of soot, but it is missing.

Or premises covered by metal mirrors? It can be done in rooms on the first and second levels of

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Spiders flee from floods in Australia. Photo

Barbed wire, covered with cobwebs, in Wagga Wagga, Australia, March 7, 2012.

Heavy rains, struck the eastern Australia in early March caused severe flooding in New South Wales, resulting in damaged houses, bridges and farms. The damage amounted to about $ 530 million

Spiders, escaping from the floods left behind vast areas, dressed in a web. The water level in the river rose to Murrumbidgee 10.56 meters, but now began to fall slowly. The local people are extremely concerned about the situation. After all, there are areas where you can not take a step because of the spiders. Reuters

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Bolivia has fallen to a powerful blizzard

The most powerful snowstorm in 20 years fell on Bolivia, thousands of people have been cut off from the world, transfers on Tuesday the British Television and Radio BBC.Most affected populations in mountain regions. Snow storm caused significant damage to local farmers. In addition, about 50 thousand llamas and alpacas have lost food because their pastures are covered with snow.The Government has requested the assistance of the neighboring countries. According to the Bolivian authorities, they need snow machines and helicopters to deliver food to remote areas.

Bolivia covered with snow

In several areas of Bolivia due to strong

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In one of the rivers of the fish died of Adygea

After another rain in the river Kamla, which flows through the hamlet Shevchenko Teuchezhsky district Adygea surfaced belly up all the fish.

Local sources say that the blame pig farm, they say, store the manure in it overflowed and faeces decided to take to the fields. After rain washed manure into the river.

— Yes, all this is nonsense. Just had severe frosts, Kamla was covered with ice and the fish suffocated due to lack of oxygen, — say in the company.

— Rivers have often covered with ice, but never because of this fish do not float belly-up —

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