Tiltrotor (helicopter-plane) Bell V-22 Osprey (part 2)

According to Col. Matthew Malherna manager applets V-22 Command aviasistem Navy U.S. success in Iraq introduction konvertoplanov eclipsed all expectations. Tiltrotor under fire from the ground fell sporadically, no car got battle damage, but March 24, 2009 the entire fleet konvertoplanov flights were discontinued after technicians Squadron VMM-266 on one of the machines was found weakening of bolting in the swash plate right nacelle. Inspection carried out after the pilots were awarded a «sharp» noise and excessive vibration during ordinary flight. Inspection 84 «Osprey», all devices are in operation, has permitted to find such deficiencies another 4 konvertoplanov who

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AD-1 aircraft with variable sweep wing asymmetrically «scissors»

South American aircraft designer Burt recognizable (Elbert Leander «Burt» Rutan), recognized during the life of a genius (he’s only 69 years old at the moment). He did not KB and employs thousands of people and without a huge financial concepts 367 aircraft, and 45 of them climbed into the sky. One of his creations is a unique aircraft Ames-Dryden AD1. Swept wing design allows the aircraft to fly at subsonic and supersonic speeds, even at the expense of the least efficient operations at low speeds. Introduction of variable sweep allowed to make a number of revolutionary aircraft, such as

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England blizzard covered

May 15, 2013. Snow storm covered the south-west of England on the night of May 15. It is reportedAgence France-Presse.

Heavy snowfall and wind speeds of up to 30 meters per second have been recorded in the south-west coast of the country. In the county of Cornwall in the far west of the country remained without electricity for 280 homes. In the neighboring county of Devon and in other regions, it was announced a total of 22 flood warnings. In the county of Shropshire told the television channel BBC, what a night in the region has dropped five inches

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Heavy snow in Europe

Heavy Snow in Europe Weather and Climate

February 11, 2012 snow buried house 10,000 villagers, imprisoning them in their homes, and the number of victims in Europe has grown to 550.

More snow fell in Italy and the Balkan Islands, and the Danube closed to shipping for a hundred miles, for the first time in the 27 years covered by ice in Bulgaria.

In the Montenegrin capital Podgorica fixed 50-year record for snowfall, which reached 50 centimeters. As a result of the unusual weather was suspended rail links with Serbia and closed the main airport.

In Romania, killing another eight

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How to build a home in Texas

For the foundation soil is removed depth of one meter and covered with a layer of gravel, sand and clay, compacted it all.


Then the supply of communications to the home (gas, cold water, sewer, electric cable, etc.) and going formwork for the foundation.


Then, the ground is covered with a thick dense plastic, fit fittings


Poured concrete


Then, filled screed is applied to the layout of walls and begins assembling a timber frame house.


All bearing house construction assembled from wood, typically use board 15 × 5 × 20

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Heat waves came to the southern part of the United States

June 12, 2013. A wave of hot air has covered the southern plains of the state, according to AccuWeather. Temperatures in the region rose again to 37.8 ° C (100 F), and in some places close to 43.3 ° C (110 F).

This year, for the first time covered the area of heat and now the temperature is almost 20 degrees above normal.

The main attack will cause the heat in Texas, Oklahoma and western Kansas, as well as in Eastern Colorado. However, the heat will move to the east and in and out of the Mississippi River. Denver

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In Yakut village back winter

June 24, 2013. Weather often presents unexpected surprises, the snow in the middle of summer — it's a real event that happened today in Yakutia.

Residents Yakut village Aihal Mariiinskogo district in the morning found that the leaves of trees and green grass covered with snow, like surrealist painter mixed the dream and reality on the one painting, with the difference that everything that has happened — a reality. The photographs have been laid out in a network of citizens of the republic, in the village of snow covered everything: land, houses, cars. Someone right in their window sill

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Sisters shed their skin kilos


Emma and Stacy Picken suffer a rare genetic disorder, because of which their skin is growing six times faster than

PHOTO: whatsonshenzhen.com

Emma and Stacy Picken for the year losing almost 2 kg of skin that grows up to six times faster than ordinary people. Beauty treatments sisters takes more than two hours a day. In addition, the girls do not sweat, so they are forced to hide from the sun in the shade.

"In order to get rid of the painful itching, we are forced every day to put on

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LDz Cargo buys cars Kryukov Railcar

LDz Cargo («daughter» Latvian railway company Latvijas dzelzcels) has entered into an agreement with Skinest Latvija to supply 100 covered wagons, and 100 grain, as well as with the company for the supply of 100 Sigmen flatcars.

   According Skinest Latvija, batch grain Kriukovski Railcar LDz Cargo will have until the end of July this year, the party covered wagons Ukrainian plant — until the end of August — beginning of September this year. Flatcars put in Latvia by early October 2013.

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In Kazan, opened the largest multi-storey car parking

Multi-storey car park on the 1205 car spaces built by "Tatneft". It is designed to relieve from traffic area near the palace of sports "Tatneft-Arena" is associated with a covered walkway. It also assumes that the cars will leave here visitors waterpark, hotel and entertainment complex "Riviera". The total area of the two parking buildings — more than 19,000 square meters.

Parking is built on a unique German technology, Tatarstan is not applicable. It consists of two parts, connected by a covered gallery. Since parking can be accessed in the "Tatneft-Arena". Parking for visitors is "Tatneft-Arena", "Leroy Merlin"

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