200 dead cows found in Wisconsin

Stockton, Wisconsin, USA. Farmer suspects that the virus has killed about two hundred of his cows.

On Friday, the Portage County Sheriff's assistants were directed to one of the farmers' fields in Stockton after reports of a dead cow, writes Wausau Daily Herald.

A press release from the sheriff's office reported that the owner of the cattle said that he used to work with a veterinarian, and assumes that the animals died from either infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, or from bovine viral diarrhea.

As stated in the paper, with the dead animals were sampled for the study. Sheriff's office reassured residents,

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In the Belgorod region lightning killed 32 cows


29.07.11.-July 28 at about 15:00 during a thunderstorm lightning struck the tree under which sheltered from the rain 32 young cows of "BelAgroInvest-Service." Discharge sold on animals, and all of them died on the spot.

On this day in summer pastures near the village of charming Prokhorovka area were about two hundred heifers aged from 6 to 12 months.

Since the beginning of thunderstorms, some of them hidden from the rain under a tree. After some time, a lightning bolt struck right at the tree under which there were 32 heifers. Animals were killed at once.

As reported IA

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In the U.S., marked by deaths of cows


NEW YORK, January 19. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass /. In the U.S. state of Wisconsin took mass death in cattle. According to "Time" on the farm "Stockton" in recent days killed about 200 cows.

According to the owner of the farm, for the past week "animals feel great", and their death is probably due to a yet unknown to him with the virus.

Specialists are currently conducting a study of samples taken from dead animals.

Local media do not exclude this case due to the massive loss of fish and birds in the United States and other countries, the precise

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Ltd. Agricultural company Reshma — a successful agribusiness Ivanovo region

Ltd. "SCC" Reshma "is located in the district of Kineshma Ivanovo region. Highly productive cows are bred Holsteins. The farm was founded in 2005. In 2011, built and put into operation the industrial dairy complex for a thousand cows loose housing. The project was implemented within the framework of the national project "Development of agriculture of the Russian Federation." The farm is self-sufficient feed its own production.

Most of the milk sold in the enterprise Ivanovo Plant baby food.

Each cow produces 8,000 kg of milk per year, while the average figure for the region around 4000-5000 kg

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New dairy complexes Yaroslavl region

New complexes JSC "Red October" built in two villages Lyubimsky the Yaroslavl region — Fondyakovo and Ermakovo. On farms, located in Ermakov, 930 cows. In the first phase of the complex Fondyakove commissioned in November last year. Construction of the second phase is scheduled for completion by September.

Commissioning of the dairy complex Ltd. "Agribusiness", Located just a Lyubimsky rayogne, is scheduled for October 1, 2012. At present, dairy complex has already purchased about 400 cows. It is planned to increase the number of livestock to 1,160 cows and to increase the volume of milk production to 8.12 million tons

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Build new livestock farms in the Voronezh region

New dairy cattle-breeding complex for 2,200 head of OOO "EcoNivaAgro" started in the village of Peter Liskisky Voronezh region. Construction of this facility began in May 2012. As the project has invested 520 million rubles.

The complex includes a dairy unit milking installation "carousel" with 60 seats, barn for high-producing cows, maternity ward, three barn for dairy cows, a platform for young calves and a platform for individual and group houses.


Wild elk fell in love with a cow

October 23, 2012 6:20

Horny couple: wild moose several years sought attention cow …

In Canada, British Columbia, moose elk — one of the largest mammals in the country — has chosen a life partner farm cow. Plans to conquer favorite elk nurtured for years. About this unusual "horned love" told the Canadian edition of National Post. "In a year when elk first appeared, he was hanging around a couple of days — says Greg Messner, owner of the farm on which they live cow. — The next year he came already for several weeks. He did nothing, just

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In the southern Urals built complex for 1,200 head of cattle

In the SEC "Koelginskoe" Etkulskogo Chelyabinsk region completed the construction of modern cattle-breeding complex for 1,200 dairy cows.

As part of the project built two breeding facilities for 580 cows and 450 cows and milking parlor by "Profimilk" of the type "carousel", allowing 24 Cows milked at the same time.

At «Agroconsulting complete reconstruction

OGUP "Lipetsk" completed the reconstruction of the dairy unit, included in the Company "Agroconsulting" and located in the village KALIKIN Dobrovský district of Lipetsk region.

Now fully completed the reconstruction of buildings, assembled beds for cows, installed new stabling facilities, updated equipment parlor. To do a full cycle of production, construction area of 400 young individuals.

The first batch of cattle — 200 Holstein cows — have already entered the dairy complex. OGUP "Lipetsk" as part of the project to restore the complex acquired cattle in Germany.

Until mid-October, will make the company more 200 heads of this breed.

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The number of cows in the U.S. — the lowest in 60 years

"Probably 60% to 70% of the herds had to sell. I started to do a half years ago, when the drought was just beginning, "- Mark Scott.

The number of cattle in the United States has fallen to its lowest level in 60 years.

Primarily due to a record drought that has survived the last year the southern states of the country. As a result, beef prices rose 17%.

Agriculture suffered most of Texas, suffered losses in more than five and a half billion dollars. Many farmers have been forced to close their farms. Those who remained in the business,

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