Our Nissan Navara ST-X has hit the 40,000 kilometre mark and has seen a fair bit of New South Wales along the way. In fact, it’s seen a lot of bush in NSW because I’ve been having some fun driving into areas on the hunt for new tracks. Usually I’ll pack the bike and my gear and if I find something I’ll get the bike out of the tray and go explore where it leads and if it’s worth coming back to. I sometimes just go driving and take a GPS reading with my phone when I spot a prospective

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Crack Antarctic ice increased

Crack Antarctic ice increased Facts

Recently published satellite images of the 30-kilometer crack in the Antarctic Glacier with the potential to become "an island of ice" the size of New York.

Pine Island Glacier crack was first discovered in October 2011, and the picture made NASA satellites was received on 12 November. According to the scientists, NASA crack was 80 feet wide and about 60 meters deep. Over time, a huge iceberg should be separated from the glacier and into the open ocean.

It is believed that the crack in the ice was the result of natural processes, but the

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Pine Island glacier cracked

Pine Island glacier cracked Facts

In October 2011 the first flight over the island Pine in West Antarctica, researchers in the project IceBridge discovered a crack in the ice, which will cause the appearance of a new iceberg.

IceBridge — NASA, the purpose of which is to measure the thickness of the ice using laser radar and radar. Although the birth of icebergs not a rare phenomenon, the Pine Island Glacier is of particular interest to scientists. He is the most vulnerable point of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Rate of reduction of the ice island Pine at 100 meters

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Fire on submarine Miami

May 23, 2012 at Time Spent nuclear submarine USS Miami (multipurpose nuclear submarine of "Los Angeles") at the shipyard in Portsmouth (Portsmouth) for the purpose of its maintenance and upgrades on board appeared fire. The result was adversely affected by a $ 400 million, seven people were injured. Two months later, on a charge of arson was arrested factory worker. The accused worker Casey James Fury (Casey J. Fury) admitted that he started the fire on May 23 and another on June 16 (which was quickly extinguished) to leave early from work to home. Casey was seen next to

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Earthquake in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Earthquake in Bosnia and Herzegovina Natural Disasters

July 28 residents of the Balkan republic witnessed the earthquake of 4.6 points, which occurred around midnight, one kilometer to the east of the city of Zenica, 18 km north-west of Cocoa. The epicenter was about 2 km in depth and had the coordinates of 44,194 ° N; 17,896 ° E. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake originated some deeper — at a depth of 5.2 km.

The main impetus for 30 minutes followed by another episode force 4.2 points. Further sensors geologists noted two more mini-earthquakes with M3,

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Argentina: The 3-kilometer long fissure concerned residents Otumpa

January 5, 2013. Anxiety and surprise — these are the feelings that caused the appearance deep cracks that "shared" village into two parts (GoogleMap).

According to local residents, crack became visible after a downpour that struck early in the morning Dec. 25, 2012. For a short period of time received more than 200 mm of rain.

The rains caused damage to rural housing. Several families have sought assistance from the charitable organization "Caritas" in Anyatuyya (Anatuya). It is the volunteers of the NGO sent the photos that illustrate this note.

Residents were told that crack extends at least 3

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St. Petersburg again reported tremors


20.12.12.V town again it was reported that residents felt tremors from which the walls of apartments went crack.46 year-old resident of St. Petersburg told the blog in LJ that night 20 December felt the tremors. A resident of the northern areas of the city wrote that pushes him to the bathroom went crack.

"I live in the north of the city. Tonight in 2:00 resistant felt tremors. And in the bathroom on the same side of the tile directly in front of the crack, and the other does tiles fell off. It was about 3 push. A similar phenomenon

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India: a crack in the ground frightened residents


April 9. In the Indian state of Manipur (Google map) formed in the earth fissure from which smoke poured continuously clubs has left people terrified. Crack, about 18 meters in length and 30 cm in width appeared three days ago near the suspension bridge connecting Thang Samukon (Thanga Samukon) and Oinam (Oinam), by Samukon (Samukon). The smoke was coming from a crack all the time, though in comparison with the first day of smoke decreased.

Apart from the smoke of the fault is still spreading an odor. Over the 3 days of smoke continues to move, causing panic among

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USA, Arizona: Unexplained crack in the Navajo reservation

March 19, 2013. It is not every day you see people on an Indian reservation Navajo, but crack formed in the ground for a long time and it looks like no one has a clear answer about its origins. Rift is just east of Flagstaff on Luepp Road and approximately one mile west of the gas station Leupp. Rift has become so large that it was surrounded by a fence.

According to the Geological Survey USA, earthquakes occur periodically in the northern parts of the state Arizona, including land reserve. Earthquakes are not strong enough to building collapsed, but

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Mystery of the Martian ice spirals allowed




Giant ice spirals found on the Martian polar caps are the result of an unusual combination of the temperature of the planet, tilt of its axis and the rarefied atmosphere, showed a new computer model. These concentric swirls of hundreds of kilometers long, were first spotted "Viking"

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