Pine Island glacier cracked

Pine Island glacier cracked Facts

In October 2011 the first flight over the island Pine in West Antarctica, researchers in the project IceBridge discovered a crack in the ice, which will cause the appearance of a new iceberg.

IceBridge — NASA, the purpose of which is to measure the thickness of the ice using laser radar and radar. Although the birth of icebergs not a rare phenomenon, the Pine Island Glacier is of particular interest to scientists. He is the most vulnerable point of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Rate of reduction of the ice island Pine at 100 meters

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In Ufa are ground motion

According to scientists, to blame the karst cavities and active construction.

— I jumped out of bed, feeling a strange vibration, look, and the floor was shaking walking! — Told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" resident of the house on Revolutionary, 58 Vladimir Rabinovich. — It lasted around half an hour at night and in the morning again started — cracked ceiling!

Here's a restless night was the last year the residents of a house in the center of Ufa. They felt like heroes Hollywood blockbuster about the end of the world. Earth literally start to go from under their feet.


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A series of earthquakes caused damage in El Salvador

One house was completely destroyed and another 14 severely damaged by a series of earthquakes with a magnitude 2.7 — 3.4, is celebrated in the eastern part of El Salvador on Friday night. This was reported by local authorities. Fortunately, the impact of elements done without loss of life.

All damaged homes are located in the canton of Tiuilotal, municipality of El Karmer, department of La Unión. In a series of post-quake buildings collapsed fragments of roofs and walls cracked.

In addition, the local Office of Civil Defense reported that due to seismic activity also cracked wall in a hospital

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