Preface to the revised edition

It was with some trepidation that I accepted the task of revising Ernest Joyce’s work, for in the eyes of so many it had become the woodworker’s bible, helping countless people in their search for woodworking knowledge and their own personal search for excellence. This reluctance to tamper with the bible, which was strong, and shared by many other people, was tempered by the knowledge that much had changed in the world of craft furniture since 1970 when this work was first published— changes that Ernest Joyce himself would well have approved. Writing as he did in the late sixties,

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Ark of our time

As they call such people — mad, eccentric, nuggets! All his spare time, effort and money they spend on weird types, without which humanity could well do without. Build a monument to a mosquito from scrap metal, building a fortress out of the hay, create layouts Orthodox churches of the matches, and plastic bottles — houses. And on the enthusiasm!

When water worldwide flood …Director-General of the Dutch construction company of 52 years of Dordrecht Johan Highbury a few years ago had a nightmare. If his country washes the earth a giant wave. Poor Johan woke

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UFO near the Sun. Cadres of craftsmen. Online HD

Craftsman together with like-minded people has created a unique filter to capture the Sun (as he says), the results were just amazing! Mass UFO awaits you outside our bodies.


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