An ice moon may be volcanoes

An ice moon may be volcanoes Facts

NASA space unit investigated icy moon of Saturn Dione for geological activity. Data were obtained that the bark of the satellite has a similarity of cracks, which may indicate the presence of active volcanoes on it. It is reported that the faults found are very similar to the "tiger stripes" of another moon of Saturn, Entseladusa who once splashed huge amounts of water into space.

Activity on Dione is supported by several obvious facts. Earlier in the magnetic field of Saturn was discovered by a stream of charged particles, most likely got there

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Over the nuclear power plant in Obninsk, a tornado swept through

May 25, 2013. In the evening on Thursday in several areas of the Kaluga region were recorded tornadoes. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kaluga region reports that more than any other hurricane affected village Badgers Dzerzhinsky district and the city of Obninsk. The villagers were left without electricity for 19 houses partially damaged roof roofs. In Obninsk tornado felled dozens of trees, but the damage to buildings and structures were recorded, according to the portal "NyusRu.kom" referring to the representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Local residents told immediately about

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Meteorites leave scars on the planet


When a meteorite from outer space speed crashes into a solid surface of the planet, there is a powerful blast of heat, and in its place in a matter of seconds formed a special geological formation — a meteor impact crater. Major clashes of this kind could cause mass extinctions of species in Earth's history. However, recent studies suggest that the origin of life could be associated with impact craters.

The surface of the Earth would look like a real testing ground for the bombing, pitted with numerous craters of different

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Indonesia volcano eruption. Video


JAKARTA, June 1 — RIA Novosti, Mikhail Tsyganov. Indonesian authorities on Monday began a mass evacuation of the mountain plateau Dieng in Central Java due to emissions of toxic gases from one of the craters located thereon, said on Tuesday the newspaper Jakarta Globe. "In Timbang crater, one of the active craters (Plateau), phreatic eruption occurred (gas emissions without expiration lava)" — the official representative of the Office of Disaster Management (ULPSB) Indonesia Sutopo Nugroho Purva (Sutopo Purwo Nugroho). Volcanic alert to level located approximately two kilometers altitude plateau raised from the second to the third (penultimate) level,

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On the islands of Vanuatu volcano awoke

On the islands of Vanuatu volcano awoke Danger Zone

Ambrym volcano began showing signs of seismic activity after a long period of calm. As the University of Hawaii, signs of activity in the form of a powerful thermal signal visible in the craters of Marum and Benbow. Other signs of mobility while lava is extremely difficult to identify, as the cyclone season in the region, and the volcano is simply closed clouds.

The total picture of the volcano Ambrym and s-in Vanuatu for a seven-day period.

Large basaltic volcano Ambrym caldera has a width of 12 km and is one

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NASA releases new video showing the stages of evolution of the moon

What you can see in the following video, exciting, is the result of simulation of the evolution of the Moon, from the time of its formation 4.5 billion years ago to the state in which we can see the moon tonight.

Everything starts with the big clash still liquid moon with a giant asteroid 4.3 billion years ago, which resulted in the pool formed the South Pole — Aitken. This is, of course, is not as impressive as the video picture of the destruction of the Earth as a result of a collision with an asteroid, which are

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Mount Fuji is active

According to recent reports, is seen in the activity of the volcano Mount Fuji, which is located in Japan. The reports were fuzzy photographs of the area in which a number of new dimly visible craters. The largest of which reaches a diameter of 50 meters and is located on the east side of Mount Fuji at a height of 2200 meters. There has also steam, which breaks out of the craters.

There are other signs that the awakening of the volcano. Recorded several earthquakes that took place on February 28 to the north-east of Mount Fuji. Propulsion reached 4-5.

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The origin of the moon

February 9, 2012 19:04

We are used to our only "natural" satellite that orbits the planet constantly every 28 days. But when we begin to analyze the physical properties of our friend neighbor, many details suggest that the moon can not be normal natural creation. Photo from

Moon dominates in our night sky, from ancient times it has affected the people most poetic soul strings. Although over the past few decades, offered new insights into the many mysteries of the moon, a large number of outstanding issues still surround our only "natural" companion. We used to rely on

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On the Indonesian island of Java volcano emits toxic fumes

Centre of Volcanology and reduce geological risks (TSVSGR) Indonesia lifted over the weekend at the level of alarm is located in the province of West Java Papandayan volcano from the second to the third (penultimate) levels due to start there emissions of toxic gases, reported on the official website of the Centre. The second level of anxiety in this complex stratovulkanicheskom height 2.665 meters above sea level was announced in April 2008. After two of his four craters began to throw large amounts of sulfur and carbon monoxide gases, TSVSGR forbidden to approach them closer than two kilometers away.

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Mercury: A three-month trial and discovery

Scientists have summed up the first three months of work on the orbit of Mercury interplanetary probe MESSENGER. On the high-resolution structure of the floor made out of astrophysics craters. The probe determined the composition of the soil and built the Mercurian detailed relief map of the northern hemisphere.

The probe entered orbit around the planet closest to the Sun on March 18. During the three months of receiving tens of thousands of detailed pictures of the surface of Mercury, which were previously available only in low resolution. Devices installed on board the vehicle, shed light on the

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