In the first of a new series on the art of image manipulation, B+W Photographer of the Year 2012, Clayton Bastiani, reveals a simple technique he uses to create multiple layer images with atmosphere and mood.

love making photographs as much as I love taking them. Photographers have been at it for a very long time — read Colin Harding’s feature (B+W issue 150) on Oscar Rejlander’s The Two Ways of Life, created in 1857 and a fantastic example of combination printing.

Over the coming months I aim to introduce you to some very simple methods of photo-manipulation and photo

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A cheap way to score songs for guitar

Tablature is a method of notating music for guitars. Rather than a traditional score, tabs note the string and fret number of each note or chord. Tabular is an affordable Mac application that lets you create tabs by hand. Unfortunately, it does some simple tasks poorly, although some more-advanced tasks are handled well.

When I bring a song to rehearsal, I like to bring a quick chord chart for reference. It’s a relatively simple task that proved difficult in Tabular. For starters, because there is no chord database, I had to use

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Stylish, Sustainable LED Illumination

Today, lighting does more than just illuminate: a well-planned LED lighting layout can create a warm and welcoming ambience that transforms your space into an ECO-home.

The luxury residence pictured — in a prime waterfront location — is the perfect example of what can be achieved with high-quality LED lighting technology from MEGAMAN.

As the social epicentre of the home, the apartment’s living room has been fitted with MEGAMAN 7W LED PAR 16 Reflectors to make the space highly inviting. The Reflectors are evenly installed within the ceiling, helping to create soft ambient lighting that eliminates the harsh shadows a

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An iridescent green glass tile forms the backdrop of this renovated bathroom.

Beauty may only be skin deep, but sometimes that might be all you have to work with. Small spaces are a given in most apartment blocks in New York — and the rooms in this 1960s-era apartment were no different.

«The apartment was in its original condition when my clients bought the property,» says Alan Berman AAIA, president of Archetype. «We were contracted to carry out a complete remodel, which included updating the guest and master bathrooms.

«The construction comprised 75mm-thick concrete walls with wire mesh and

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A contemporary approach, a roster of warm materials and an enduring connection to its natural environs provided the foundation for the landscape design of this Montecito abode. To create the scenic display, which is nestled within the Santa Barbara Mountains landscape architect Tavi Perttula says he chose to «seamlessly blend the sight lines of the premise’s natural foliage into the property.» To execute this goal, he embraced a diverse palette of greenery—such as olive trees, agave and coast live oak—and embraced the industrial-style architectural elements of the home by integrating concrete and sandblasted cedar for the hardscape. «My decisions enabled


Looking for antimatter

“All About Space” talks to Jim Bickford of Draper Laboratory, Massachusetts, who found a belt of antimatter naturally occurring around Earth in one of our planet’s Van Allen radiation belts.

Scientists have spent billions building colliders that make a few micrograms of antimatter, yet you’ve found it around the Earth. How does it get there?

Antimatter forms when atomic particles travelling near the speed of light collide with one another and convert their energy of motion into matter. If they are travelling fast enough, a process called pair production creates a regular particle and its antiparticle by converting the kinetic

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Finding the ultimate window treatment for your bedroom is much more than making a purely decorative decision

Function and practicality are important. In these times of sky high energy costs, fitting blinds and shutters that can help regulate and conserve heat as well as control the light is a major plus. In urban environments they can also ensure privacy and reduce noise as well as create mood and add decorative style – which will all help contribute to nights of blissful slumber.

New trends, fashions and technical advances in interior furnishings abound and no more so than in this particular

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Your Own Toy Story

Remember the time when you were a kid and would create your own worlds with toys? Photography is the perfect way to bring them to life once again.

Juxtapose your toys with the surroundings to create interesting tales in the real world. Use superhero figurines, action characters or even your dolls to create whacky photographs. You can create more interest by including other miniature items such as vehicles, furniture and replicas of animals.

You can even turn these images into a cartoon series by choosing similarly styled images and creating a cohesive narrative.

Make It Look

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Can’t get far enough back to get all of a tall building in shot? Stitch together multiple shots to create a ‘tiled’ panorama


What you’ll need

Photoshop Elements

How long it’ll take

20 minutes

The skills you’ll learn

• How to create a panorama with the Photomerge command

• How to convert a colour image to black and white

• How to clone out unwanted areas and replace missing detail

If hen you’re photographing tall buildings, if you only have a standard lens and you’re close to your subject you’ll have trouble getting all of it into the frame

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Go full throttle with a full-scale renovation! Change the flooring, revamp your furniture, and create a whole new style for your living space.


FRAME YOUR SPACE. Along with repainting, re-decorating, and re-arranging your layout, don’t forget to replace your old flooring, walls, and ceilings if they’re dated or damaged. Updating the main frame of your room will help create a fresher, more clean-lined look.


1. Measure the room’s width and length. Bring these measurements (and perhaps a rough sketch of a floor plan) to the home depot or hardware and compute how much flooring you


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