Olga Gapeeva: Czechs surprised that so much talent in Belarus

Gapeeva "memories I was very positive and vibrant as the public has come more than I expected, there was some enthusiasm yavna me to Belarusian literature. After approached by people who had read his memoirs. For instance, one person, sociologist, walks on all performances Belarusians, and he is surprised by in Belarus not so little talent. Also you can only thank the organizers, as both translations, and everything was on time, and synchronous transfer occurs during the question … So that the most positive memories. "Znatkevich: "Tell me, in your opinion, what can be said about much of Belarus foreign

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Night Siege April 19

On forums portal Tut.by discussions are about how in Belarus began development on gaining bio gas from animal manure. Comments: "A petrol from manure able to do?" "Cancel thought, but why not make tax pus?" "Vain smeyatsesya. Denmark 18% of energy is provided by the state because of this very biogas. This local energy resource, No transportation costs of energy or energoelementov. And they make, according to official figures, 11% of energy costs. "Web site created by Blogging "Gaze" Kasia says reservists on the draft Code of Conduct blogger. Proposal comes from Tim OReyli, chairman publisher O’Reilly Media, has been

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Electric boat of MAMI

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Today everyone is talking about the prospects for the use of hybrid propulsion systems for mobile machinery, including commercial. Recently, experts Moscow Institute of Automotive (MAMI) decided to move from words to action, and in collaboration with a number of local organizations created a SUV with a diesel-electric powertrain.

The advantages of electric transmission allow increasingly implement it on special wheeled vehicle. Confirmation of this — the newest ballast tractor BAZ-M-6910-E, which was the lead developer STC "Trucks" MSTU "MAMI". On the creation of the machine told the director of the organization Nikolay Kulakov.

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Express MD2 tested

This is the second small satellite communications. The first was launched February 11, 2009.

The spacecraft "Express-MD2" created by Khrunichev Khrunichev has successfully passed acoustic testing at the Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute named after Professor NE Zhukovsky (TsAGI, Zhukovsky).

In the reverberation chamber RK-1500 spacecraft tested the effect of high-frequency pressure fluctuations that occur during startup, transonic flight at maximum speed pressure.

Upon completion of acoustic testing, "Express-MD2" was delivered to the factory for testing in early April for electromagnetic compatibility in an anechoic chamber.

Satellite "Express-MD2" is created in the framework of the

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Universal machine metal created by Russian engineers

Laser All-Rounder

All stages of the metalworking process can be performed on a single universal machine, created by Russian engineers.

The original design — a powerful laser technological complex HTS PORTAL — created at the enterprise Ltd. EDO "Bulat" (Moscow — Zelenograd).

It is possible to perform a wide range of various operations with quick change tooling and changeover: contour cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, high-temperature alloys, and also — the welding operation, welding, punching, engraving and heat treating. As a universal solution for the automotive, aerospace, tool and a number of other industries, the complex could

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Tomsk scientists develop anti-cancer drug therapy

Tomsk scientists develop an effective cure for cancer therapy

Tomsk scientists who won a federal grant in the amount of 33 million rubles on research and pre-clinical trials of a new anticancer drug, have created unparalleled in the Russian drug that triggers a person's immunity and directing the body's own defenses to fight the disease.

With the development of cancer immune system begins to work for the preservation of tumor cells. The new drug "Polistan", created by specialists of the Siberian State Medical University (SSMU), allows you to "reprogram" the body and get it to recognize the tumor cells

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Tomsk scientists have created a cheap economical nanotransistor

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TOMSK, November 17 — Researchers at Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics (TUSUR) have developed the world's first nanotransistor used in microwave electronics, which are used in the production of not precious metals, and the connection of copper-germanium, which significantly reduces the cost of the device, said Thursday RIA Novosti graduate high school EugenePLL ofeev

"Currently, the transistors are available with metallization based on precious metals, and we suggest the use of copper compounds with germanium, which is obtained in an original way. That novelty. We have made an application for an

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Tomichi created the first interactive platform for RF Online Design

Tomsk company "Phlog"Russia has developed the platform, which allows customers by printing companies to create online print layouts, supervise the work of designers in real time and is cheaper than their foreign counterparts, told RIA Novosti CEO Victor Vahitov.

"Pixlpark— The first such service, created in Russia. By using this site, the client can upload to check ready to create a layout or design printing remotely, without the help of the manager of the company. The result is a work of the paid-made, prepared for printing a file in PDF. This way, the company saves time

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Technopark information technology has opened in Penza

High Technology "apple" worth 348.9 million rubles was opened in Penza on Friday, a spokesman management innovation policy of the Penza region.

"Apple" — the first industrial park in the region, created with co-financing from the federal budget by the Ministry of Economic Development. The federal budget allocated to this project 278,1 million rubles, the regional budget — 70.8 million rubles.

Specialty industrial park — information technology, precision engineering, materials science. Residents of the industrial park will be small innovative enterprises, including those created with the participation of universities, as well as growing up in regional business incubators.

In the

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SEMP with NPK Uralvagonzavod have created a new source of supply for armored vehicles

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FSUE "Samara Electromechanical Plant" (SEMP), together with JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod "created a diesel-generator set for armored vehicles, and reports-Mash.

Installation, the power of which is 8-kW will be used as a backup power source.

Currently, the SEMP is preparing for mass production of diesel generators.

Ksenia Kuznetsova 10.11.2011

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