A day or figure: 34.4%

According to the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis, supplies of finished products accounted for 60% of the average production companies.Particularly difficult situation in the light industry. July 1, linen fabric supplies exceeded the average of the volume of production» least 5 times, woolen fabrics — 4 times, stocking — 2 times.

Venezuela interested in Belarusian food industry

Professionals from Venezuela, namely Intriguing questions properties of food products and the creation of the municipal food reserve.Also during the visit, which will last until May 17, will open a discussion the possibility of creating a joint venture for processing coffee.

Workers are fleeing from Belvest

Because of this, the company’s administration fired and Deputy Director of Human Resources and ideology — Tipo povinet he did not sovladevaet with their obligations.According to the collector shoes Victor Shlyakhtina, working on "Belvest" For four years, the difficulties in the enterprise began with addition time, as she did not have the Belarusian-German, and became the Russian-Belarusian. Old staff still remember how to prazdnichkom they were given huge bonuses in including own production and shoes — 4 pairs a year. But these workers are already almost gone: people massively dismissed because they do not want to work in hazardous environments

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Young Front temporarily out of the European Coalition

"This decision was taken due to the fact that the youth movement has an active campaign to boycott parliamentary" elections ", while when "European Coalition" in their play, "- said the press service of the MOF.But coupled with the fact representatives of youth organizations they say that "European Coalition" "ideological and more free to make their own decisions socio-political alliance of democratic organizations in Belarus to cooperate with that "Young Front" return at the end of the parliamentary election campaign. "The composition of the European coalition includes the organizing committee for the creation of Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Narodnaya Hulk),

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KAI intensify efforts to built FIGHTER KFX

January 22 South Korean aircraft manufacturer KAI said that she «vengeance» will work to create a multi-purpose combat aircraft on programmke KFX, janes.com reported Jan. 23. «All of our efforts will be focused on creating the next generation of fighter KFX, developing light helicopters and winning the competition for the U.S. Air Force project TX», said KAI president Ha Sung-Yong (Ha Sung-yong) at a conference in Seoul. Announcement of development KFX fighter generation 4.5 was made by the Administration for Defense Procurement Ministry of Defense in 2001. The adoption is scheduled for 2021. It is understood that a single

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Progress in the creation of the launch complex Angara

Russian Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu has made a working trip to the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, where to get acquainted with the state of universal Baikonur launch site, as well as the work on the creation of a unified launch complex "Angara".



At the Baikonur Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu held a working meeting, where he heard reports of the heads of relevant offices and departments on various aspects of the further development of infrastructure, and identified the main tasks of modernization and technical complex Baikonur.

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Organizer protest against chemical plant sentenced

Unauthorized rally inhabitants in the village everybody Pukhavichy district held on March 22. Activists active group against the construction of the plant have repeatedly appealed to local authorities for the respective resolution, but have not received it. Plans to build a chemical plant Russian company "Bel-August." The plant will produce a certain amount of pesticides, and spices to systematize the creation of first-class threat. Inhabitants are protesting against him villages everybody, Svislach Rudensk, Dukora also other settlements.Activists active group about a year have corresponded with all concerned ministries and departments of the need for this construction. People do not believe

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«Thunder-2» — a new tactical missile complex Armed Forces of Ukraine

«CB» South «,» is developing a new tactical missile (OTP) complex «Thunder». Development of systems-missile missile weapons for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine remains a key value for GP «CB» South. «   So tell me about the design and creation of new functional missile system to equip the armed forces of Ukraine.   The complex will use a promising cruise missile, developed on the basis of «Kite» to destroy ground targets, the newspaper writes, «Ukraine Industry.»   Very important is the point that the Ukrainian missile complex «Kite» comply with the limits imposed by the regime of

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LOCKHEED MARTIN ISSUED contract worth 755 million dollars for the production of missiles, PAC-3

Lockheed Martin’s contract price issued 755 million dollars from the Aviation and Missile Command U.S. Army to supply missiles PATRIOT Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3).   Agreement includes the creation in 2013 FY missiles and control systems PAC-3 for the U.S. Army and following their delivery to Taiwan. In 2009, Taiwan became the fifth international customer PAC-3 missiles.   The Treaty provides for the establishment of 168 PAC-3 missiles direct hit, 27 launchers and associated equipment. This contract is a 14-m account for the production order PAC-3 missiles from the U.S. government.   Creating a component will be held at the

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IKEA wants to try again to come to Belarus

As told the press service of IKEA, the highest priority in the development of the project will play an economic reasons.In 2001, IKEA has considered the development of local production in Belarus. Then, at the invitation Belarusian government visited by a group of control group, headed by Ingvar Kamprad. It was planned that the company’s products will be carried out in the Polotsk district. By this occasion open a discussion question in the region, the creation of a foreign entity and called the sum of investments: 30 millions of dollars. Company was engaged in logging, woodworking and furniture creation, but

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