In Vilnius veritas in Minsk

Listen:Output book was the result of the poetry contest, which conducted the Belarusian PEN Center the centennial of the newspaper "Nasha Niva". Curators — critic Anna Kislitsyna and poet Andrei Khadanovich. Andrew Khadanovich time opening presentation creators said about the collection:"Very attractive, like me, a group not only poets, and novelists. Partially Belarusian-speaking, and those who write in Russian: Followers of the Republican contest" Century " Nasha Niva . "I think this is not the last in Minsk in Belarus and the presentation of this book. Very beautiful, like me, the choice of the creators."With 80 sent creators jury elected

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Policemen seek out leaflets in the markets

The creators of leaflets offering Belarusian businessmen make October 2 weekends funny day and not go to work — in a symbol of solidarity with all personal businessmen and distributors, who suffer pressure from the authorities.The creators of leaflets offering celebrate October 2 as day businessman.Policemen seek out markets distributors of leaflets.

Vladimir Orlov

Tuesday, 25 September, and 19 pm Minsk time on the site of Liberty accomplished online conference with the writer, creator of the book "Freedom Names" Vladimir Orlov.

Graduated from the historical faculty of the Municipal Institute, participated in samizdat almanac "Milavitsa" and "Blue Lantern". First book was published in 1986. Creator of more than 20 books of prose, poetry, essays, and historical essays. Awarded the Medal Skarina (1991), winner of the Literary Prize Frantisek Bogushevich Belarusian PEH-center. Since 1988, member of the Board "Martyralegu Belarus." After the formation of the Belarusian Popular Front, October 30, 1988, together with Zenon Pozniak

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Which yaytsekvadraty real, and what — copies?

Painter and poet Victor Markovets Ales Ryazanov require recognition of rights violations’s their joint project "Yaytsekvadraty" which resulted in "illegal alterations and unique works in their wide use," company "Mobile telesystemy." Altruists against merchants: who wins?As the Victor Markovets, when their tandem ready to justify their right to mental product, opponents have little or no cover:"We ask them where your creators? Defendant, for example, says: say, somewhere in Moscow registered. And do not know who did. He judges of a particular question: who created the works? Here there are the creators — and Markovets Ryazanov. And who your creator? Some

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High Tribunal dismissed the complaint founders of the Movement For Freedom

The arbitrator explained to the fact that the creators of the Movement made several violations of the law,» Justus Min saw violations and views on Supreme Court, had no reason to refuse to register.One of the founders of the Movement "For Freedom" Alex said Kavalets "Freedom": "Today’s verdict again showed in Belarus there is to be independent of the judiciary. Judges are appointed as before head of state, therefore unrealistic to expect that they will be on» impartial own decisions "Details — later on our website and in the air • Noon Supreme Tribunal announce a verdict on the Movement

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Freedom movement will not be registered

Samolyuk referee decided that the creators of the "For Freedom" made several violations of the law.Ministry of Justice saw violations and views on the Supreme Court, had reason to refuse registration.Lawyer Olga Smolianka, Graduate Institute of Humanities Euro helped activists of the unregistered movement in this court. She calls the current decision "rather formal":"Denied a formal reason — the creators of the motion court fee paid is not in the budget. But they later corrected the error, which has been proved in a court document. If you look at only the formal side, the tribunal could not refuse. He did.But

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Travel to Minsk — vacation with Lenin

"Traveling to Belarus — it’s not everyday travel abroad and exotic journey. Something for fans of other stories or even virtual reality" — write the creators directory Malgorzata Nocun and Andrzej Bzhazetski and recommend to begin acquaintance with Belarus from Minsk. In their opinion, "if honest, Minsk city is ugly, but it totally does not mean that it is a city uninteresting.""In the future, Minsk architecture and climate can be worth its weight in gold. For example in Krakow tourists pay so well they were taken to" Trabantse "from an old town to the latest Guta — Demonstration neighborhood socialist

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Night Siege — August 31

Guests Forum Portal intensively open a discussion in the publication Barscheuski "Our field"In which he mentioned that the newly issued handbills on literature no certain works Kupala Bykov Shamyakin, but there Cherginets and Avrutin.Photographer says: "The only way out — the ancestors, that have impact on the education of kids out of school. But with this we even worse, because nobody is not necessary … "He objected Aleh_K: "Why anyone? I need. My friends need. For you, I hope, too. Teach kids will own, that’s just not enough of it."But meeshootkin in anticipation: "If we are in the program

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Citations past: The enemy is doing what to do each pavinyan

"Free Belarus" in 1917 concludes: "The enemy does what pavinyan make friend. Nemyats not start disputes that Belarusians neem — he reasoned that the question has long been, and there have designed part of Belarus and builds schools, doing courses, print textbooks. Not much that he is preparing to amaze whole world statement that the Russian country, on the banks of a little bit and Dvina invented a separate people with their their life, with a separate culture, customs and language. ""Proletarians of Vitebsk" 1937. Newspaper aznayamlyae with the decision of the jury of the government commission on competition on

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My Belarus: Light archival photos disperses the darkness and horror, secures our feelings and actions

ATTENDANCE:Vadim Valerina Yuri Vysotsky (Prize of the Week) Valery Kazyuminski Misha Goat (Prize of the Week) Oksana Luniniec Svetlana Marchuk (Prize of the Week) She Pavlyukavets Peles Vlad Sergey Rybak Slava Kasia Shumskaya Yegor Anton Yakutovich Favorites of the past 12 WEEKS1 week: Kasia Shtirlitsa Ales Osipenko, Alexander Kushner Week 2: Alexei Ozhinsky Lyudmila Prakopau, InSomnia Week 3: Yuri Kolbasich Sergei Goodilin Vladimir Urbanowicz, Lyudmila Vitushkava 4 week: Kasia Shumskaya, Slava, Oksana Luniniec 5 week: Vadim Titov, Denis Fedorenko, Valery Kazyuminski 6 week: Dmitry Zenkovich, Ales Sidlyarevich Tatiana Myronovych 7 week: Vitaly Brazovsky Pauline Grynchanka Vadim Gaydalenak 8 week: Eva

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