Snake-like creature on the Earths orbit


This snake-like something found on NASA photo from 2001, made by the shuttle Discovery. Being located in the Earth's upper atmosphere. Determine its size, unfortunately, is impossible.

With an increase is noticeable that the creature has a "head", more thickening at one end.





Chilean twin stranger from Kyshtym


Chilean twin stranger from Kyshtym

17.12.03, the


December 3, 2003 in Santiago began detailed studies of the mummified body of a strange creature, discovered a few weeks ago near the city of Iquique (Chile Second District). Detailed analyzes of recovered material was suspended about a month ago because of funding problems. At the moment, the capital of Chile arrived Ramon Navia Osorio, President of the Institute of exobiology Spain and the Chilean Mission Coordinator of the organization Raul

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Next mysterious creature




In August of this year, on top of the glacier Kurkure North-Chu ridge Altai expedition climbers lovers discovered the remains of an unusual creature.

— A find I discovered quite by accident — says biologist, expedition member Sergei Semyonov. — Stumbled on some object. The first thing I realized — this is the remains

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Kyshtym humanoid creature was




Completed the study of matter, which was wrapped in a mysterious creature, discovered seven years ago on the outskirts of Kyshtym. About this newspaper "Chelyabinsk Worker" said in a telephone teacher at the Moscow Aviation Institute, author of Encyclopedia of ufology, the coordinator of the social and

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Soup of Sasquatch


There are several cases in which the civil and the Great Patriotic War, the military have been killed or captured by the strange hairy "people."

In July of 1925 in the mountains of Tajikistan Red Army detachment under the command of Mikhail Stepanovich Topilski pursued gang Basmachi. Trying to break away from the Red Army, the gang went deeper into the remote mountain region. On the 18th day of the chase, when the squad Topilski stopped for the night, time noticed on the other side of the wide glacier cracked

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UFO visitors near Perm. Continued Part 2

2. They explore the future

Unknown visitors avoided the adult, but to the children exhibited a range of impacts associated with the abnormal phenomena: the classic flying saucer silently swept over the surrounding area, went to the gate and over the forest blaze occurred, transparent and biologically dense substance like "Bigfoot" appeared near the summer camp and on its territory, some went into the chamber of the younger teams. Sometimes the visitors were in the nature of poltergeist, sound and visual. Before mass surveillance at night on July 17 (1989), many of the children for a few minutes

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Canadian Loch Ness monster captured on video

November 13, 2011 22:22

In the Canadian province of British Columbia living relative of the Loch Ness monster. At least, are sure of the locals who noticed the mysterious creature in Lake Okanagan.

Canadian Richard Hulse showed the world images in which, in his opinion, is depicted bathing the 12-meter Canadian cousin Nessie, reported IA "Rosbalt". An unexplained phenomenon is similar to a simple ripple on the water, but residents claim that the ripples can not be in a location of the lake and have the strange elongated. So all felt that this large contours and darker sea creature, or

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Chupacabra spotted in Kirovograd, people utykivayut their gardens traps

November 17, 2012 23:38

Unknown beast already looked into some chicken coops and ransacked several yards.

Next legendary chupacabra been seen on the outskirts of the regional center. Residents complain of Kirovohrad — unknown creature naglovoruet livestock from their homes. Eyewitnesses claim: this animal has reddish hair and moves by jumping on two legs.

Last night the unknown creature decimate the bird population the inhabitants of an entire street. Within a few hours of sunrise yards disappeared three dozen chickens.

Basil eyewitness caught the thief on his garden. Says

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Mystery of the Western Ukraine: Yeti whirligig in the sky and aliens with flashlight

May 3, 2012 20:48

In the Carpathians, are often seen Bigfoot, and Citizen of Lvov after meeting with the alien no longer go to the toilet.

Abnormal card. Clicking on any of the "plates", you can get detailed information about the visit of a UFO. Photo:

On the Internet there … map anomalies Ukraine. From now on, anyone can learn not only when and where exactly in the region seen unidentified flying objects, and point of contact with aliens. To do this, type in the address bar, and in the search box enter: / google

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Legends of the people, the Chupacabra

Legends and myths of different peoples tell us about the mysterious creatures that in these legends are evil or good. We are not talking simply about the evil being, but a real demon. The most popular character, which is found in most of the legends of the peoples of Latin America — Chupacabra.

Chupacabra — a mythical creature, a meeting which always bring disaster, and even death. But, as it turned out, it is not so mythical. Every year thousands of people tell of encounters with the creature. Very often

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