creatures 3

The saga, что называется, continues. Ладно, в первый раз это было сенсацией. Во второй — просто мило. Третий дубль уже не вызывает никакого оптимиз­ма. Скажу больше, отважусь на крамолу: мы устали от норнов. Разрешите нам выращивать хотя бы завалящих монстров и прочие ужасы! Ан нет. Créature Labs настойчиво предлагает всем пройти в сад. В детский. Creatures 3, друзья.

Это опять приквел, причем разработчики решили не мелочиться и забросили зверушек во времени на этот раз за ты­сячу лет до первых Creatures. Сюжет тоже явно обдумывался всей компанией долгими зим­ними вечерами так, чтобы было пооригинальнее. Но я вам о нем не расскажу,

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Traces of unprecedented animals




"KP" starts the campaign: Our expedition will explore the most mysterious places of the country and neighboring countries

Dear readers! "Komsomolskaya Pravda" starts the project "white spots". Together with scientists from our correspondents go where, according to eyewitnesses, there are mysterious and inexplicable phenomenon. Today's collection is

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Trilobites are extinct because they were eaten




American, French and Chinese researchers say they found evidence of one of the theories of the death of trilobites: apparently, these marine arthropods simply ate other ancient creatures.

In the course of studying fossils, perhaps 510 million years ago, belonging essentially Fuxianhuia, the researchers found in

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Finders. Mysterious Russian Sphinx (2012)

May 24, 2012 0:56

Sphynx — creatures of ancient Egyptian mythology, and it is unclear why the highest concentration of Sphinxes is located in St. Petersburg. The general public is the best known so-called "Sphinx of Amenhotep," standing on the University Embankment. These creatures, who arrived here from Egypt more than 3,000 years. It is said that at the time of sunrise and sunset smiling Sphinx … but look at it is by no means be: you can go crazy! But under the paw of one of the monsters hidden secret signs, deciphering that can be found

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Alaska poisoned rock vomit


17.05.11.Kak found oceanographers, water Whiting Harbor in Alaska inhabited strange organisms, known as "rock vomit '(scientific name — vexillum Didemnum). In the waters of Alaska, these invasive organisms were discovered in 2001, but this year their number is much increased. The name of the inhabitant of the harbor was an unsightly appearance and the ability to spread on solid surfaces: piers, ship hulls, shells and stones. Powered 'rock vomit' plankton and decaying in the water with artificial materials. Food selection of these organisms can be deadly for other creatures, including fish species. Now the potential loss of "rock

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All the mysterious objects is nothing as essential beings living beyond three-dimensional reality — Critter

March 8, 2012 17:47

"Skayfishi" ("celestial fish")

Thing of the past era, when all the unusual phenomena in the world associated with the intervention of alien intelligence. Today, researchers, many working on the problem of "flying saucers" are leaning towards a new paradigm: many UFOs are energetic nature, as part of the surrounding natural environment. As, however, and other anomalous phenomena … Perhaps all of the mysterious objects is nothing as essential beings that live beyond the three-dimensional realnosti.Znakomtes: Critter! As you know, sometimes developed photo you can see some mysterious beings or objects that are not visible

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Soop: the real reason not to go to the forest?


Folk tales often speak about the primeval forest as a place dangerous, mysterious, how should expect troubles and troubles and better unnecessarily close to him not to approach. Obviously, this traditional perception of the forest is not associated with wild animals (although reasons to be afraid of wolves and bears used to be much more than now), and with the idea of some supernatural beings living there. And the chief of the Forest mythological creatures was, of course, the devil.

The forest can not be without a host The notion that the forest is inhabited

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Real fairies and elves

May 17, 2012 21:12

All photos — original, unaltered images taken with the Canon PowerShot 1000, and is usually 400 or 800 ISO …

After years of research the Internet to find images of light beings that are similar to those found in my photos, I decided to create a video montage. This is — an extensive montage of images of brightly lit, winged creatures, from different areas of fairies.

The light that emit these magical little creatures, very intense. They are as bright as the full moon in the photos. The traditional fairies no antennas. Several

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China, scientists are looking into the Kanas Lake local Loch Ness Monster




Chinese scientists in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China are studying a "local version" of the Loch Ness monster.

Rumors about the huge creatures who steal cattle from farms near Lake Kanas, there has long been, ITAR-TASS reported. Proof they were facts constant loss of horses,

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Elusive fish lightning fly by science

May 5, 2012 19:05

For modern scholars skayfishi unfortunately only available in the form of computer models or rare pictures … (illustration from

What you need to these creatures? Why are they hiding? No one knows. We only know that they are everywhere, but to see and touch them brought a few. These creatures appear often, but they could not be classified as follows: it is not clear — it's fish, birds, or worms … The most important thing — it is unclear whether they might pose a threat, and if so — what kind?

These strange

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