Hunting for dinosaurs

Nowadays, bloodless and almost trouble-free once powerful emulation (in the year) PSX play vending "masterpiece" (or, in extremely rare cases, truly a masterpiece) simple.

First RE surprised, a little frightened, and, in general, left a good impression. Second — it does not leave them at all. Dino Crisis does not cause anything but irritation. Unvarnished PSX transferred to three-dimensional graphics replete with shades of gray and typical pagan port errors. Management has traditionally ugly and impossible to throw the object and remain in any place still angry. At first it seems an interesting mode of WipeOut, but five minutes

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Midlife crisis in monkeys

Psychologist Alex Weiss of the University of Edinburgh, explores the mood gorillas

What determines the psychological wellbeing of orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees?

Weiss: First of all ages. This change can be represented as a curve in the form of the letter U. The peak falls on the youth drop — in the middle age, and then re — growth. By the time the period of emotional downturn coincides with the so-called «midlife crisis» in humans.

How did you set it? After all, monkeys do not go to a shrink …

The findings are based on observations zookeeper Australia, Japan

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During the crisis requires cooperation

January 20 head of Kurgan Anatoly Elchaninov held a working meeting with representatives of non-profit partnership «Russian lift association» and General Director of JSC «Kurganlift» Nicholas Golendukhino, according to the information-analytical department of the Mayor and the Kurgan City Duma.

The theme of the meeting was the development of cooperation between the municipality and the manufacturers of elevator equipment.

As it became known during the discussions on the modernization of elevators of the city, the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services agreement with NP «Russian lift association», provides federal funding to upgrade the elevators. Among the

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In Washington, two supratskryzysnyya plans

But the negotiations turned into accusations exchange between Republicans and Democrats, putting into question the fate of proposals to the government had spent 700 billion dollars to rescue the financial and banking sector.Before meeting with the minions of the Senate and the House of Representatives and candidate for the presidency, Barack Obama and John McCain, president Bush spoke optimistically about the chances of supporting the proposed Minister of money AOPC Paulson and the head of the U.S. central bank Ben Bernenki anti-crisis package cost 700 billion dollars."I wish to thank the spirit of bipartisan cooperation that reigned here in Washington.

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Scary to think that winter will

Zinaida Bondarenko — People’s Artist of Belarus states that it does not just feel, and even the very feeling the effects of the crisis:

Zinaida Bondarenko"Yesterday went to the mall," airport ", he’s here next to my house. Meat, well, since increased in price! Yes, almost all — and dairy products and cheeses … Well, pensions are not increased. Wage as I know, raised from 1 September only teacher. And other people wages have not increased. Arise wages only if the officials — I think so, and not only me. A as for crisis, I have a feeling that

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Authorities want the airbag

Recall that amount, the official Minsk asks IMF for the creation of "safety cushion" in the criteria of the financial crisis.The fate of the IMF loan for Belarus will be known in the subsequent week. While unchanged IMF consulate in Minsk do not fall mission estimates of the International monetary Fund regarding the economic situation in kraine.Perad talks on the loan, and the mission began its work in Minsk on October 27 in the leadership of the IMF said that the global crisis had a negative impact on the economy of Belarus on access to external financing. At the same

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Who benefits from the financial crisis?

Humanity has always lived from crisis to crisis. Before each crisis was short-lived heyday and later stagnation. Who benefits the global monetary crisis? Who can win in a time of crisis? Can win Belarus, where there is no stock market? Belarusians who can win, get rich? Crises led to regime change, the emergence of charismatic favorites and new public thoughts, which were often devastating. Lofty depression in America, brought to power Roosevelt. At the same time in Germany in 1933 Hitler came to power … The oil crisis in the USSR in 1987, when oil prices fell, led to the

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End quote: 04.08.2007 — 10.08.2007

"From January 1 this year, we collected 100% payment for the gas, but not paid, as we had been promised a loan to pay for it. We just threw. Well, they threw so cheated."Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — in communicating with residents of the village Gervyaty Astravets district of gas decline. "All the conditions to get as it is now seen to be."Sergei Kupriyanov, a spokesman for "Gazprom" — the payment of debts for gas Belarus after the danger of "Gazprom" to reduce gas supplies. "Beltransgaz" is specific Brest fortress — when her pass, then it will start an

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Lukashenko will be required to choose between Russia and the European Union

Radio Liberty: "Rahr Cpadar role, in your opinion, has played in this decline the European factor?"Rahr: "Lukashenko realized that the EU is in decline with Russia he really will not help. Reaction of Belarusian favorite, which laid the blame for the failure of negotiations on their own government, could imagine that he did not want to This time serious quarrel with Russia. But everything indicates that no agreement between Belarus and Russia, and there is no crisis lasts. "Radio Liberty: "Many professionals and political actors amazed why Belarus until the last moment stubbornly refuses to repay the debt for gas,

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Cash crisis will affect Belarus via Russia and Ukraine?

Contrary vserasprostranennoy thought that the global crisis will leave Belarus side, an economist at the Institute of Economics of the State Academy Alexander Podgayskiy not exclude indirect causes that may be difficult to influence it through economic ties closely with the Russian Federation:

The fact that Belarus is not integrated into the global financial system, it is a power protects us from these trends. Another thing that kind of crisis can affect us through banks

"The fact that Belarus is not integrated into the global financial system is in a certain extent protects us from these trends. Another thing that

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