Wolf in lambs clothing

You just have to mention the word •Contractor’ to any Scammell heavy haulage devotee and their eyes will probably mist over with a mix of pleasure and excitement in recalling one very special machine.

Of all the models built at the Watford plant, it’s arguably the Contractor which has championed the reputation of Scammell right round the world. In production for almost 20 years (1964-83) the 6×4 was available in a variety of lightweight and heavyweight versions and used for all manner of testing work.

As we explained In the June 2012 issue of Heritage Commercials. Graham Booth must be

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Volvo V40 Cross Country


Когда вы последний раз ехали на хэтчбеке гольф-класса 200 км/ч так, чтобы хотелось прибавить? Volvo V40, даже с антиасфальтовым званием Cross Country, и не такое умеет, хотя в его классе принято хвастать иными талантами. Вместительность, доступные цены — это все не про V40, который стоит в Украине в полтора раза дороже родоначальника сегмента, Шутят, что ли? Нет. Построенный на платформе предыдущего Ford Focus и формально выступающий в С-классе Volvo V40 субъективно играет в другой лиге: дизайн, отделка, длиннющий список оборудования, но важнее — ощущение езды на

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This garden plaything must be the most popular that has ever been devised. I have tried to avoid one or two problems that do occur when designing and making a free-standing swing. The bases are very long and the swing is braced at the sides so you don’t need to secure it into the ground. If you fit a plywood base it will prevent the mud puddle which is so often found beneath swings, and the dangerous concrete that usually fills the hole after the first season’s use.

Today many gardens are fairly small and there are more paved patio

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‘Roll up! Roll up! Roll up! Test your strength on this mighty bicep bulging machine! Only the strongest need apply – test your muscle power and stamina. Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!’

This toy is really just for fun, but it does provide a challenge for both boys and girls. After some initial testing, the children will learn that it is not all brute strength, since a certain knack can be acquired when hitting the target area which will literally rocket the disc to the top.

Before letting the children ‘loose’ on this toy, do explain how it works,

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Their element — CROSS

For true connoisseurs of racing wander in the Technology Park, which houses the machine athletes hardly less pleasure than the contemplation of the competitions. In this sense, the European championship in autocross — a spectacle that will probably have to taste the most fastidious gourmets road. Not to mention the buggy, even in the group of cars affects the abundance of a variety of machines, many of which only the outlines resemble their production counterparts.

Such a diversity of techniques in cross-country there was no accident. On the one hand, so far, none of the companies does not produce

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Your choice: more readable materials Tuesday

1st Minsk authorities allowed European March Second Kurapaty: broke the main cross, which once brought in the tract on the structure of the KGB (Slide-report) 3rd A.Milinkevich about democracy, about the opposition, about the radar Fourth Vaclav Havel: "I do not know who will be followed by the President of the Czech Republic, but Belarusian — Milinkevich" 5th Zenon Pozniak: Who raised his hand to the Cross of suffering will be punished Editor’s choice of public this week Sergey SemenovAnother landing Russian journalists in Belarus Will Belarus amnesty? Zenon Pozniak: Who raised his hand to the Cross of suffering will

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Citations a day or October 9

"We are pleased that the permission is granted, but not happy with what routes we offer." Managing the organizing committee Euro Marsha Viktor Ivashkevich Mingorispolkom the decision that has permitted demonstration on October 14 supporters of European integration of Belarus.

"I have actual experience: in 1950-1960-ies I knew people who crosses destroyed by the Bolsheviks, fought with religion. All these people finished very badly and very rapidly. Most of the dead. Some have gone brain, become disabled, lost sons, daughters. And the one who raised his hand at the sign on the cross; even if it will not

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Zenon Pozniak: Dzyady to cross Belarus sufferers will be restored

Public Committee was created on the same day, when it became clear on the following vandalism in Kurapaty — mon in the evening. The committee was headed opener Zenon Pozniak Kurapaty. "It’s not just criminals do, and people who are referred""In this cross Dzyady will be restored. This is a war against the Belarusian Belarusian culture and civilization. Clearly, it is not just criminals do, and people who are referred.In this case a very important initiative to the public. Municipal authorities have practically refused to do their function to protect the area, protect the graves. No one is safe, as

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Zenon Pozniak: Who raised his hand to the Cross of suffering will be punished

"What happened in Kurapaty NIGHT MODE on Sunday, it is a common sin, blasphemy, desecration, which is punishable by criminal law. But this sign unrealistic kill.The sign can only be destroyed in a similar, different, how he was created. Because all these acts of useless people break down and spoil this sneaky little crime. Sign of just stronger.Power and symbolism of the cross is so significant that it connects its own installation voedinyzhdy idea of the unity of all civilization, the idea of combining the memory of their own sufferings. And a big symbolism of the cross is so strong

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Night Siege — October 8, 2007

Readers’Nasha Niva"Leave your feedback on the information about the incident in Kurapaty — there was broken cross "sufferers of Belarus." Here are a few comments:"Shame! What makescamping, so it is impossible! But finding those responsible is not necessary, because we are very well know whose hands this case … ""By my views, these crooks was all the same, that break — if only "famous." Sadly, all this on a small level of culture. ""Everything can be even easier, judging by the pictures: cross fell myself because rotten. In particular, if there was not dug, and kept on the steel prantah.

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