Mystic Mirror




"One day, being in the city of Lviv, I went to the famous historic cemetery where there were many ancient tombs and crypts. Was attached to the tour, and after graduation became acquainted with the guide. We got to talking, and I invited him to their famous

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Cases with moving coffins




When the Chase family members buried in the crypt showed traces terrible mess. The location of the coffins was recorded July 17, 1819 sealed the crypt. Coffins were different when the vault was opened April 18, 1820

In 1807, Thomas Chase acquired the planter family vault in

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Poltergeist-like hooliganism


Eleanor BONDAREVA, especially for the "B"

The coffin, he likes to work, used to say in the famous novel by Ilf and Petrov's coffin-maker Bezenchuk. As if he knew about the "stray" coffins on the island of Barbados. Well, they asked researchers to work! And not in a production sense.

Once the visiting tourists took pictures in front of the crypt with a criminal reputation. Instead of standing in front of the lens person in the photo turned out a skeleton covered with torn skin with a

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