What Is an Inclusive Culture?

Resoundingly, the CEOs agreed on what an inclusive culture meant for their organizations. They defned it as one in which employees can contribute to the success of the company as their authentic selves, while the organization respects and leverages their talents and gives them a sense of connectedness. “In an inclusive culture employees know that, irrespective of gender, race, creed, sexual orientation, and physical ability, you can fulfll your personal objectives by aligning them with the company’s, have a rich career, and be valued as an individual. You are valued for how you contribute to the business,” said

David Thodey

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The perfect balance of East-meets-West culture in both Hong Kong and neighbouring Macau. Hong Kong is a vibrant place famed for its modern architecture, with towering glass buildings covered in LED lights, but it also retains a lot of its original history and culture. What’s more, it makes the perfect base for travelling. Macau is just an hour’s Turbojet ferry ride away, and its mix of Portuguese and Macanese culture fused with the large settling of native Chinese means it has a unique

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Prospects for own-rooted culture

IN CONTEMPORARY horticulture define two types of crops — non-grafted and grafted. Graft has made great progress in horticulture and main tree fruit rightfully occupies a leading position. Along with this production, and own-rooted interest plantations.

In contrast to the grafted non-grafted plants are genetically homogeneous, have a high physiological integrity. With aging or winter damage aboveground parts are better restored, which makes them more durable. With high rates of own-rooted vegetative propagation is removed taking care of seeds, rootstocks, grafting process is eliminated. All of this greatly simplifies the cultivation of seedlings.

However, own-rooted culture still has not found

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NEW beekeeping

Digest of articles. Translation from English, German, French and Danish. The introductory article and the compilation IA Khalifman, Selkhozgiz, 1958, pp. 444, 20 thousand copies., The price of 19 rubles.

In the introductory article «Apiary like pollination plant breeders’ made a brief review of studies pcheloopyleniya crops conducted by Soviet and foreign scientists. As a result of this work, a new unit of agro-biological science — botanical and zoological ecology, a special branch of biology which studies the existing relationships in nature and communication.

As a result of observations revealed that honeybees in pollinating flowers on average 80% of

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Our contribution to the development of horticulture

Vinnytsia region — the largest area of ​​Horticulture of the Ukrainian SSR. There is only collective and state farms, there are more than 52 thousand perennial plants, from which the state buys more and more fruits, berries, grapes and products. A significant role in this important matter plays farm «Bilkey» Gaysinsky production management.

Our gardens occupy 999 hectares of which 360 hectares of fruit-bearing. Over the past ten years the collective of the farm grows an average per hectare of pome fruit crops 89.4 quintals, 58.4 stone, berries 22.2 quintals. Gross harvest of fruit pome crops increased from 2979

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METHODS Microbiology

Since microorganisms are very small dimensions, in the study of individuals can obtain only limited information about their properties. Therefore, usually microbiologists study population consisting of millions and billions of individuals. Such a population or culture obtained by cultivating microorganisms in a more or less specific conditions. The culture containing microorganisms only one type, called the net, and a culture that contains more than one kind of microorganisms — mixed. If the culture grows only two kinds of microorganisms, and their special support in association with each other, so called two-culture.

Thus, the basis of microbiological methods comprise two

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Technique accumulation of Cultures — one of the most powerful methods available to the microbiologist. To highlight certain microorganisms from natural sources can be used almost infinite number of combinations of various external factors, both chemical and physical. The methods allow the desired enrichment to allocate certain types of microbes, using their specific needs. These methods can be infinitely varied in order to isolate and study not previously described organisms capable of growing in the conditions created by the researcher. Here, we briefly describe a number of methods of preparation, which can be used to isolate natural sources of

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Isolation of pure cultures in liquid media

Methods of seeding on plates usually give satisfactory results in separation of bacteria and fungi, since the overwhelming majority of these organisms grow well in solid media. However, there can not be successfully cultivated on solid media, some bacterial species with larger cells; Many protozoa and algae can also grow only in a liquid medium. Although in recent years for the virus isolation techniques used seeding cup, many viruses are much easier to distinguish from the liquid medium. Of course, there never get pure culture as viruses — obligate intracellular parasites. In this case, the objective is to obtain a

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Is there any incorrect Vileyschine bards?

Center Vileika meets newcomer with posters warning about the festival. At the entrance to the Palace of Culture did notmany people: first participants, n» chinyaya beer and sandwiches await the start of the gala concert and the announcement of the results of the competition.I have used the pause to figure out why in the program no-independent Vialejka bards. Public activist Alexei Syudak led, for example, the well-known far beyond Vileika bard Ales Narkevich:"They are afraid that Narkevitch sing a song about a white-red-white flags. Basically, even if organize such a festival at Vileika district, there is someone to speak. Just

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Graphs Czapski vorachivayutsya in Minsk

"A significant part of the documents is not allowed to place the area"In the 19th and early 20th centuries belonged to Count Czapski manor Stankovo key in the Minsk region. Czapski family history research and engaged in public estates of Minsk region Lovers’ Association "Prilukskaya inheritance." Thanks to him, and established in Minsk Exhibition. Managing association Gatalskaya Igor said:"The State Museum of history and culture, we were able to expose only a part of their own exhibits. Significant part of the documents in the form of letters, correspondence area, unfortunately, is not allowed to be positioned. Presented But the most

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