Real money

Texas Court acknowledged BitCoin virtual currency for real money. This decision was passed by judge Amos Mazan as part of the proceedings fraudster Trendona Shavers.


The judicial system of America arranged otherwise, their courts are used to get to the point.

The bottom line is: Shavers committed a crime and should be punished. We can not allow such characters to seep through the holes in the bill. This could be a bad example for citizens.

The most popular in the US and Europe.

I would live in the world Trendon Shavers, who made a living by

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Bitcoin 101

Everything you need to know to start cranking out cash with your PC


Bitcoin is a new kind of virtual currency that exists only in the mysterious world of the Internet. It sprang up after the financial crisis of 2008, when people fearing that the sky was falling began investing in gold bars and silver coins. Many geeks also feared the apocalypse was nigh, but they chose to invest not in old-world currencies, but in a new currency created from scratch and made up of digital bits. That currency is Bitcoin.

What’s really interesting about this brand-new

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Weaker and weaker. It — about a buck

Now the dollar even more haggard on background euro and the British pound is worth more than a 2-bucks. South American currency against the backdrop of unrest slabla the U.S. mortgage market, which caused a narrowing of credit and may spread to the broader economy. It seems that there are still no hope for return to the old rate of the dollar. Analysts wonder what caused such a small rate of the U.S. currency against the European single?Economists, for example, a reduction in the August astounded U.S. jobs are in agriculture. Yang Stenard with BNP Paribas — a bank in

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L.Zlotnikov: Belarusian ruble is supported by foreign loans

IMF experts say the U.S. dollar dominance in payments energoelementy and capital flows. They argue about a significant proportion of the ratio "the Belarusian ruble — U.S. dollar" in real effective rate.But Belarusian government and the Bank do not agree with such calculations IMF. They refer to the structure of trade and the highest proportion in the calculations Russian ruble. And this, they say they are, has an impact on lowering the real effective exchange rate of the national currency.Independent economist Leonid Zlotnikov reads:"At the moment the Belarusian ruble supported influx of foreign currency into the country. And this is

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Authorities want the airbag

Recall that amount, the official Minsk asks IMF for the creation of "safety cushion" in the criteria of the financial crisis.The fate of the IMF loan for Belarus will be known in the subsequent week. While unchanged IMF consulate in Minsk do not fall mission estimates of the International monetary Fund regarding the economic situation in kraine.Perad talks on the loan, and the mission began its work in Minsk on October 27 in the leadership of the IMF said that the global crisis had a negative impact on the economy of Belarus on access to external financing. At the same

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Night Siege — August 15

Hi,The forums portal discussions are proposal of the State Bank of Belarus to renounce 2008 from the "snap" to the Russian ruble and throw as the sole guide for the national currency U.S. dollar. Comments:"Why is not the euro? Currently, with the Yankees will build the Federal Government?";"Soon the Chinese yuan will be attached";"It is true, why spoil characteristics and reports linked to the Russian currency, which increases?""I do not like the Euro. Lets submit together with bucks";"I do not realize our National Bank. Already 5 years our currency is pegged to the greenback, judging by the" vkapanastsi "the

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National Bank offers abandon binding to the Russian ruble

Managing the press service of the National Bank of the country Misha Zhuravovich emphasizes that the proposal still under the project: "Nothing is decided yet. These are the main areas. They will be coordinated and approved by the President." Reporter: "If the proposals will be taken — what will it mean? "Zhuravovich: "Let’s go back to the previous track. Earlier, we were tied to a single currency. After 2 years tried — in Russian. This complicates the calculation of other currencies. "As for consumers, Misha Zhuravovich outlook confirmed some professionals that bind to a single currency — the U.S. buck

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That thinking about the substitution minchane privileges for foreign currency payments?

Listen:Man: "I am for the fact that the cops were paid. Only for it. And in general, what benefits can be, why here it is — a single mother — has to pay, I have to pay, but someone should not?"Lady: "The benefits of currency? Thus, Tipo, and there are no benefits. Where do I get these benefits?"Guy: "Well, without benefits, we will not be able to travel across the country. Even these foreign currency payments, it has not posodeystvuyut. Better everything remained as before."Lady: "How I got tired with all of them — that so that that way —

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New procedure for acquiring currency while ordinary people will not touch

Official dealer of the State Bank Anatoly Drozdov states that abstract concerns only entrepreneurs who wished Belarus would buy the currency to take her abroad and already there to start a business."Take it to a currency exchange or on the interbank market for Belarusian rubles he had not allowed. In other words, we are in the interests of the country reduce pressure on the money market, so we wish, that investments were in the country rather than abroad. Because after the entry into force of this annotation to waste their money on the projects can be cash proceeds and after

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Vladimir Putin: We have to continue to build the country’s Union (audio)

Listen:Putin: "We are very pleased and welcome those configurations that Belarusian management made in streamlining the tariff on crude oil. This is a real step forward for the creation of the customs union. We expect that the output of the single currency is not yet lost. I am confident that our Belarusian partners able to analyze reality, unable to grasp the reliability Russian economy and Russian currency. Maybe that leave the single currency not on Russian and Belarusian or not, as we initially planned, as we had planned, first to enter the Russian ruble. This all can be. "

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