Lukashenko: Construction of nuclear power plant to start

Society Today Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting with the new members of the government. The Head of State spoke on a number of issues.

On Russian energy

Basic questions of Russian energy supplies to Belarus resolved at the political level.

Energy Minister Alexander Ozerzhy I have a wish — do not hide behind spinay Semashko (Vladimir Semashko — First Deputy Prime Minister). Travel to the Russian Ministry of Energy, "Gazprom" and negotiate: at the political level, all issues are resolved, the main provisions signed.

Supervise the work of the government

I'm not going to, as it was

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Do not pay — cut off electricity

Society In the context of an acute financial crisis, Belarus accumulates debts to energy suppliers. Thus, the Russian corporation "Inter RAO UES" faces from June 9 to halve electricity exports to Belarus and finally cut off supplies in general, if Minsk failed to settle arrears of more than fifty million dollars.

Head of Information Policy "Inter RAO UES" Anton Nazarov in a conversation with the "freedom" of Belarus confirmed the substantial debt to the electricity monopoly and did not rule out that from tomorrow the company will be forced to take drastic steps to return the debt:

"Debt has reached

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Belarus will be free but without Lukashenko

Society This was stated by the executive director of the nongovernmental organization Freedom House, David Kramer, who said that no other interventions alone will not work.

"The best way to remedy the situation — if Alexander Lukashenko lose power. And while he has one, no lasting changes are impossible, "- said Kramer Lithuanian portal DELFI.

— "He is a dictator, responsible for serious violations Human Rights, there is a suspicion of his involvement in the blast in Minsk, in addition, it poses a threat to the Belarusians themselves, and maybe even for others ", — said Kramer.

"I believe that

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Why not end the crisis?

Society Why, despite the reduction rate and the increase in prices, the crisis still can not stop? If the condition is reached even bad, but of balance? How unique is the Belarusian economic model and how unique the crisis that it is experiencing?

On these issues in the "examination of Freedom" economists argue Zheliba Boris and Sergei Chaly.

Drakakhrust: Belarus devalued, prices increased, so today — once again for fuel. Obtained a loan from the Eurasian Economic Community, that would have to be perceived by the market as a good signal. And the economy takes knows what. In this case

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Russian ruble went on board the ship?

One of the main topics of discussion at the recent Summit of Heads of Governments of the CIS, also on the 3rd Investment Forum, held in Yalta, was the question of the principles on which to develop and expand free trade zone within the Commonwealth.

It is worth recalling that the very free trade area (or FTA) is legally formed in 2011. Now enter the FTA except Russia, countries of CIS as Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Moldova. In Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan agreed to join the FTA are in the process of parliamentary ratification. During the meeting of the Yalta

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The National Bank claim that the currency in exchange enough

Society National Bank has tightened conditions for banks buy currency at the exchange. Bankers received a letter about how and how much they buy currency in exchange for the sale.

Now banks can buy on the exchange is not any amount of currency, but only to the amount that was sold to the population in the previous month. Buy foreign currency to banks encouraged even, but not once a month.

Head of the National Bank Anatoly Drozdov explained, "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus", the document aims to ensure that the situation with the currency was stable.

"The banks sell

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Why declining foreign exchange reserves?

Society members: a financial columnist for the "Belarusians and Market" Vladimir Tarasov and an expert of the Institute for Privatization and Management Dmitry Kruk.

The reasons for reduction of gold reserves?

Valery Karbalevich"The reduction of one month's gold reserves of Belarus, calculated by the method of the IMF, for 688 million dollars, or 14%, — a lot. If this trend projected for the whole year, then in his late country can remain without any reserves. What are the causes of this phenomenon? "

Vladimir Tarasov"This issue is not something unexpected and unusual. Over the past two years, the country spends

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Russian GDP: where are now and where

This article is copyrighted and is written specifically for the project "Made in us."

I hope that it will help, how to deal in a variety of different economic indicators based on the concept of gross domestic product, and see the economic situation of Russia in different periods of modern history.

First, we shall understand the nuances of the various measures of GDP, and then look at their changes over time.


GDP — macroeconomic indicator that reflects the market value of all final goods and services (that is intended for direct consumption)

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Gomel entrepreneur: Let's go to nowhere

Society The economic crisis, the problems with the purchase of currency, high rents and taxes are forcing entrepreneurs Gomel close their stalls to sell the remnants of the goods. This is especially evident in the new parking garage near the Central Market.

Since the beginning of June in the parking lot stopped working dozens of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Svetlana, who with co-worker until recently was selling shoes here, and now is forced to stop working, "slipped to the brink of bankruptcy: pay rent, taxes, nothing, to buy goods not for that. Well, the people's purchasing power has fallen to such an

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Difficulties in Belarus

Belorussian internal crisis lasts. Minsk, which in May devalued its currency by 36% in the current time required to consider the possibility of another devaluation by 15% in order to reduce exchange course and take control of the balance of payments crisis. Belarusian gold reserves in August decreased by 22%, and the citizens of the country in line precipitated the official currency exchange.

State Bank of the Republic of Belarus (Belarus) September 1 increment rate Refinancing to 27% (this is the 8th increase this year), and from August 17 rate Refinancing increased from 20% to 22% per annum. First time

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