The Curtain Exchange

The designer solution for every window treatment and curtain need is at The Curtain Exchange. Whether it’s in-stock curtains ready to take home on the spot or custom beauties made and measured to order — for residential or commercial properties — you’ll be inspired by the store’s exquisite quality, large selection and fresh style.

An endless selection of fabrics and materials is available for sheers, solars, shades, blinds and shutters, with manual or motorized control, and abundant hardware options — they can even perform installation for you, and also offer unique bedding and pillows.

Professional consultants, in-home consultations and the

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Description of the Tabernacle

Inside the tent was dark, no windows in it was not, and the only source of light, and then only in the front part of it fenced off the veil from the back of the lamp was seven lamps with olive oil. Probably, this shade in the inner sanctum has been programmed for it is in this room, as the Bible, appeared in the "fiery cloud" image of God, with which "came into contact" Moses.

Around the tabernacle was located concentrically around her fence rectangular (50×100 elbows), consisting of 60

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Thermal curtains in army barracks

Once at the highest level, we are talking about the modernization of the Russian army, noticably increased funding not only projects related to the creation of new types of weapons, and the apparent domestic sphere of the Armed Forces. Every year the number grows military units that are equipped with modern furniture, home appliances, audio and video equipment. The barracks are equipped with additional equipment associated with an increase in comfort soldiers.

Such equipment may be referred to and thermal curtains which cost varies from 3 thousand to 50 thousand rubles, depending on the level of features and

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On the residents of Togliatti regularly attack Barabashka


The family of refugees from one of the former republics of the USSR (the son of nine years old, his mother, grandmother) moved in Togliatti in the mid nineties. They took a one-room apartment. January morning started with the fact that the apartment were heard rustling, tapping, as if there was something invisible that could not stay silent.

On the day of the beginning of the active phase of the poltergeist house remained grandmother and grandson. Mother came home from work, caught a picture — my grandmother is sitting on a stool, legs crossed at

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