Massive Cost Cutting To Hit UK Helicopter Force

AS A result of the massive overspend on the Astute submarine and Nimrod MRA.4 programmes, and with the costs of the war in Iraq, the Treasury has reportedly demanded major savings in the Defence Budget. This is placing the Ministry of Defence’s Equipment Plan (EP) in serious difficulties. In response, MoD teams, colloquially known as ‘work strands’, put forward a series of cost-cutting measures, which were intended to reduce the deficit.

AFM understands that work strand 13, led by Air Commodore Kevin Leeson, was tasked with reducing helicopter support costs and with taking CI billion out of the future rotorcraft

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Cuttings berries

For several years I grow seedlings currant and gooseberry easiest way: green cuttings take root in the open ground in the shade. Do not apply any stimulus methods: no processing IAA or cuts at the bottom, and yet all the cuttings, with rare exceptions, are well acclimatized.

Cutting them in the period from the appearance of signs of lignification 20-25 of August and planted in a shady location (near the hedge, under the trees, and so on. P.) In a well-loosened soil cleared of the weed roots. Sometimes I bring pre-sand with peat or peregnoem- it improves root development. Mulching

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Form and function from a fish.

It’s funny how some familiar image in a person’s life can end up as a woodworking-project design. Every time I go on the road to scout a crafts fair, I run into woodworkers who love to create replicas of such things as shore birds, flowers, cars, trains, planes, boats-you name it. Typically, these images hold a special place in their memories. I found in my own woodworking a similar item that served meaningfully in my recent past.

Of course, for a woodworker to be without a cutting board seems beyond comprehension, but that, I confess, describes my unfortunate condition at

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Coral propagation: Preparing for the big day

Once your reef aquarium has been running for a while, a question that pops up very often is, how do I cut/trim my corals that are to getting too big? This is often out of necessity due to a coral growing too big for the space available and they need to remove a part of the coral, but sometimes the reefer wants to sell some of the cuttings/frags to help pay the aquarium’s maintenance.

Well, the answer to this is not “one size fits all”. We need to look at the different types of corals and then discuss them in

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B. J. Rogan

For the successful implementation of the plan Bookmarks vineyards in the Moldavian SSR is necessary to identify and use all available reserves of production of seedlings.

Average yield seedlings in the Republic for a number of years is 25 to 30% of the planted in shkolku graft cuttings. Increasing the output of the first varieties grafted seedlings is now acquiring particular importance.

Increase the yield of planting material may be due to the expansion of the areas under shkolku and by increasing the output of seedlings per unit area.

Experience advanced pitomnikovodcheskih farms and the results


daily gardener

Work in the garden

To stimulate the formation of fruit buds all fruit trees will be useful foliar urea solution — 50 g per 10 liters of water.

Perennials have faded blossoms are removed, well spill (if necessary) and feed the plants. Regularly collect windfalls of apples and plums — it is a source of infection.

In the trunk you need to hang a trapping zone to trap caterpillars.


Breeding strawberries: seeds, mustache

Pasynkovanie and formation of tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins and melons

Crop root vegetables (beets, turnips) for winter storage

Planting Chinese cabbage

Sowing (re)

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Electrosurgery harvester — a new medical tools from Moscow

Surgical interventions are usually accompanied by large blood loss in patients. From the last century have tried to solve this problem in different ways. For example, vessels tied with thread: the wound looked like macramé, and the body had a lot of foreign objects. Later, it was suggested thermal effect on tissue, which also turned out to be the best method. You can imagine the patient — exhausted after the operation, and even with the burn inside! The most promising was the use of electric current in the feed to the cell discharge in her micro-explosion occurs and it sticks

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Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (CTZ) updates equipment


German installation of automated plasma cutting line «Messer» started in the press shop Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. This setting allows the automatic mode for a given program to keep an accurate cutting of parts from flat metal with simultaneous marking for future operations, — the representative of "CTZ-Uraltrak" Vsevolod Smirnov.

The first such facility was commissioned at the site of blank separation plant in the spring of 2010. In the near future the Chelyabinsk branch of JSC "SPC" Uralvagonzavod "will have modern equipment companies" ABP "," HWS "and" STEM "in the framework of the program of technical

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Spetsstroy first branch in Udmurtia, Russia introduced a laser system for cutting metal

In accordance with the plan of FSUE "GUSST number 8 at Spetsstroy Russia" to introduce new technology to the enterprise the laser machine for cutting metal produced by "Telara."


Installation, located on a site for the production of metal fire doors shop number 4 branches "UPP number 821", allows cutting metal with a laser beam at any given program path. Control is equipped with a remote computer. In the operation of the device is ensured not only high performance and quality while cutting metal sheets up to 10 mm for

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Borisov: spontaneous assembly in the house of the deputy

Gorbachev: "About 150 people gathered at the site far away from the apartment building in which resides the National Assembly deputy, Colonel Viktor Guminsky. People expressed outrage that so called people’s choice does not mind barbarism, closes his eyes to the felling of coniferous begun boron in the neighborhood "Vatutin."According to the source, on the present day already cut down a lot of trees. Local residents are convinced that personally relieved site for the construction of any commercial facility. According to Victor Gorbachev meeting in Borisov now decided to organize collecting signatures among the people under the appeal to local

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