Grodno region: child was the victim of a lightning storm, cyclone-induced

Total injured five people, three of them in Brest, balance — in the Grodno region.Cyclone hit Brest, Grodno, Minsk and Gomel regions. 289 communities were left without electricity Fri, 169 homes had been damaged.

CSRI Cyclone is preparing to launch mass production of OLED microdisplays for

Holding company "Roselektronika" announced the launch of production of OLED microdisplays (OLED).

Large-scale project in the field of mass production of such equipment is currently implemented in a member of JSC "Russian electronics" Central Research Institute "Cyclone".

Currently, over a cluster installation and laying of technology unveiled microdisplays, scheduled for launch in autumn 2012. The area of application of this equipment — rendering images on mobile devices and computers in any television standard, including 3D technology. The expected output of 24 million units per year in one shift.

Recently on predrpityaii visited

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Australian cyclone Lua dissipated, and a new cyclone formed

Australian cyclone Lua dissipated, and a new cyclone formed Natural Disasters

Tropical cyclone Lua reached the shores of Port Hedland, Western Australia, bringing with it heavy rains and destructive hurricane wind. March 17, 2012 Lua cleared, and a new tropical cyclone began to gain momentum. Warning of an impending cyclone was announced in Queensland.

Lua walked with rain and hurricane-force winds on a relatively sparsely populated area (although most Western Australians live in the south, where the cyclone hit.) Floods occur throughout the state, even in places where you would normally arid, desert like Gibson and Great Sandy Desert. Even

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Tropical cyclone intensified Lua

Tropical cyclone intensified Lua Natural Disasters

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, a tropical cyclone Lua, won the second category, beginning March 15, 2012 was located 790 kilometers north-west Australian port Hedlend, West Australia, and moved at a speed of four miles an hour to the north. According to preliminary calculations, the meteorologists, the cyclone will always grow, approaching coastal areas from Cape Leveque to Mardi.

Tropical cyclone Lua formed March 13, 2012 in the north of Western Australia. As a minimum volume, it was characterized by the maximum speed of wind gusts of 65 miles per hour. Even

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Cyclone Irene continues its march

Cyclone Irene continues its march Natural Disasters

Tropical Cyclone Irene threatens southeastern coast of Africa destructive winds and downpours. Come under attack southern regions of Mozambique and the Kingdom of Swaziland. Much of the precipitation has fallen near the capital of Mozambique, Maputo. Predicted to suffer not only can offshore, but more continental Africa.

Storm center is located 162 km east of Maputo, the wind speed reached 90 — 100 km / h Irene was moving in a south-easterly direction at a speed of 6 knots (about 10 km / h), heavy rain pouring on the coastal area between the

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Mahasena cyclone in Bangladesh

May 16, 2013. The strength of a tropical cyclone "Mahasena" on Thursday morning struck the southeastern coast of Bangladesh, was considerably weakened by the end of the day he may have to step aside from Bangladesh, according to local media quoted meteorologists.

In the morning, "Mahasena" unleashed on a number of coastal areas of Bangladesh torrential rains accompanied by wind and waves up to 90 kilometers per hour. In Chittagong, the country's largest port, was evacuated about 250,000 people.

Disaster victims are, according to various estimates, between two and five people were evacuated only about a million people.

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In the Mozambique Channel formed cyclone Irina

In the Mozambique Channel formed cyclone Irina Natural Disasters

Tropical cyclone named Irina (14S), moving to the west of Cape St. Andre, gaining strength in the Mozambique Channel, despite the obstacle of opposing vertical air flow. Shopping center is about 500 km north-west of the capital of Madagascar. Velocity of the cyclone is 63 km / h It is predicted that on March 3-4, Irina hit north of Maputo, capital of Mozambique, the first category of the hurricane hazard.

Rate of vertical flow of air over the central region of the circulation is 35-45 km / h, but on the

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Giovanna could return

Giovanna could return Natural Disasters

Tropical Cyclone Giovanna, raged on about. Madagascar and Mozambique Channel, has caused landslides in Moramange. Due to heavy rains in the river Imamba not stand two dams, including drowning adult and one child is eighteen months. The cyclone killed 65 people, 11 thousand homeless. Reported massive flooding of rice fields and small villages.

Northern suburb of Antananarivo is cut off from the city center. For many people, the only way out of the water were coming roofs of their homes. Schools and offices are closed, the streets turned into canals.

The greatest damage caused TC

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Cyclone Giovanna: The first victim

Cyclone Giovanna: The first victims of natural disasters

Torrential rain and destructive wind of 231 km / h to the east of Madagascar have come together with a tropical cyclone, Giovanna, which received a fourth category of risk. In the vicinity of Toamasina Andovoranto and wind gusts up to 120 km / h felled many trees, damaged power lines and buildings. Reported one killed. It appeared to be a resident Brikavilya (220 km from Antananarivo), the house had fallen coconut palm.

In the capital of Madagascar, fell nearly 16 mm of rain, wind accelerated quickly to 88 km / h

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Cyclone Giovanna continues offensive

Cyclone Giovanna continues offensive Natural Disasters

As of February 13, 2012 Tropical Cyclone Giovanna moving west-south-westerly direction to a. Madagascar at a speed of 24 km / h It is expected that in the coming days the cyclone intensified and finally take the Mozambique Channel.

Giovanna is already assigned to Category 4 of danger due to the fact that the wind speed increased to 232 km / h with gusts to 272 km / h According to data from the satellite, the pressure inside the cyclone rose to 925 mbar. Eye of the cyclone with cold air masses inside took

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