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Czech Republic: Mysteries and discoveries

Pyrotechnics and special effects PYROFEST, LOG 250 kroons.

Until now, Russian as a foreign language is very popular in schools, moreover, to a certain degree in fashion! No, it certainly is not the love of the language of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Just chat on it for the Czech youth a kind of code, possibly with the older generation talk about their stay and unappreciated.

We, the tourists, it was very helpful.

ROUNDABOUT start acquaintance with Prague, I decided to walk through the city center from the Wenceslas Square, looking into the lanes and gradually moving towards the Charles Bridge. Vaclav

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Czech manufacturer of hydraulic localize production in Russia

In St. Petersburg, the official meeting of the representatives of JSC "North Sea" with the company "Tes Vsetin, sro" Czech Republic for the signing of the Cooperation Agreement for the implementation of future development projects (reconstruction, modernization and construction) of small hydropower facilities and the location of production elements and parts of hydraulic generators in Russia.

The meeting was attended by Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia Valentin Cimili, Consul of the Czech Republic Karel Haramza (Karel Charamza), Vice-Consul Malek Vladimir (Vladimir Malek), Managing Director of "Nord Hydro" Alexey Vinogradov, Director General of "Tes

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The Czechs — people are not aggressive and do not offend, God forbid, do not beat, but …

The fact that the Czechs are hostile to the Russian, I heard in early childhood, but it turns out, for the past 20 years of freedom to do with us remained the same. Well, no, the money in the store you will take no barking that you are at fault in their difficult childhood, but if you want to settle down in the Czech Republic, or to send their child to study in the Czech Republic, it will be helpful to learn a second-year student experience at the University of Brno from there the life and study.  

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United States and the Czech Republic agreed on missile shield

In February 2007 Government of the Czech Republic and Poland said they agreed with the placement on their own terrain pieces U.S. missile defense system (missile shield).Washington formally justify building a system against missile attack risk its territory or Europe from such hostile countries like Iran. A similar system of protection — against probable missile attack from North Korea — have already built the Yankees in California and Alaska.Negotiations that led Washington with Warsaw and Prague were covered by an aura of secrecy, but some information was filed public, as the project is called conspicuous public profile and resistance both

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South American radar in the Czech Republic of Belarus does not threaten

According to the general, the elements of the U.S. missile defense in the Czech Republic and Poland are focused on the prevention of an attack with the introduction of ballistic missiles, which in Belarus. The only thing that excites general, is "forcing the military-political situation" outside Belarus. With all of this General Azaronak expressed concern about the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO."This confirms outlook Belarus enhanced measures must do to maintain boegatovnasts own armed forces, "- said the commander of the air force and air defense troops of Belarus Igor Azaronak.

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Over Europe detected radioactive iodine unknown origin

Over Europe detected radioactive iodine unknown origin Danger Zone

Over the Czech Republic and other countries in Europe, found low levels of radioactive iodine in the atmosphere. According to the IAEA, even this level is higher than normal.

The cause has not been determined, but it is clear that the disaster at the plant "Fukushima-1" is not connected. In Prague, it is reported that no nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic can not be a source of radiation. The Austrian side claims that radioactive particles coming from the south-east.

Czech Republic relies on nuclear energy, planning to increase its

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In Europe, recognized the flood disaster, count the dead

June 2, 2013. Torrential rains caused catastrophic situation in Europe. Reported dead and three missing in the Czech Republic, who died and the two disappeared in Austria and two men, whose fate is unknown in Germany.

In Prague, closed eight metro stations. Total flood has damaged 51 Prague subway station.

The river Vltava arrives faster than expected Czech rescue services. In 40 cities across the country have already declared a state of emergency.

A special meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Czech Republic will begin at 20:00 MSK. Will discuss with the army to the civilian population. In

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Flooding in Europe broke all records

June 5, 2013. Flood, who in Europe has killed 12 people, has exceeded record levels "flood of the century" in 2002. If the Czech Republic and the German state of Bavaria flood has subsided, the eastern and southern Germany, the situation is called critical: the water level in several rivers rose by more than eight meters. It is now known about the 12 dead, the victims of the flood were residents of the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and Germany.

"High Water" came to Dresden — the capital of Saxony. The water level in the Elbe River continues to rise, passing

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Czech Republic again threatened by flooding

June 26, 2013. Do not have time to recover from the Czech Republic rampant disaster, which struck her a few weeks ago, as here, she was faced with a new threat of flooding. Heavy downpours continued in the country for the third day in a row. And, as reported by weather forecasters, the rain will not stop until Wednesday night for much of the territory.

On Tuesday, June 25, Czech Hydrometeorological Institute for the warning all residents that soon they may have to face a new threat.

Only for Monday on most of the territory fell to 40 mm of

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Czech Republic swept tropical heat

August 4, 2013. Abnormally hot weather in the Czech Republic. On Saturday, the country had recorded 115 temperature records.

According to the Czech news agency CTK, citing data from the State Meteorological Service, the air temperature in the shade reached almost 40 degrees Celsius. Thus, the thermometer in the Brod-Over-Dyje (South Moravia) climbed to 38.7 degrees. Almost the same high temperature was recorded in Prague, Plzen, Ostrava, Brno and other major cities Czech Republic.

Over Prague, Central Bohemia, Liberec and Ústí nad Labem edges hanging smog in the air dramatically decreased the concentration of ozone. Meteorologists have warned that replacing

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