The Father’s bosom

Actor Vladimir Dolinskaya doted in his daughter. Still: this clever, beautiful and talented actress, which extol and colleagues and directors. But this is not about a family oasis shlos without storms. For Dad drove her child out of the house, why he received a hostile reception to the novel as a little girl, and the girl managed to convince his father — all this and many other told us herself Polina.

After the release of the series on television screens «Maroussia», where our heroine starred her christened Russian Natalia Oreiro and «wild angel from Moscow», Polina and she laughingly calls

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Sunday Pope

Scriptwriter — Edward AKOPOV director — Naum Birman operator — HEINRICH Marandzhyan artist — composer Vsevolod snail — Veniamin Basner lyrics MICHAEL Matusovskiy soundman — Galina Gorbonosov

Roles performed:

Alyosha — DIMA Grankin

Dima — Yuri Duvanov

Masha — TAMARA Akulova

Zoya Alexandrovna — Galina POLISH

Peter — Boris Shcherbakov Dima’s father — Victor Shulgin Dima’s mother — Nina Urgant

Lena — Vera Glagoleva

Nina — Anya Nahapetova

«Lenfilm» 1985 Cached

Color. 9 parts, in 2329 m. R /

Number 1110485 22.1 /8.2


For the past six months, the young couple Dima and Masha in divorce.

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Vatican vorachivaetsya to Latin liturgy — ekumenisty protest

Reform of the liturgy held first 1960s Vatican II. Paul VI issued new missals foresaw a more active role in the worship of believers: they were able to recite pieces of worship and sing.Earlier, in accordance with the previously applicable for missals Pius V, the priest prayed, facing the altar, his back to the faithful as to This time occurs Orthodox Church. Mass and other services to serve in the Latin language, which most of the believers did not realize just preaching priest read the official language.Dad: "Barring an old missals caused tragic consequences"In 1984, Pope John Paul II allowed

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White-red-white flags fluttered over Budslau

Picture story The festival uchavstvujut about 30 thousand faithful from Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and Russia. Also near the Belarusian svetarov weave. Now Budslau passes the main mass, what role will perceive Metropolitan Tadeusz. KandrusevichDuring the Mass, he recalled that recently visited the Vatican, where the pope gave him the pallium. This is a basic item in clothes priest means special awards Metropolitan and its extraordinary closeness to the Father. By Metropolitan Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, it is a sign of the Pope’s attention to everything Belarusian people.During the Mass, a group of young people raised white-red-white flags. But later, these flags

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Vatican representative visited Grodno

Sermon he delivered in Italian, it was translated into Belarusian.He also visited Grodno Higher Catholic seminary. Believers gathered in the temple, and the square in front of the chair, said that the condition was reached that between the Vatican and Belarus will sign an agreement, and that the Belarusian authorities have officially invited to visit the country Pope Benedict XVI-th.Correspondent"In Grodno Cathedral held worship with the role of State Tarcisio Bertone, the Pope. Posted on top of the facade of a large white-yellow flag of the Vatican. Priest Who knows Polish, I hear about St. Francis Xavier, whose name is

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Pope’s invitation was a surprise

RadkevychWhy such an invitation came at the 14th year of the reign, for a day or two before the meeting with the new President and the three months before the parliamentary elections?Drakakhrust: In 1-x, it’s such a politically correct gesture to the address of Belarusian Catholics. For the first time in the history of Belarus Roman Hierarch arrives in Belarus — by whom? Thanks Lukashenko. In the address of the Orthodox Church authorities always make gestures, but here — a desire for balance.In-2 is such a very "competent" signal to the West. 12 This is not a criterion for the

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Archbishop Kondrusiewicz has long invited the Pope to Belarus

Moysik: "The visit of the pope, who was not in Moscow, hardly likely in Belarus, if Belarus so very linked with Moscow. Archbishop Kondrusiewicz has long invited the Pope to Belarus. But Dad, unfortunately, goes only when invited him to control country (in this case, Lukashenko) and leading the church (in this case Orthodox).Kondrusiewicz, when he was still in Moscow, often invited the Pope to Moscow, but need have been permission from Putin or earlier, Yeltsin, who seems to have expressed the wish that the Pope arrived in Moscow, but never had the consent of the head of the Russian

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M.Batsyan: Pope may be invited to the presidential election

"I worked in Poland, met with Polish bishop Hrapekam and he suggested this idea that when the Pope will be adjacent to the Polish Province, Belarus, why he would not stop in the neighboring region of Belarus. At least for a couple of hours. I then sent this information center in Minsk. But, unfortunately, it is not found a response. "Currently Belarusian management Pope’s visit would be beneficial, says Botian. He even predicts that such a visit in Minsk want to organize a follow-up presidential elections in Belarus."We were in general no one comes for a visit. Belarusian management would

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Cardinal brought the message of the Pope to the Belarusian people

Cardinal plans to meet with Alexander Lukashenko, the Orthodox Metropolitan Filaret, management and the Committee on Foreign religions and nationalities, Belarusian believers — Roman Catholics and Greek Catholics, Grodno and Pinsk visit.Believers and policies do not exclude that in the course of this visit can begin preparing for the visit to Belarus of Pope Benedict XVI.Cardinal met at the municipal levelCardinal said, getting off the plane, that he had brought a message from the Pope to the Belarusian people and wants to meet with representatives of the Church and the Orthodox Church in Belarus, with representatives of the authorities, "to

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Starting a beautiful friendship

Today’s U.S. visit by Pope Benedict XVI is to continue to strengthen the friendship between the Vatican and Washington. Naturally, there are differences between them on issues such as the war in Iraq or the role of the UN, but These themes are not central to the discussion. America and Dad get along perfectly.But it was not always. U.S. — mostly Protestant country, and many Yankees in the 20 years of the last century the Catholic Church was suspected in enmity to the civilian and religious freedom.Catholic Followers give reason for distrust. Pope Leo XIII criticized those American Catholics who

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