In Dagestan need Preserve

Shallow waters of the Caspian Sea from the delta of the Volga to the mouth of the river Sulak has been famous for an abundance of waterfowl.

Powerful jets of the Volga, Terek and Sulak strongly partly desalinate the northwestern part of the Caspian Sea. Therefore, here along the shore reed, cattail and bulrush form surface vegetation belt widths of up to 12 km to the north (the Kalmyk coast) and from 2 to 6 km to the south (the Dagestan coast). Reed is low — 2-4 meters, but almost everywhere it forms impassable thickets. Among the reed roof

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The boarding school was opened in Dagestan

August 28 Kumtorkalinskiy near the grand opening of the new boarding school for 200 pupils in the agro sector prikutannom "Sogratl" Gunibsky district. "

The boarding school is named after a famous journalist, a prominent political figure in Dagestan Magomedgadzhi Abashilov. It is a complex of buildings, consisting of a two-story educational building for 200 pupils, a two-storey building with 80 seats boarding, body nutrition unit with an assembly hall and an indoor gym, outdoor sports ground.

Holiday guests at the ground in front of the school, the entrance of which was placed a banner "Thank you for a

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Six national parks and two nature reserves will be in Russia in 2012

The Far Eastern leopard

In Russia in 2012 will be established two new nature reserves: Ingermanlandsky (Leningrad region) and Shaitan-Tau (Orenburg region). It is also planned to establish six national parks: Beringia (Chukotka), Land of Leopard (Primorsky Krai), Ladoga Skerries (Republic of Karelia), Onega Pomerania (Arkhangelsk region), Chikoy (Amur region), Shantarsky Islands (Khabarovsk Territory). This was reported press service of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources.

Expected to expand the territory of the Sikhote-Alin Reserve (Primorsky Krai), North Ossetia (Republic of North Ossetia-Alania), Astrakhan (Astrakhan region), Theberda (Karachay-Cherkessia), Dagestan (Republic of Dagestan), Hoper (Voronezh region), Caucasian (Krasnodar

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Chirkeysk HPP. Dagestan (PHOTOS)

Author of the report — Dmitry Chistoprudov

Chirkeysk hydroelectric power plant — the pride of Russian hydrobuilders. Station on the Sulak River is the largest hydroelectric power station in the North Caucasus and the highest arch dam in Russia.Yet at any industrial facility I have not seen such a warm welcome and a rich poznovatelno-city tour, as Chirkeisk HPP. We literally crawled the entire length and breadth of the station and could not stop shooting until two in the morning …

1. Sulak River basin is located in the northern and central parts of Dagestan. Water

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Rocket ship «invisible» hit the target at a distance of 180 km

Rocket ship «invisible» «Dagestan» in the municipal testing on the Caspian Sea coast struck a special target at a distance of 100 nautical miles (about 180 km) high-precision missile fired from a complex «Caliber-NK», told reporters on Wednesday, the press service of the Southern army neighborhood. «Dagestan» — The first ship of the Russian Navy, armed with universal missile complex «Caliber-NK», able to use several types of missiles to fire at surface and shore targets at ranges up to 300 km. The ship was built with the introduction of technologies such as «stealth», which reduce the possibility of detection

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Successfully completed testing of a new 330 kV transmission line Mozdok — Artem

Branch of OAO "UES FGC" — Trunk Power Grids (MEA) of the South — has successfully completed testing of a new 330 kV transmission line Mozdok — Artem in Dagestan.

The new power line length of 280 km, passes through the territories of the four subjects of the Russian Federation: Republic of North Ossetia, Stavropol Territory, the Republic of Chechnya, Dagestan.

During construction, established in 1318 anchor-corner and intermediate supports, when equipped with special transmission length of 600 meters across the river. Terek has 5 more complex to install metal supports high altitude (about 80 meters). The use of such

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Gotsatlinskaya plant under construction (photo)

The report's author José Yero (Http://

Under construction Gotsatlinskaya plant. Here I visited in early summer. But before these images ripe just now …

The design and preparation work for the construction of the hydroelectric power was started not so long ago — in the early 1990s. Time was, as you know, not the best, especially in Dagestan and the project abandoned. Thought of the station as early as the 2000s, and resumed construction in 2006. Here's a brief history.

To date, most of the work has already been done. Without delving into the work

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Flooding in Dagestan

May 20, 2013. Rains that whole last week did not leave alone the North Caucasus, "auknulos" water levels in the mountain rivers and as a result, flooding several towns in Dagestan, cutting them off from the outside world. In Temirgoe water washed away the wall of an irrigation canal, and threatens to destroy the asphalt road linking the town with the federal highway "Kavkaz". In the village of Alma on Sunday night were flooded dozens of homes. I had to turn off the electricity, saving people in the dark furniture and household utensils. Dam was broken in Kizilyurt district were

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Kamchatka and Dagestan are waiting strong earthquake

May 28, 2013. Russian seismologists from the Institute of Physics of the Earth named Schmidt predict major earthquakes in the two regions of the country — in Dagestan in Makhachkala and Derbent to the south, as well as on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the area of the junction with the Aleutian arc, as well as in the south of the peninsula. In these areas, there are so-called "quiet zone" that can be activated within the next year.

Meanwhile, experts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia this year, predicting strong earthquakes (magnitude 7.5 and greater) on Sakhalin Island (the

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Why I do not like the Dagestani

Many people think that I do not love their own countrymen, Dagestan. And that, in a certain extent, true. Dislike extends far at all, but the vast majority, and so have their premises, which can be connected in three global features state mentality:

Excessive clan of mandatory and need to have a "connection." Predisposition to a cheap Ponte. I do not think it is genetic, faster, resulting from the first, burdened with 2 decades of mayhem — first of thieves, and now Cop.The desire and love for bribery and "Podmazov" anything and everything, if not in terms of foreign currency,

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