Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk molkombinat launched new equipment

The largest recycler in the area of "Dairy" Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk "put into operation two modern Italian high-speed bottling lines and packaging of food products. The total capacity of machines 5600 units per hour.

Technology used in them conform to international quality standards. In particular, almost completely eliminated the finished product contact with the surrounding air, which has a positive effect on the quality and safety of dairy products.

Full line of products made of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk dairy plant is more than 70 titles.

EkoNiva building complex in Voronezh region

February 8 in the Voronezh region opened the first stage of the new breeding complex, LLC "EcoNivaAgro." Commissioned the barn for 460 head, the maternity unit at 100 skotomest, dairy unit milking parlor, "Carousel", with a capacity 240 birds per hour and cooling equipment for 25 tons («GEA Farm Technologies»). 1500 heifers imported Holstein-Friesian breed from Austria, Germany and Hungary. New complex with. Kolybelka Liskisky area planned to be operational in full in December of this year. The complex will include three barn for the dairy herd by 460 head each, the dry garden, a dairy unit, maternity ward with

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School milk will be produced at the Pyatigorsk Dairy Factory

November 11, LLC "Piatigorsky Dairy" launched into operation a modern line for the production of milk in the packaging of 200 ml with a perforated tube for school facilities.

 Photo source:stapravda.ru

In the Stavropol region trained 102,000 students first — fourth grade, to provide them with milk in school cafeterias need 20 tons per day. The line capacity is 7.5 thousands of packages per hour, or more than 22 tons of milk per day, which will satisfy all the needs of educational institutions, and even allow the edge to provide milk to neighboring regions.

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Chukotka Autonomous District. Lorino.

27.09.2010 Special issue came correspondent. The film "The Last Day of the whale"

"This week in Moscow discussed the Arctic. Arctic But — it's not just ice, shelves and underwater ridges. This and people. It's about the small indigenous peoples of Russia."Followed by a discussion of the program and the author of the film.

After watching the film remains ambiguous "pessimestichno-optimistic" feeling.According to tradition, went further on we have done, use the search by keyword Lorino (village) in question in the film, to learn what has changed since then.Yet found two pieces of news:The hunters Chukchi upgraded equipment: http://sdelanounas.ru/blogs/8918/ie

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The French company Lactalis cheese production opened in the Tula region

The French company Lactalis, specializing in the production of milk and dairy products, has launched its own production of cheeses in the Tula region.

The modernization work at the dairy plant in Efremov was started in 2010. In the modernization of production was invested 300 million rubles. Today, all the processes in the company are fully automated.

Lactalis — International Corporation, represented in 150 countries, with annual sales of $ 9.4 billion, a leader in the production of cheese in France. The most well-known brands — President, Lactel, Galbani.

Efremov creamery plant joined the group Lactalis in 2010. The

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Our homeland renounces Belarusian milk and meat

Our homeland from November 1, 2008 prohibits the importation of dairy products and poultry meat from 20 Belarusian companies. This decision now said a press release Russian agricultural supervision. What consequences it threatens Russian processing industry?On the first official reaction of the Belarusian side "Freedom" has learned mostly State Veterinary Inspectorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

"Everybody panic! Everything!"

"Everybody panic! Everything!" — Said one of the managers of the institution Victor Aladko. — You’re perfectly aware that the company is now aiming to export their own products, of course, will panic. "In answer to the question

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Ukraine in 2011r introduced in ekspluatatsіyu 117 of dairy kompleksіv

Sіlgosppіdpriєmstva of Ukraine in 2011 rotsі introduced in ekspluatatsіyu 117 dairy farms, povіdomlyaєtsya on saytі Mіnіsterstva ekonomіchnogo rozvitku i torgіvlі (MEDT) h posilannyam on Perches defender Vadim mіnіstra Kopilova.

For yogo words, zokrema, power in yakostі pіdtrimki in Gone rotsі vidіliv on rekonstruktsіyu i budіvnitstvo tvarinnitskih farms 607.5 mln.

"For the program's chastkovogo vіdshkoduvannya vartostі budіvnitstva that rekonstruktsії tvarinnitskih farms kompleksіv i i s pіdpriєmstv virobnitstva kombіkormіv in 2011 rotsі s derzhbyudzhetu Bulo spryamovano 607.5 million UAH", — said Pershiy patron mіnіstra.

For yogo danimi in tsіlomu on pіdtrimku rozvitku pіdpriєmstv AIC

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Tula molkombinat launched a new line of ultrafiltration

 Photo source:addz.ru

Unique dairy products have become available to residents of the region as a result of installation and start at the Tula dairy plant new line of ultrafiltration. It allows a large range of different products of natural milk — from cheese to soft cheese.

In Russia, and in the world, such lines one and they are used mainly for the production of cottage cheese for child nutrition. "The uniqueness of this line is the pressure-membrane technology. — The chief of department number 2 of "Tula Dairy" Alexander Poroshkin. — It does not allow to pass

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Tula region: cows were more

An LLC "Sparta" Chern district of Tula region to supplement the dairy herd imported Holstein heifers 872 428 goals and 444 from Holland — from Hungary.

Ltd. "Sparta" participated in the implementation of the priority national project "Development of agriculture" — the construction of two livestock farms for cattle breeding dairy for 800 head with a milking parlor.

The total number of cattle farms in the area Chernsky is now 5473, of which 1929 cows. For the year of 6475 dairy herds received tons of milk, more than last year at 400 tons. From each cow milked an

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SHP Losevo — one of the fastest growing dairy enterprises of Leningrad region

LLC "SHP Losevo" was established in November 2006 on the basis of JSC "Pine Hill".

6 years ago the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, the lands were going to sell out, and send to the meat of cows. Competent policy of doing things and the responsibility for domestic production allowed the current owners of the farm to bring it to a whole new, self-sustaining level.

LLC "SHP Losevo" refers to agricultural enterprises and is a producer of natural milk and dairy products.

The main activity of the enterprise is to breed cattle and milk processing.

Below is

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