In Grodno destroyed the roof of the tower in the historical building

Passport object indicates that the walls are preserved, and together with the reconstruction of an old house built. Image shows that the future building will be appearance inherent specifically historical building center of Grodno. The project has made architectural and Restoration Bureau Stanislav neck, which experts believe the best in town.According to local historian Igor Lapeho Grodno, house vul.Urytskaga 12 was built in the late XIX century. It forms the patio in the then style. Ethnographer states that builders should leave two front wall. This is a positive, since the other side vul.Urytskaga another castle destroyed quite recently.Now lasts reconstruction

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Construction Minsk loss over the past 2 years


Due to lack of maintenance during the entire period of Russian one of the towers collapsed Pischalovskogo castle monument in the classical style.Freedom Square (last Upper Market)The mall, so called "the inhabitants of Vilnius" destroyed interiors and coving XIH centuries, leaving only the outer walls.Liberation Street (formerly Resurrection)Destroyed three houses XVIII-XIX centuries at the junction with Castle Street.

One hundred percent destroyed all buildings surviving authentic street of Commerce (former Zybitskaya) — 3 houses XVII-XIX centuries (№ № 27, 25 and number 12 on Herzen) and outbuildings of the XIX century. In their place were built without saving

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Gastroesophageal reflux disease

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), often referred to as reflux esophagitis shows regularly recurring episodes showering (reflux) of acidic stomach contents (sometimes and / or duodenal ulcers 12) into the esophagus causing damage to the lower esophagus under the influence of hydrochloric acid and cleaves proteins enzyme pepsin.


The causes of reflux is damage or functional failure of the special mechanisms of the obturator, located on the border of the esophagus and the stomach. Factors contributing to the development of the disease are stress, work-related permanent trunk bent down, obesity, pregnancy, and the use of certain

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Ukrainian scientists have invented a unique scalpel

Scalpel in action. Photo by: A. Yaremchuk, Today

Scientists from the National Institute of Aerospace aviauniversiteta and developed a liquid jet scalpel, which will allow the operations in the liver, stomach, removal of malignant tumors virtually no damage the vascular system. Scalpel has been successfully tested on animals.

"In the apparatus designed to carry out operations on the internal organs, implemented the so-called jet technology — said the" Today "is one of the authors of new products, research project leader Professor Viktor Bocharov. — It is used in the aircraft industry, and now in medicine. Under the influence

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Floods in Russia have caused damage to agriculture by 8.7 billion rubles

September 17, 2013. An amount of 8.7 billion rubles takes into account the loss of profits from the sale of agricultural products, about 8 billion is in the Far East, ITAR-TASS reported. In this case, the direct damage from floods is about 3.6 billion rubles.

Element destroyed about 460 hectares of crops, of which over 370 thousand in the Far East.

Agriculture also suffered from drought in the spring and summer of 2013, then in ten regions was introduced a state of emergency. Lack of rain and scorching sun caused damage of 11.4 billion rubles.

According to authorities,

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USDA: drought and flooding caused damage to almost 20 billion rubles

September 17, 2013. The Ministry of Agriculture estimated the approximate damage to agriculture of Russia in 2013, unfavorable weather conditions.

This year's drought hit crops in Tatarstan, Udmurtia, Chuvashia, Kalmykia, Bashkortostan, in Rostov, Ulyanovsk, Orenburg, Kirov and Perm. In these regions, even introduced a state of emergency. The damage amounted to 11.4 billion rubles.

In the Far East, crops were lost on the flood — The affected areas to 370,900 hectares. Preliminary damage including loss of profits estimated at 7.9 billion rubles, the direct costs — 3.1 billion rubles.

In addition to the Far East, from a large water crops

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Have sown — not rise: the damage from cold weather can be unpredictable

February 14. From the Atlantic to the Urals experts now count the damage to agriculture from the all-time frosts. The southern regions of Russia this year could lose half the crop of grapes. Under threat — and the collection of winter.

Record cold weather began to bring their "harvest." Experts have begun to count the losses to agriculture. Cold this winter have set their own rules on the huge territory — from the Atlantic to the Urals. In Russia the hardest hit less powerful in the southern regions. Thus, according to experts, farmers, in 2012, the country could lose

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Hostage Danube ice

Hostage Danube ice Weather and Climate

Fig. People are trying to save their boat, stuck between the large blocks of ice on the Danube River in the vicinity of Belgrade. February 20, 2012.

Because of the sharp increase in temperature, replacing two-week abnormal frosts began drifting ice on the Danube. Splinter giant blocks of ice up to 1 meter cut into hundreds of boats moored to the shore, among which was a floating restaurant. Many of the ship from such a collision sank.

Under the pressure of the ice damage the barge, facing down the Danube. Almost 90 percent of

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Flooding in the Maldives

May 15, 2013. A powerful storm suddenly flown to the Maldives, has caused flooding in one of the groups of islands and small atoll Fuvahmulah neighboring atolls. The water in some parts of the coast has risen by 6 meters and above. Other Maldives also suffered from Surges waves caused by storm wind with a speed of 70 km / h There were flooded agricultural crops.

Typically, these severe storms and flooding caused by the wave of small islands extensive property damage, food shortages and other inconveniences. The Maldives atoll Thinadhoo and Gaafu Dhaalu-exactly what happened. Valuable for the local

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Flood ravaged Germany for 12 billion euros

June 12, 2013. Specialists rating agency Fitch estimated the damage caused by flooding in Germany, at 12 billion euros. It is reported by Associated Press.

Of this amount, the share of the insurance companies do not have to pay more than a quarter — about 2.5-3 billion. According to experts of the agency, the majority of residents affected by the flooding areas are not covered by insurance against natural disasters.

Somewhat earlier, analysts estimated the flood damage at six billion euros. The authorities have promised to allocate the federal budget of EUR 100 million to cover losses suffered.

Recall that

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