Tornado F.3s damaged by contractors

EIGHTEEN RAF TORNADO F.3s have been effectively grounded following the discovery of serious airframe damage after servicing by a private contractor. The MoD contracted out airframe modification work to increase the fatigue index of the RAF’s 97 Tornado F.3s and the first contract for 15 aircraft with BAe has already been satisfactorily completed.

The second contract for 18 aircraft was won by Airwork Services which undercut BAe’s bid of £11 million by £4 million.

The Mod has now cancelled the contract but it may cost up to £6 million per aircraft to rectify the damage.

Work on the aircraft was

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Typhoon Vutip attacks East Asian countries

October 1, 2013. Typhoon Vutip sent their full potential on the coast of China, Thailand and Vietnam. Since the beginning of the week in Vietnam in the struggle with the elements of three people died, 35 were injured, several villages are preparing for serious flooding. In China, the search services are searching 74 sailors from Guangdong province, disappeared in the waters of the South China Sea.

In several central Vietnamese provinces damaged more than 95,000 houses and administrative buildings badly damaged infrastructure in the region and tens of hectares of cultivated fields. From Vietnam received reports of damage

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UFO with shupaltsami damaged wind turbines in the UK


Wind turbines in Lincolnshire were destroyed by the unusual occurrence. Many witnesses describe what they saw, as it seemed to them as "a huge octopus with tentacles" or "a huge ball of light", which flew in the direction of the turbine before it was damaged.

A similar object "UFO with tentacles" as seen most recently over California. Is it a coincidence? There is also described the object like "octopus tentacles and who had."

The facility, which damaged the turbine Konayskholm near Louth, no longer touched anything in the vicinity, and experts are not able to give

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West Philippine Coast has suffered from waves Surges

May 29, 2013. Several piers western Philippine province of Iloilo hard hit by the wave Surges caused by strong winds during a storm. As a result of the storm severely damaged the property of the local fishermen, for whom fishing is the only source of income.

About 54 boats moored at the shore port estancia turned into a pile of wood and plastic debris after wind and water took them up on the 3-meter height and dropped down. House in the settlement Kapizov located near the water, completely flooded, because the wave height reached 1.9 meters. Wind gusts

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In the U.S. state of Kansas tornado formed 4

May 29, 2013. At night, in the north-east of Kansas was recorded 4 separate tornado. The greatest harm tornado brought Marysville and the surrounding area, about 240 km from the city of Kansas City near the border of Nebraska. There are 20-25 buildings damaged homes and businesses, three industrial buildings in the west of Marysville completely flattened. Damaged power lines.

Now the city has teams of rescuers and police, figuring out the details of what happened, and providing assistance to victims. Fortunately, none of the people shall not perish but have dozens of lost animals. Human victims managed

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On the U.S. state of Kentucky storm hit

June 11, 2013. In south-central Kentucky recent overnight storm left severe destruction. Several houses of the districts of Franklin and Simpson were seriously damaged roofs and walls after they met with a strong gale. Do not rule out the possibility that such an injury — is the work of a tornado occurred during the storm.

In homes affected by the storm, while there were people, five of them were injured. As stated by the rescue services, to fear for the lives of the victims is not worth their wounds after proper medical treatment in hospitals exerted Russevillya of Springfield

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From showers in northern China suffered 95,000 people

June 9, 2013. As a result of heavy rains that caused flooding and hail in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China, affected 98,717 people. This was reported by Xinhua news agency. From Tuesday rains hit the northern and western regions of the autonomous region. From the disaster hit the city of Aksu and Tacheng.

The disaster damaged or destroyed more than 300 residential buildings, damaged 12,300 agricultural crops. Direct economic losses from floods amounted to 104 million yuan (17 million dollars), according to ITAR-TASS.

Torrential rains and in the southern and eastern provinces of China. In these regions

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Largest DDoS-attack in history swept the world


Internet access speed has decreased in almost all countries due to unprecedented hacker attack. It is reported by The Telegraph.


Photo: © RT

The threat has found a company Spamhaus, which specializes in protection against spam. Computers have made this organization a "black list" of Dutch ISP CyberBunker, which the system Spamhaus considered dangerous. This fact is confirmed by the "Kaspersky Lab". However, the Dutch themselves all the accusations denied, stating that their company has also become a victim of

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In the southern Philippine province of Cebu originated tornado

June 19, 2013. Varicella whirlwind of impressive dimensions walked around the two municipalities southern province of Cebu in the Philippines. The result of this walk are 55 homes destroyed in Miglanilla and numerous destructions in the infrastructure, the Talisay.

Ground tornado, which was released to the land from the sea surface, threw hundreds of trees in urban parks, cut electrical wires, houses were left without roofs and fences damaged building factories for the production of animal feed and an area for playing basketball. One person was injured, he met with a tornado on the coast. Of the islanders,

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Earthquake damaged hundreds of houses in Indonesia, there are victims

June 23, 2013. Earthquake in Indonesia has led to tangible damage. Several dozen people were injured. Tremors were felt, including on the popular tourist island of Bali.

The earthquake occurred on the eve of the west coast of the Indonesian island of Lombok. Its magnitude was 5.4. According to preliminary data, he added, the quake severely damaged the 1.7 thousand houses. According to local authorities, injuring 24 people. Six of them are seriously injured and is still in the hospital.

The earthquake was also felt on the resort island of Bali, Lombok separated by only a narrow strait, RIA Novosti

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