Dance Summer

Behind were the hottest time of the year. Summer has flown by and left a lot of memories that will warm the hearts of winter. Especially this summer was bright for dance lovers. This year, as perhaps never before, were popular dance camps. On the beach in the spiritual, creative, fun atmosphere of the dancers had the opportunity to visit the master classes of famous choreographers, to communicate with them, to relax, meet new people and just have fun.

Alexey Kalachev — founder of the camp-we learned that it was interesting this year.

Alex, tell us what was remembered in

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Makar Kilivnik

Visiting magazine party of the TV project «Everybody Dance» and «Show №1», dancer and singer Makar Kilivnik. Charismatic, charming, open and positive in his smile love with hundreds of girls. Today Makar opens its little secrets for our readers.

Makar, you and sing and dance. Still — Makar more than a singer or a dancer?

I like to do everything, I do not want to stop at the dance. The world is huge, it is necessary to try everything.

I love to experiment! First place will leave dance, and then the music. I think that everything ahead. Makar you

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Samples Pink Floyd stadiums

Eric Prydz is sitting at the bar in the patio of the hotel in Queens, sipping a beer and relaxing after traveling across the country. Swedish DJ and producer are very afraid to fly, so to get from Las Vegas (where he had a monthly contract to DJ sets from the Wynn Hotel) to New York (where he was a few hours will be performing at Electric Daisy Carnival), he had use the tour bus. «What I was really impressed — how different states are different from each other, — said Eric. — Everything here

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O.Korsak: I have never heard that the dance is taught in Belarusian

Karatkevich: "Olga, you now teach?"Korsak: "Ballroom dancing. I teach in the fourth year of the Belarusian Municipal Pedagogical University students majoring in" Global art culture, rhythm and choreography. "Karatkevich: "And you do not teach just for those who want to learn to dance?"Korsak: "I teach. ‘Cause if there are willing to ballroom dancing, you can contact me and we will try what-do nibudt . "Belarusians dance or folk?Karatkevich: "Tell me, grows enthusiasm for dance in Belarus?"Korsak: "Absolutely. Very much enthusiasm now to dance, especially to ballroom dancing. When I started, I was alone at school, which was engaged in them,

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Mogilevchanka became the most popular film actress enjoying in Israel

The movie, in which she starred, is considered One of the most Israeli grossing movies, and has several titles at once. At the last festival in Moscow, he was billed as "Pavraseyskaya story," The Israeli Cinemas is entitled "Love and Dance", immigrants from the former Soviet Union among themselves call it "School of Ballroom Dancing" (by analogy with the famous Odessa hit the beginning of the last century " This school Blyara Solomon, ballroom dancing school, they say to you … ").The film heroine Eugenia Dodin called Julia. In the past it was the USSR and world champion in ballroom

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Lavon Volsky on Be2gether everything is perfect

Practically, the concert "NRM" disclose specific musical part of the festival. Perceived neighbors Belarusians Lithuanian public is very warm. Was strongly many Belarusian fans of the team: people dance and have fun in the pouring rain with a white-red-white flags. I talk to the fans group: "Only just finished a concert" NRM "under such heavy rain, even Lavon Volskyjoked that in Belarus there is no such weather. Not spoiled the mood of the weather? "Listener"No, do not spoil. On the other hand, resembled the situation in Belarus is a rain, someone sings, someone … does not care. This is normal."Correspondent"In

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Round dance at the samovar. In Astrakhan in vogue party

More recently, in the square of Peter I in the center of Astrakhan on Saturdays overcrowded. Bright sun dresses, embroidered blouses, dances, fist fights and tea from a samovar. Spend time having fun and interesting, but at the same time and get acquainted with ancient traditions evening can be anyone.

The idea of an evening (from the word evening) is not new. Vecherki in Russia were an integral part of the life of our ancestors. In the villages, young people gathered each evening — relax and have fun after a long day at work, having participated in

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Dance till you drop on the dance marathons in the United States 1920-30-ies

Wall Street Crash of 1929 that resulted in the Great Depression, has become the most significant economic disaster in the industrial world. By 1931, the shares were worth only 20% of the nominal value of 1929, industrial production fell by half, one in four was unemployed. By 1935, half of U.S. banks and companies have been devastated. Even the "Ford Motor Company", the largest employer in the country, closed its offices. Millions roamed the country in search of at least some work pobirayas and stealing. "Northern Pacific Railway" estimated the number thrown out of the wagons vagrants in 683,000 people

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Made from them — 33


U.S. military for almost the Japanese island of Okinawa banned from drinking outside the base. The ban was introduced after a series of (long-term — Ed.) incidents of drunken soldiers. Last occurred on November 30 when the driver-American, being drunk, crashed into three cars. Shortly before that, the U.S. military has been arrested for trespassing into someone's house (he was subsequently sentenced to a fine of 100,000 yen, while the military has admitted that drinking all night). In October, two American sailors were arrested on suspicion of rape, and in early November, the U.S. military pilot suspected of beating

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NGPU built housing with dance class and the wardrobe

Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (NSTU) has commissioned a new building.


The new school building is designed for the Faculty of Culture and Further Education NGPU. As the Dean of the Faculty of NGS.NOVOSTI Olga Kapustin housing was built on budget money the university since 2008. Square two-storey building (third floor — ground) — 1000 m. m for the construction of a new building NGPU spent about 30 million rubles.


The new building will be learning mostly students who receive higher professional education in the field of culture and art.

In the school

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