Seychelles idyll in danger

Seychelles idyll in danger Weather and Climate

Sudden heavy rains disrupted idyllic tranquil shores of the Seychelles. Due to climate changes during dry periods are longer and more severe storms, so international organizations help local people keep the world's only country whose territory is 50% of the reserves.

"Seasons mix. Short showers occur more frequently, but periods without rain extended. Of drinking water is rapidly declining, having a negative impact on diet and reproduction of the species, "- said Rolf Payet, an expert on climate change in the Seychelles. Of that, an increase in temperature makes beautiful places of the

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Close if the end of the world?

Close if the end of the world? It is interesting

Judging by the success of films about different natural disasters in recent years, the idea of the end of the world makes people excited. In the film, Denis Boyle "28 Days Later" virus ravaging the UK and many other countries, in the movie "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact" asteroid threatens life on Earth, and in the "Day After Tomorrow" took the main role of climate change.   Of course, no one really knows how and when will end. The world's major religions have always pondered on this subject, trying to find

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Tropical Storm Andrea sights on the Florida peninsula

June 7, 2013. After Tropical Storm Andrea on a well-drained. Cuba, forcing local authorities to declare a flood warning, his new goal became peninsula and Florida in the U.S.. Heavy downpours have become a real threat to the local resorts and the southern and central regions according to preliminary forecasts could be seen tornadoes and hail.

Wind speed, storm leading to the mainland reached 95 km / h, and the system was moving to the northeast at a speed of 22 km / h State expected heavy and prolonged rainfall, as in Cuba, the rain came about a

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At Mount Lokon was another eruption

September 10, 2013. Located on the island. North Sulawesi Indonesian volcano Lokon early morning wake locals roar from the new eruption. From the active crater Tompaluan flew column of ash up to 1,500 meters. About a day lava flows reached the border villages to the north of the volcano.

Sounds of the eruption of the volcano were heard even in Manikhas remote from the curl of 10 km. Residents of settlements Pineleng, Tanavangko and Tutelo and specialists volcanologists are watching the direction of the fresh lava flows, but the rush of the evacuation is not collected. The region is

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South of New Zealand met with an unusual storm

September 12, 2013. Tourists vacationing in southern New Zealand Gunns Camp temporarily blocked in its shelter because of a few avalanche coming down to the area of Milford Road. According to preliminary estimates, after the storm on one of the scrolls routes are descended about 20 avalanches, and so far 15 people have no opportunity to leave the danger zone.

Despite the fact that tourists were trapped in a store morale and very excited by what they saw the storm, it does not detract from the possible danger of avalanches gathering new, confident experienced miners, last seen the

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Dozens of people were affected by the typhoon, Solik on the island of Taiwan

July 13, 2013. At least one person was killed and 31 wounded in a typhoon that struck the island of Taiwan. Hundreds of thousands of homes were left without electricity, more than 8,000 people were evacuated. The hurricane also accompanied by heavy rain. After passing through Taiwan, "Solik" headed for the provinces of Zhejiang and Fujian provinces in eastern China.

Source: RT


Red danger: China and Japan are waiting for the 9-meter tsunami

July 12, 2013. In China and Japan are waiting for typhoon "Soulik", which could trigger a tsunami height of nine meters. Due to the

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Russian volcano started erupting after a 36-year-old dream

Russian volcano started erupting after a 36-year sleep Natural Disasters

One of the Russian volcanoes located on the Kamchatka Peninsula, suddenly resumed their activity after in a state of complete rest for up to 36 years. The column of ash above the crater Flat Tolbachik, part of the Klyuchevskaya volcano group, rose to a height of 7 km, creating around a huge cloud of ash.

Ash and ash, selected from the volcano, were classified by the wind to the north-west while the lava rushed down the mountain to the south. In the nearby villages and the May Krasny

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Slovenia again threatens flooding

Slovenia, once again threatens the flood danger zone

Environment Agency announced another warning about the danger of severe flooding for the greater part of Slovenia. Country again embraced a powerful cyclone, and the level of rainfall can greatly affect water levels in local rivers.

Particularly sensitive area will be those who have recently suffered a flood after flood of the river Drava. During the new flooding primarily affected western Slovenia, where the river Soča and its tributaries, Vipava Valley and Istria. With the advance of the cyclone to the east might happen next spill Drava, as there is

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Lake Geneva can happen tsunami

Lake Geneva can happen tsunami danger zone

Scientists warn that hundreds of thousands of people living or vacationing in Lake Geneva, is in danger because of the tsunami, the likelihood is high enough.

Thus, in the 6th century BC, and more precisely in the year 563, the collapse of the rock near the confluence of the Rhone in the lake triggered tsunami. Peak wavelength at Lausanne on the northern edge of the lake close to the 13-meter mark. Wave, rushed to the shore and covered Geneva, reached 8 m in height. This is despite the fact that a

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On the coast of Brittany coming high tidal wave

On the coast of Brittany coming high tidal wave danger zone

Two Breton departments of France, Finistere and Morbiane, was declared an "orange" code danger due to the advent of the waves, the height of which exceeds the norm. Warning of danger will operate in coastal areas, should be especially vigilant in the evening.

It is expected that from the Atlantic to the coast of France will approach the wave height exceeds 5 m. In this regard, there is a high threat of flooding most open and lowland areas off Brittany. Authorities fear that the tidal wave may

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