Europe welcomes spring

Europe meets the spring weather and climate

Arctic Oscillation, which caused abnormal cold in Europe in January and February 2012, weakens and moves south to the other side of the planet. This means that the continent has finally spring comes, will strengthen its position closer to the day of the vernal equinox.

It is suggested that the warming in Europe could mean a return of cold weather to the territory of the North American continent. However, the second winter will not be as severe as in Europe, and will last for long.

As for the European spring, it can turn

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Hostage Danube ice

Hostage Danube ice Weather and Climate

Fig. People are trying to save their boat, stuck between the large blocks of ice on the Danube River in the vicinity of Belgrade. February 20, 2012.

Because of the sharp increase in temperature, replacing two-week abnormal frosts began drifting ice on the Danube. Splinter giant blocks of ice up to 1 meter cut into hundreds of boats moored to the shore, among which was a floating restaurant. Many of the ship from such a collision sank.

Under the pressure of the ice damage the barge, facing down the Danube. Almost 90 percent of

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Floods in Central Europe: a sad record

June 6, 2013. Torrential rains have stopped in Germany, but the level of water in the rivers continues to rise, and some villages have turned into islands. In the east, tens of thousands of people have fled their homes due to flooding. On Wednesday, the water level in the Dresden Elbe exceeded 8.5 meters. In the city of Halle because of the threat of flooding will evacuate about 30,000 people: there is water in the river Saale (a tributary of the Elbe) rose to the highest level in the past 400 years, the level and scope of the dam.

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Flooding that killed 21 people in Central Europe, the Balkans reached

June 16, 2013. The devastating flood that killed 21 people and which inflicted serious damage to Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, reached the Balkan region. Flooding, has lost some of its destructive force, yet broke the record in 2006 in the region.

At the moment, the level of the Danube in Croatia began to decrease. Flood peak occurred here on the night of 15 to 16 June, when the water from the city of Vukovar reached the mark of 724 cm, flow rate / volume of flowing water / river over 9 thousand cubic meters per second. The level

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In the Danube region has launched the second solar plant

As part of the strategic objectives of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych for the development of an independent domestic energy in the Odessa area, June 12, the grand opening of two solar power plants — "Danube" in Artsiz and "Liman" in Reni. Journalists news portal INFOrechepobyvali at the opening of a unique facility that is located on the outskirts of the city of Reni. 

According to Deputy General Director of the Ukrainian representative office of the company Activ Solar Sergei Yegorov, solar power, "Liman" — is a third object of

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On the Danube river begins implementation of information systems on ships

Starting this month 55 ships company "Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company" (UDP, Odessa region), working on the Danube, will be equipped with river information system (RIS). Equipment installation will take place in the ports of Serbia.

Equip the craft with electronic cards will be the Serbian company "Plovput" which the EU has allocated for this purpose 20 million euros, according to the press service of the UDP.

Crews of the vessels will be given laptops with software that allows you to receive information on navigation conditions on the river in real time. This data moving ships, the names of terrain,

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On the Danube commissioned dam


Twenty-four kilometers of dykes and three gateway to the Danube were in operation in the final stage — reconstruction of the fourth lock. All of it has been spent forty-five million hryvnia. Danube dam is made in the calculations of last year’s water consumption, and the Emergency Situations Ministry assured — the population of the villages close to the river is protected from flooding.

Vladimir Bodelan, Chief of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in Odessa region: part of the dam, which we assume to use — it’s a small part of the great work

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Kenyans rescued from flood

Kenyans fleeing flood Natural Disasters

In Kenya, the ongoing heavy rains, triggering floods, in which many residents were forced to flee their homes. Which began in late November rains have destroyed roads and bridges, which can be delivered to the victims.

Figure 1.Pyatidesyatiletny Mze Enos Agol is a calf after floods flushed his house in a Kenyan village Niakvere on the lake. Victoria on December 10.

The water level in the Danube River, the second largest river in Europe, fell to a record low, complicating the work of river vessels. The reason for this was the driest in the last

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Unknown plant Danube Delta kills fish


Photo from:

19.06.12.Zhiteli area of the Danube Delta are concerned about the state of the river, unknown plant, releasing poison, causing the death of fish and plant life, and leads to serious allergic reactions in anyone who would go into the water.

Fishermen Chins, where fishing is the only source of income, are seriously concerned, most of them have been subjected to "attack" poisonous plants: after exiting the water bites begins to swell. "At first we thought that the injury caused by insect bites. Bites themselves are not painful, but when you exit the water body is

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Bulgaria. Danube freezes


2.02.12.Kak reports, drifting ice on the Danube reached 50% in Slistra.

Director of the Agency, "Control and use of the Danube River" Peacock Tsonev said that this situation seriously hampers shipping.

According hydrometeorological on the Danube, this morning in the coastal areas shows a temperature of -15.6 degrees. As explained by meteorologists, so cold was not for the last 50 years.

Source: Bulgaria news on-line

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