Not for the smooth, white floors in provided Studio, you might think you’ve wandered into an eccentric’s private chamber of curiosities. Islands of natural and man-made wonders cluster in the clean gallery space on Muizenberg’s Main Road.

What could be David Livingstone’s boots stand among assorted busts. Shelves are arrayed with apothecary bottles, leather-bound volumes and figurines. Driftwood angels float over a stuffed owl and oriental collectibles. Oh, and skulls feature everywhere.

It’s not morbid fascination, though — when something from the dark side intrigues them, say designer-manufacturers Bartel van Vuuren and Liezle Fourie, it’s not because it’s dark, but

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Colours In The Dark

Симфонический метал от бывшей вокалистки Nightwish

Сочетание классической музыки с роком/металлом представляет собой интересный жанр, в котором финское сопрано Тарья Турунен играет роль Первой Леди. На этой, ее четвертой сольной работе, она полагается на свою блестящую репутацию с выразительным готическим материалом, не говоря уже о прекрасно исполненном оперном вокале с широким диапазоном.

Надо сказать, что альбом — на любителя. Если вам не нравится симфонический металл, и вы скорее сунете руку в блендер, чем станете слушать гитарный дисторшн в сочетании с оперными завываниями, то вас это не зацепит. И при всей пышности и изысканности Colours In The

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New dark matter detector placed deep underground

A tank of water and a fire extinguisher over 2.4 kilometres (1.5 miles) beneath the surface aims to find dark matter.

COUPP-60 is an underground dark matter experiment consisting of apparatus that includes a large jar containing purified water and CF3I, a chemical found in fire extinguishers. The aim of the detector is to search for signs of dark matter particles. When a particle passes through the detector its energy will produce tiny bubbles in the clear liquid.

“It’s an underground observatory,” explained Fermilab’s Hugh Lippincott, who oversaw the installation of the detector. “So it’s looking for the same thing

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ERA REALTIME * Game.EXE # 10 * 1997 9

Warrior RTS, or Hot Autumn ’97

Photo foremost RTS-genre on the background of rolling "Our selection" and plans for the future

Oleg Charzyński

Evil №№i all

5sg strive to kill someone. The year before the new * g: e Quake killed. But seemingly not killed until the end; -2chit, there is still the old man’s strength. Yes, that’s life: the old-2r «: steneloe-coated patina gives way molodomu-" ‘Omu-green. But where this gloomy view of the of Great

The other I prefer the concept. It’s not the old umi — :: r is a new emerging. Why this mourning Leah bitterness

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Brown Rayner against the total Annigilyantov we’ll think of something!

Authors Dank Reign and Total Annihilation about their games, about each other, about the future of RTS-genre …

From the Dark Reign, that is, Activision and Auran answers to our questions REZNIK Josh (Josh Resnick), a direct participant of the Dark Reign, a leading designer Actitvision. With Josh our girls met in London at ESTC. He was very glad to get acquainted with the Russian journalist and strongly touts them to visit our booth and tell us about the game. However, due to the absolute indifference favorite kvestomanok to strategic games in general and in particular RTS, the invitation was

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Haus am Weiberg


This latest outing by UNStudio is an ambitious residence located in the semi-rural environs of Weinberg, near Stuttgart, Germany. Although within view of the city and with plenty of neighbours, the sloping site affords pastoral views of stepped terraces and a hillside vineyard to balance the cityscape. The primary gesture of the design diagram — and its most interesting aspect — is a central ‘twist’, literally, of an element that supports the main staircase at about the centre of the plan. This winding movement informed the diagram, allowing spaces to occupy specific locations in relation to views, and pivot

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Ладно, так и быть — перетрем в очередной раз, все-таки на E3 добрые издатели показали еще один кусочек игры… кото­рой уже не хочется…

Клонмейкинг и сиквелостро-ительство в последнее время стали, как вы знаете, любимым развлечением разработчиков. Помните первый Dark Reign? Наш журнал обозвал его тогда «последним С&С-клоном». Так вот, Pandemic Studios явно ре­шила поставить точку в шествии корявых Первых Полностью Трехмерных RTS. Выставочные заявления творцов пестрят фразами,которые в приличном обществе уже не употребляют­ся, вроде, знаете ли, «The RTS genre is about to change forever…». Так, чтоб не всегда, сейчас уже не делают — не мод­но. Время такое.

Скриншоты как-то уж

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«Rotten» genre.

Everyone knows what Dark Reign, but few have heard of the Dark Reign 2. This is because the information about the game virtually none. Reliable — even less. In this regard, it is not clear what people are doing the owners of more than 50 well-designed fan sites, which with great difficulty managed to fill only section "rumors «and "Pictures». Waiting for the game people suffer, forgive me outright garbage — coming up with new units, publish biographies of their characters in the world of Dark Reign, in short — express themselves to the fullest.

Periodically pop pieces ICQ-dialogues

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Maxim Zhbankova film festival

From time to time it seems that Hollywood is totally crazy, and one that is capable of doing the film adaptation of computer games. But the true hope the fans do not spend — there is light at low-budget auteur cinema. Specifically, there should be waiting for the next tsikavinak. Here and This time we came upon a refined horror "Vampirka." Filmmakers found fascinating move: the main character in the implementation of the 1st of "Charlie’s angels" Lucy Liu is transformed into a ghoul. But flatly refuses to join the silly bloodsuckers.Directed Sebastyan Gutierrez fascinated dark screen romance "noir." Because

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South Stream — a big step in the game of chess

June 24 during an energy summit of the Dark Sea in Zagreb Russian President announced a brand new project, which will mean a sharp appreciation of the impact of Moscow’s South-Western Europe and the continent as a whole.Putin: "As you know, yesterday signed a memorandum between Gazprom and the Italian company" ENI "the probable latest gazaparavodnay laying on the bottom of the dark sea."Construction of the new pipeline is meant to end in 2011, its pumping capacity will be 30 billion cubic meters of gas per year. This, for example, two-thirds of the annual transit of Russian gas through Belarus.F.Bardanara

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