swords & sorcery: come devils, come darkness

Что мне нравится в Swords and Sorcery: Come Devils, Come Darkness — так это название. Скромненько и со вкусом. Благо, что автором столь помпезного проекта является создатель Wizardry 4, 5 и 6, а значит, чело­век талантливый. Причуды таких людей называют «эксцентрично­стью», а не «странностью». Так или иначе, но первый проект фир­мы Heuristic Park с D.W. Bradley во главе неумолимо двигается к оче­редной дате релиза. В силу чего снова пришло время напомнить читателям, что такое S&S.

Игра задумывалась прежде всего как классическая РПГ. Отсю­да наличие партии из шести геро­ев и традиционного «оконного» вида. Хотя есть и ощутимые отли­чия. Например очень солидный

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Maxim Zhbankova film festival

Hollywood director and writer of Hungarian origin in time wrote scripts for the adventurous young Indiana Jones. And at the moment — in the fourth times — turned to the famous master of horror books by Stephen King. Were previously "Lady in the room", "greenish Mile" and "Shawshank Shavshenk bullpen." But now the time has come "Darkness". As usual with King, it all starts very simply: a small town comes from the lake of weird darkness. Inhabitants in despair, because there are zealous military tanks on the streets there. And then there is only darkness. And strshnye creatures crawl out

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A.Prohanov: Country-animal

After the disappearance of the Soviet Union, America dropped the muzzle. Revealed a terrible mug with bloody eyes, with yellow foam at the mouth, which protrude from the tusks of missiles and aircraft carriers. Today's America — a new type of state, never existed before in history. We still tend to view America through the eyepiece of morality and ethics, attitudes and democratic principles of freedom. We still believe that America is living up to the charter, which was written sometime founding fathers. But America — is the state animal is, the State animal with a steaming

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Strange meeting


He seemed to be waiting for me on the trail. Neither young nor old. Not tall, but sturdy. Beautiful Slavic face. No beard and amazing clear blue eyes that express the infinite freedom and infinite love. From it came to me some unknown force. I tried to consider it his own insight, but saw no light and darkness. Then how such a force? — You are trying in vain to see me — he said, when I caught up with him. — I can not see. — But I can see your body, your eyes … — What is

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illuminati.org on December 7, 2011 foreshadows some events


10.11.11.Tuchi condensed. The closer we get to 2012, the more precursors are felt. On Earth grows volcanic, seismic activity, climate and natural disturbances also brought a lot of suffering poor inhabitants of planet Earth. But let's think about it, not at the hands of a man slipping on our shoulders all these troubles? HAARP in fact work!

And today I was sent a link above to the site with the promising title illuminati.org and this is where the fun begins, look to the naked eye, there is nothing interesting on the site do not see but a black screen,

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India state by state plunged into darkness

September 19, 2011. A strong earthquake of magnitude 6.8 shook the night before India, Tibet, the wave has reached Nepal Bangladesh. Rescuers rake debris, according to NTV.

Indian media report that the number of victims of the earthquake in India has grown significantly. Dead already counted 38 people were taken to hospitals in more than 200.

"Rescuers are only now, with the advent of the morning, start to get access to remote areas. It is likely that the tragic figures will rise, "said the chief of the central control committee on emergency.

Rescuers warn

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Darkness will help restore vision

It might seem a little silly statement, but ten day stay of the person in complete darkness can significantly improve his eyesight…

If the eye for a long time, poor vision, the brain decides not to pay more attention to him and reconfigures all of the neural circuits in the healthy eye. The reason the patient eye sees poorly, can be anything (and cataracts, and astigmatism, etc.), but even though it can be cured, the vision is still not restored: the brain has already made the decision and made the

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All-consuming darkness

Published in July 1957 story that happened to 54-year-old resident of the city of Arles, shocked sparked surprise. Mireille's wife, being a qualified nurse for children, offers tranquility and a pleasant disposition. Therefore, the story of the incredible event that occurred to her, caused even greater surprise.

One summer day, Mireille's wife went to the house of the family Cotillion. Outside it was sunny. Babysitting, armed with a stroller and a good mood, naprvilas child together in the park. At such a time, around noon, the park was deserted. Having

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Midgard-Earth cosmic confrontation between good and evil

The ancient name of our planet — Midgard-Earth. It revolves around the Sun Yarily that came Zimun constellation (Ursa Minor) as the eight stars. Constellation Zimun located in the Galactic stellar systems, called Swati (no equivalent in modern astronomy). Swati galaxy looks like left-Svastichnogo cross — Kolovrat. At the bottom of one of the branches and is the constellation Swati Zimun. Yarylo Sun-called Trisvetlym as covers three worlds: Jav, Nav, rules.

In the Hall of race is a system with Zlata Sun (Beta Leo). On Earth, this solar system there is a biological life, similar to life on Midgard-earth.


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Fateful day of fiery features: dark burn, light will remain

February 10, 2013 21:00

Soon, soon, soon will come the day — make or break for the planet. Day, meaning the final offensive of the New Age. Sets after this experience the cleansing fire of the day, not only space, but also the human aura.

Dark aura will burn completely, and who will have a particle of light, at least a spark it will remain on the planet, because they break out sparks from contact with fire purifying light unprecedented.

Temnyky forms will burn with auras, and will no longer be given to them in order for the new

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