Peru and Bolivia long before the Incas. Video

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Nazca — beyond logic: 1 series

Dmitri Rostov (Zybin), historical chronicles. Peru and Bol Peru and Bolivia long before the Incas. Nazca — beyond logic. 1-series

The film "Peru and Bolivia long before the Incas" is based on the material collected during the expedition in autumn 2007. South American continent has retained traces not only magnificent, but very dramatic past.

Including in the fate of a highly developed civilization. The film includes a number of unique images that have never been shown, and viewers have the opportunity to see much the first time, as well as learn

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Cataclysm ‘video


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Uploaded KanalPIK, Date: 17/06/2011

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Uploaded StormChasing31region, date: 16.06.2011

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Consequences of rains in Cherkassy. Photo. Video


photo — Cherkasky forum/MAXIMUM2

29.06.11.Segodnya, June 29, due to heavy rains flooded several streets in Cherkassy. In some areas of the city paralyzed traffic. Authorities may declare a state of emergency in the city. This morning, most people in the South-Western district is not able to reach the city center. Buses and trolley buses did not move neither one way or the other.

Most problem areas formed on the street Konev in the southwestern area, and near the railway station. In addition, as the first deputy mayor of Cherkasy Victor Bezzubenko, burst sewer at the intersection of Prospect

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Dublin in Ireland flooded mega-storm. Video


24.10.11.Vlasti Dublin declared in a state of emergency after a Monday during incessant rain in the Irish capital had the monthly rainfall.

According to BBC, after a downpour two rivers flowing through Dublin — Dodder and Camac — burst their banks, flooding many areas of the city.

Rescue squads to evacuate residents of Dublin from the most affected buildings and works to divert water from the city.

In the capital of Ireland canceled trains linking Dublin with Belfast, practically paralyzed ferry and closed the city airport.

Forecasters warned that the situation in the city, facing the Irish Sea,

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For the Southern Ontario tornado swept through. Video



22.08.11.Silny, almost a hurricane, accompanied by showers and thunderstorms, made a lot of trouble in the town of Goderich in Southern Ontario, on Lake Huron.

In the center of the city on Sunday tornado swept through. Several office buildings, homes lost their centuries-roof. Tornado, having walked through the streets of Goderich, had made homeless standing there the church and destroyed the upper floors of buildings.

Felled trees and poles, electrical wires are severed, several hundred homes were left for hours without power. Police closed center for automobile traffic, and the mayor declared a state of emergency here.

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From what make modern cigarettes. Video


All smokers know their habit harms and even kills. But only a few are able to give up cigarettes for good.

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Posted on 18/05/2012 by user Vasiliy Podobriy

Why it is still in Russia there is no ban on the advertising of tobacco products? What you do tobacco companies, and the role of lobbyists in Parliament and in the higher echelons of power.

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Py.Sy.: Quit smoking this stuff. I do not smoke on February 11 this year

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Hail, tornado and dust storm in the U.S.. Video


Hail at Lake Carter Lake, Iowa 18.08.11.

18.08.11.Silny hail the size of baseballs can spoil a lot of things.

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Tornado in Nebraska 08/18/11.

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Sandstorm struck the capital of Arizona, 8/18/11.

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MOSCOW, Aug. 19 — RIA Novosti. Sandstorm struck the American Phoenix — the capital of the state of Arizona (USA), reports the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC BBC. The cyclone is moving from the Arizona desert, where earlier this year for two forms the sand storms, more typical for sub-Saharan Africa than in the American

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In Tallinn, the precipitation over the monthly norm. Video


Foto: Andres Putting

31.07.11.Po to the Institute of Hydrometeorology of Estonia, on Saturday at 17 o'clock in Tallinn fell about 80 mm of rain, which is about 80 liters per square meter, and it's more of the July monthly average of 77 mm.

At the observation station Tallinn Harku rainfall was 79.6 mm, and Parks — 36.2 mm, reports BNS.

Heavy rain has created a lot of problems in Tallinn in motion. The water went Jõe Ahtri, Tuukri also had problems in Tartu highway Järvevana tee and Paldiski highway.

Source:, Citada Pasaule

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Degrees in the region. ‘Video


Hail in Kislovodsk

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Hail in Novorossiysk

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Hail and thunder in Barnaul

Uploaded xthtgjr, date: 05.06.2011 Hail in Barnaul June 5, 2011. Appearance of a maximum of 200 meters

Hail in Omsk

Uploaded TheSaalex, date: 05.06.2011

Horrible GRAD in Primorye

Uploaded timatip, date: 05.06.2011 Owners hail battered car count ubytki.5 June. Summer here is lousy.

Hail in Blagoveshchensk

Uploaded Qazimodoz, date: 05.06.2011 Here is such a white peas fell on our heads June 5, 2011 goda.Po living flailed mighty well — tested

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Tornado in Blagoveshchensk. Video


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Uploaded TheAxller, date: 31.07.2011 Tornado Kantemirova walking down the street. Shooting in the neighborhood.

Uploaded JeffreyHardy007, date: 31.07.2011.G.Blagoveschensk effects after tornado mikroroyon № 3

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Blagoveshchensk to hit a powerful tornado. Disaster victims was a man, 14 injured. When did the hurricane, three citizens went to the balcony restaurants, one of them later died of his injuries.

Another victim was in a regional hospital after he fell on a metal roof, ripped off by

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