A good shave will enhance your leader appeal. Leadership is a calling. Leadership in the boardroom is important so that time isn’t wasted; there is someone to lead and plan. Being a leader means channeling the courage to take risks by thinking of non-conventional ideas on how to execute tasks, being a game changer in the industry. It’s to listen and value everyone’s opinion, empowering your employees to speak and share their insights. And being well- groomed allows you to stay empowered. Leadership is being able to get all the employees motivated and working together on the same goal.»

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In Minsk, the anniversary of the beginning of the exhibition victory at Blue Waters

The Company Belarusian language celebratory meeting dedicated to the Battle of the Blue Waters. Olga Ipatova unveiled its latest book, a historical novel about the events. Poets read poetry — and their students, who sent them to the TBM from the regions of the country. On the walls — pictures kids and students.Salting Ihor Likhovyi expressed confidence that with time in Ukraine will stand a monument Prince Algirdas.The defeat of the united Mongol forces» at Blue Waters was the first great victory over the Golden Horde in Eastern Europe. He was an inspiration to the eastern Slavs, who suffered under

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More materials are popular week on our website

According to statistics, more readable page of our Web site for last week were the following:Online conference with Paul Sevyarynets 09/05/2007Trials of Malady Nyasvizh and Saligorsk: Report 4.09.2007"Belarusian abroad": "Give it Lukashenko LuNet!" 1.09.2007Detention in court Saligorsk 4.09.2007"If we are not imprison Gonchar, tomorrow he will put us" 3.09.2007September 1 youth activists noted flash mobs 1.09.2007The summer is over … 3.09.2007Malady spent solemn party 6.09.2007Guidance documents KGB Russian timesand appeared on the Web 09/05/2007Retrain kids read "Doskorogo Goodbye!" Instead of "Doskorogo Goodbye!" 09/05/2007

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PervyyOnlayn conference with Paul Sevyarynets 2nd Tots retrain read "Doskorogo Goodbye!" Instead of "Doskorogo Goodbye!" TretiyDirektivnye KGB documents Russian timesand appeared on the Web ChetvertoeRukovoditel "BPF Youth" Ales Kalita received 7 days of arrest 5th "Shushkevich, Kozulin and iPad for one party — is the sphere of fiction"

Retrain kids read Doskorogo bye! Instead Doskorogo bye!

Now the newspaper "Our word" contains photo reportage about the installation of the monument in Polotsk Vseslav Sorcerer. Also, "Our word" reports on the latest book "In Search of Truth" experts Belarusian language Dr. Ivan Lepeshava. Newspaper reprinted an article on drafts of Kupala "Pavlinka."Middle of the founders of the weekly "Our word" — Chairman of the Company Belarusian language Oleg Trusov. He will examine the history of the founding of the Smolensk principality majestically led by Prince Stanislaw — offspring of Vladimir the Baptist.Now a non-governmental weekly "Free Deep" continues to explore the theme of Russian class in the

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Artur Finkevich builds agro Dawn

This weekth Artur Finkevich remained favorite news midst of political prisoners. It began with that special settlement in Mogilev, where they hold Finkievich, he made the remark. For that, after rebound out of the room. Arthur states that went to the neighbors to ask for medication. In this special settlement dubbed a day or breach regulations and warned that henceforth even for minor violations Finkievich send to the colony. In this case, the oppositionist threatens three years."We divided the 10 meters"Second news role Artur Finkevich was his meeting with Alexander Milinkevich. On June 28, a favorite of the "For Freedom"

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Every third marriage in Minsk — with a foreigner

Anna and Alexander Maksimkovym — became the third pair of 10 who shlyubavalisya on Thursday, June 7. I talk to the young:Reporter: "First, I congratulate you. And in-2, why now — weekday day? "Wife: "Since the seventh, happy."Reporter: "So you specifically chose this date?"Groom: "Yes, of course."Wife: "We believe that the seventh will bring us happiness, and we will be the happiest."But the choice of young svatstsya Svetlana does not approve:"On the fourth, I know, the beginning of Lent. Maybe this young do not even know. And they are going to make my mother and father a surprise."But most of

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Date new Congress of Democratic Forces not yet approved

Other participants in the meeting recognized that date applicable, but the decision taken in the framework of the Political Council with 2 thirds of the 12 subjects included in the composition of the board, and now at a meeting attended by representatives of only seven subjects.

Maybe now call date of the Congress of Democratic Forces

This date will be determined in line with the 2-recent documents — initiatives favorite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka, which offered a platform "compromise for the sake of unity," and the statement of the Political Council Milinkevich readiness to begin the search for compromise for the sake of preserving the unity of the opposition.Details — later on the website and in the evening air.

Why Defenders of the Fatherland day celebrated in Belarus on February 23?

First, our correspondent asked this question Emperor middle-aged:Man: "It’s gone from Russian time. This day was created by the Russian army. And this day is celebrated."Reporter: "And how do you feel about this prazdnichkom? Celebrate him?"Man: "I served in the army, but not idle. In Belarus ist prazdnichek not so noticeable as in Russia. "Lady: "It seems that such an army was still in civilian war. Previously around the Russian Union celebrated. "Emperor with a beer bottle, "the order was signed February 23, 1917 on the development of the Red Army. But now I note another own day."Young Man: "There

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