I’m not afraid of the cold!

Do you want the child to have survived the winter without colds? Start early to prepare him for this difficult period for the immune system!

According to statistics, every 6th child in Ukraine is classified FIC — sickly children who often get cold 4-5 times a year. And in the cities of sick kids more, because fresh air is not breathing and did not hardened to the extent that it makes kids growing up in the countryside.

Come out for a walk. Stay outdoors enhances a child’s body, increases its resistance to respiratory infections. The «room» of children higher risk

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Rock and roll is dead, and Chris — no longer exists.

It happens that because of drugs and alcohol ROCK STAR EARLY extinguished. Discover the legendary Chris Cornell INSTEAD OF HEROIN SOUNDGARDEN hooked on training. Today it has 49, but he’s in better shape than it was in 25, and certainly in better than BORN WITH HIM TO ONE YEAR FROM JRA Hoi "GAZA STRIP", Yegor Letov FROM "CIVIL DEFENSE" And Jeff Hanneman OF SLAYER.

Chris Cornell SAYS 90-X with a smile and annoyance. He has something to remember, but he can not remember everything. Soundgarden vocalist was then a rock god with all the trappings: multi-platinum albums, crowds of fans

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We got up, as usual, early, at 4.15-Zimbabwean. OBJECTIVE still — get an elephant. JUST shoot — no question, but ROB (MY «PIEYCH») certainly want to get much more. TO TWO MALE FEET (in length) placed in the next bishop. These are the minimum size of the next decent trophy Elephant. YESTERDAY COULD shoot, in my opinion, the normal — weight of the tusks of about 17 kg, but ROB WANTS not less than 25 kg. I do agree. Today, only the fourth day of the hunting area MATETSI, next to the world-famous Victoria Falls. There are still eight

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Autumn chores a joy

Autumn at the Marina Petrovna gomelchanki GROSS — a favorite time of year. Winter bored, summer is too troublesome, she says. But in September, slowly, you can pay more attention to the remaining crops.

Cucumbers — to be!

My favorite vegetable gardener — cucumbers. To part with them as late as possible in the middle of August — early September, she spends the following procedure: a copper bracket (either durable flexible twig) prishpilivayut to the ground in several places whip cucumber. Then sprinkle the soil surface (be sure to wet!) Layer of 2 cm, well trampled ground around. At

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Such dreams

Summer, to compose, to marry and travel … of their profession — to bring people happiness and a smile! WHO ARE THEY? Beautiful and confident woman who chose WORK at the behest of the soul. They told us about their way to success


Wedding planner

Ten years of my life spent in show business. I’ve always liked beautiful event, and not just participate in them, but also to organize, too. At the time when I started to think that it’s time to throw a stage career and do some serious business, she met her future husband. And away

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We know how to …

Get the most out of nature!

Not only are your favorite berries are able to endow the body with vitamins. Leaflets with berry bushes sometimes do not yield fruit in the presence of medicinal properties.


Thanks tannic and astringent substances, raspberry leaves help stop internal bleeding and have a beneficial effect on the intestines. They are also used as an expectorant and antitoxic, strengthen the immune system.


1 tbsp. l. wild raspberry leaves pour a glass of boiling water. Let sit 30 minutes. Eat 40-50 ml 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.



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Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell SAYS 90-X with a smile and annoyance. He has something to remember, but he can not remember everything. Soundgarden vocalist was then a rock god with all the trappings: multi-platinum albums, crowds of fans and a buffet, served every drug known to mankind. Still, while in North America, along with Soundgarden and Nirvana Pearl lam called «Holy Trinity.» Soon, however, the «holy» left two.

Suicide Cobain in 1994, put an end to the history of Nirvana, but not in the list of victims of fate: death by heroin overdose Shannon Hoop of Blind Melon in 1995 and

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Packs of yogurt and cooked apples

I is the 75th year, but that on the passport. And in the soul — no half! I live alone, disease course, bouquet. However, I do not give it to bloom.

By profession I am a kindergarten teacher. I communicate with former employees — pensioners, about half a century have been breeding and breeding gladioli, dahlias, lilies. I visited a circle of nature lovers, where sharing experience and planting material, read their poems. For participation in exhibitions and competitions gardeners have a lot of letters. All three of my sons are also involved in the cultivation of flowers, so

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The boy Egor, who became dark Other, violates a treaty between Light and Darkness, he preys on ordinary people and sucks the life out of them. His father, Anton Gorodetsky light Sometimes, trying to hide the crime of his son. But because of the intrigues Day Watch Now suspicion falls on Anton.

Whatever you say, and the two thousandth years have been for our country first science fiction blockbuster era. And it opened its «Night» and «Day Watch». Surprisingly, in Russia, where they buried the nineties was a great hope for the fantasy genre, took off a large-scale urban

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Machine Engineer Day

The first Day of Machinist marked as factory workers holiday «AvtoVAZ» in Togliatti September 29, 1970. Today it is celebrated all over Russia on the last Sunday of September on the basis of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on October 1, 1980 «On holidays and memorial days». It is the professional holiday of workers and engineers of the engineering industry. It is a complex engineering industries, manufactures tools for the national economy, transportation, consumer goods and defense products. His birthday is celebrated widely and solemnly, gala events: concerts, honoring the veterans of labor. The list

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