Chile: Hundreds of dead animals washed up on shore

May 17, 2013. Residents of Chile found about 600 dead animals washed ashore in Punta Choros (Punta Choros), On the northern coast of the country. Officials fear that the death of the animals was caused by fishing with dynamite. Explosions used by fishermen to scare away the sea lions and seals in the water, which compete with them for fish resources.

Fishing is one of the most valuable industries in Chile, which has more than 4,000 km of coastline.

Source: Guardian

In the Kama mass killing boars

Immediately 14 dead animals found forester Chastinskogo district near hacksaws.

Centers of mass destruction boar accidentally discovered Chastinskogo district forester in the forest near the village of Saw. 14 dead animals he found in a radius of several kilometers. Almost all of them gnawed animals and birds to the bone.

Information about the discovery came to the Office of the Perm region Rosselkhoznadzor March 5:

— We managed to find only one frozen, badly emaciated corpse with minor surface damage. That he was taken to GUVK "Perm VDTs" for research. To date, analyzes of most dangerous infectious diseases. Diagnosis of

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Commission ponder eliminating dump dead animals near Rostov

Authorities of the Rostov region created an interagency commission to develop measures to eliminate the huge dump dead animals in Kagalnitskaya district of Rostov region, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the region.

Dump several tons of dead animals was formed in the village Wet Bath. Biowaste were brought there for disposal at the local "Kagalnitskaya animal health heat-recovery plant," but it did not have enough capacity to handle all volumes. In 2012, after a change of management at the plant landfill is not updated with new bio-waste, but not decreased. Local residents

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