miles of dead fish in the Astrakhan region. Video


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03.08.12.Na mail letter arrived in Astrakhan … a lot of talk about saving fish stocks. Only now, when you see 10 miles of dead fish, it becomes clear that these are just words. What are the reasons for these effects? I think the experts can answer. Watch the video to the end. Becomes uncomfortable.


"This video was filmed by my relatives in villages Zelenga and Macs. During mowing stumbled upon dry Eric, about 5-10 km long, the bottom is strewn with dead fish just ordinary fish species. Erik ran dry

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15.07.12.Gibel fish in the Voronezh region. Video


Updated. Video added 15.07.12.Krasnovatuyu water and hundreds of dead fish floating watching Voronezh not the first day in the river near Usmanka Borovoy and Dubovka, and on the river Bityug.


Foamy water in the lower layers of a reddish-brown hue. On the beach, on the water and on the bottom of a lot of dead fish — fry, perch, pike, roach and even cancers. And the corresponding smell "- wrote one reader," Mine! ", Who had been on the beach in the Hog.

Eyewitnesses report that the water turned red a week ago, and then began a massive

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23.08.12.Gibel fish in the Orel region


24.08.12. Near the village fifths of the Mtsensk District August 23 oblekokontrolya inspectors found in the Eye of about two dozen dead fish. The river was muddy and smelled of chemicals. Immediately went to the place of the representatives of RPN, environmental prosecution and other authorities.

— Water samples were taken and some specimens of fish to analyze and identify the causes of the accident — said Orlov Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor Alexander Liovochkin.


Two days earlier, a dead fish found in the Eye and the Fox Otradinsky very near where the sugar factory is located.

— We

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More than two tons of dead fish caught from the lake in Cyprus


7.03.12.Okolo two and a half tons of dead fish pulled from the lake Athalassa Nicosia: fish mortality associated with sharp fluctuations in temperature.

The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research, told Cyprus Mail, that the deceased fish belongs to the species of tilapia (Tilapia) and probably fish "en masse" died when there was a sudden drop in temperature on the island of Cyprus.

The second reason for the mass death of fish — a large amount of rain that made a lot of dirt in the lake, making it difficult to obtain the necessary oxygen fish.


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17.06.12.Gibel fish on Lake Manitoba. Video


A lot of dead fish surfaced in the canal in the area of Lake Manitoba. Far as the eye can see on the surface white bellies of dead fish, mostly carp. "Local residents report that the fish began to emerge yesterday," said reporter Sean Kavanagh. Posted on 18/06/2012 by user celestialconvergence

23.08.12.Massovaya fish kill in Kazakhstan. Photo


23.08.12.Trevozhnoe reports of mass fish kill, it's a few days ago in the emergency services Ridder correspondent reports Altaynews.kz.

The owner of one of the apiary, located at the confluence of the White and Black Uba, in traversing their land, was shocked by what he saw — water flows downstream, the ablation of dead fish. Under the rays of the morning sun, this picture is much like a story about the apocalypse. Among the beauties of unspoilt nature — the breath of death. Cold and silent …

— Among the dead fish prevailed rather rare species — grayling,

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Fish in ponds Kirovoradschiny died because of the heat



7.06.12.Vchera during a meeting of the regional commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergency situations of resonant question for the mass death of fish in the river basin Sugokleya, reported Kirovohrad regional state administraii

Analyzed the situation head of fisheries Nicholas Rudenko.On noted that fish kill in large numbers began on May 5 and lasted for three days, and it was mainly during May karas.Dalee number of dead fish was not increased.

Mykola Rudenko noted that no water pollution by chemicals or disease or toxic substances in the dead fish were found. Among the factors that

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01.06.12.Tysyachi dead fish surfaced in the Kinneret


Photo from: http://news.walla.co.il

01.06.12.V Friday, June 1, the Israelites who came to the Sea of Galilee, to watch thousands of dead fish floating on the water surface.

Witnesses report that the coast can not be because of a bad smell. The Israelis, who planned to spend a holiday close to nature, running from the lake.

Moshe Gofen biologist in an interview Walla News said that it was not an "environmental disaster", fish kills occurred because of lack of oxygen.

According to him, the strong west wind blowing yesterday in the Sea of Galilee, was the cause of

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30.07.12.Gibel fish in the Orel region


30.07.12.Reka Lyubovsha flowing in Verkhovsky near Orel, occasionally painted in the red-brown color. Rather, a company dumps toxic chemicals into the water. At the bottom along the coast a lot of dead fish.

Already nearly a month villagers who are mostly elderly people from the village and the village Borki Russian Wade, call up numerous environmental services and departments, trying to draw attention to his distress. Until now, no single agency has not responded.

Emissions into the river accompanied by a sharp chemical smell. Local residents fear for their health, for the life of water birds and animals.

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18.03.12.Gibel fish in Lake Kaban


Photo: Portal ProKazan.ru

18.03.12.Ogromnoe number of dead fish found near the bridge over the lake Boar Street Esperanto.

The number of dead fry and big fish in the thousands.

Almost every year at Cabane a mass fish kills, environmentalists believe that the problem is due to receipt of the pond of pollutants from urban enterprises, as well as untreated stormwater and meltwater.

Earlier, the portal ProKazan.ru already wrote that the government ban pour sewage into the boar, which will play the Universiade

Portal users gave their assessment of the situation: "I bet with anyone that livnevkoy that

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