Why did the fish in Ust Labinsk area?

In Saturday's issue of August 20, rayonki under "TTY News" reported that the farm pond Atapin Kalinin recorded fish kills. On the eve of local residents to inform all district supervisors. At the scene, left ecologists, Rospotrebnadzor, fishing inspection and veterinary laboratory.

On the shore and the water's edge, in fact, lying and floating dead fish. In their mind you can easily understand that they died at different times — apparently, it was held in a few days.

Assumptions about the causes of the incident it was a lot — from infectious disease to the impact of weather conditions.

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Kerch embankment dotted dead fish

According to experts, is floating on the surface about three tons of mullet, reports rusnovosti.ru

Judging by the high degree of decomposition, the fish died long ago. But saltwater fish sinks to the bottom, and only after the expansion to the surface. Experts determined that the mullet family kefalevyh, and believe that the mass mortality occurred in winter, and the temperature rises dead fish floated to the surface.

In the central part of the city is a strong smell of rotten fish. People are forced to give up swimming for as long as city services will not

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In Okinawa, a strange substance from a crashed UFO caused the death of millions of fish

January 19, 2013 14:41

A man goes to a ford across the sea of dead fish, dead from a chemical leaked from a crashed UFO.

Okinawa, Japan is the first sign of the troubled UFO crash off the coast of Okinawa, has finally arrived. Millions of dead fish, weighing more than fifty tons were washed away along the coast of Japan. Inothernewz.com photographed the old man's way through the dead fish, when it washed up on the shore. Some of the dead fish showed signs of severe burns and bleeding from the eyes.

Former Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihiko Noda,

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Massive fish kills occurred in Chinese river Haihe

Since July 20, the surface of the Haihe River, near the city of Tianjin in the north of the country, tens of thousands of floating dead fish. Environmentalists suggest that fish kills occurred as a result of strong pollution of municipal waste in the river washed out by heavy rains.

Officer of the local environmental monitoring station, told The Epoch Times, that the massive fish kills associated with poor urban sewers. When the rain, especially a large, urban wastes fall into the river.

He also said that it was unclear what might fall into the river at this time,

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Loss of fish and other marine animals in the Israeli coast

Last week, the beach "Poleg" in Netanya waves tossed the carcass of a dead dolphin. In this week nachel sea ashore Netanya many dead fish.

Area of detection of dead fish on the shore of Netanya closed to public access by the police. Ministry of Health experts are investigating the incident, trying to find the cause of the death of marine life off the coast of Netanya.

Scientists are unable to explain the mysterious phenomenon off the coast of Netanya

Israeli scientists continue to search for the cause of mass death of fish, which occurred on the eve of the coastal strip of Netanya. Already well established that the phenomenon is not caused by contamination of sea water or some poaching activities, wrote on September 12 information portal Walla. Beaches near which was found dead fish, are under the control of the Office of National Parks and sanctuaries and closed to tourists. Scientists have found that fish, which in Israel is called "Aras" migrated through the Suez Canal from the Red Sea, where it usually resides. It is possible that

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In Mironovskoe Reservoir — Zamora carp

To the Editor of the newspaper "Donbass" turned fisherman Paul Ignatenko, udivshy fish Mironovskoe Reservoir, near Debalcevo. He complained about the sea of silver carp in the pond and sent photos, which it was evident that the whole shore strewn with dead fish. According to him, the body of water for several days there was a fetid smell, so normally fish and relax here was simply impossible.

Journalist "Donbass" immediately went to the scene to determine the cause. The local fishermen are mostly guilty of the power station, which is serviced by the reservoir and suspected chemical release into

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Death of fish in the lake Kaban

A huge number of dead fish found near the bridge over the lake Boar Street Esperanto.

The number of dead fry and big fish in the thousands.

Almost every year at Cabane a mass fish kills, environmentalists believe that the problem is due to receipt of the pond of pollutants from urban enterprises, as well as untreated stormwater and meltwater.

Earlier, the portal ProKazan.ru already wrote that the government ban pour sewage into the boar, which will play the Universiade

Portal users gave their assessment of the situation: "I bet with anyone that livnevkoy that carries wastewater from

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In the river Plavitsa Lipetsk lost fish

Environmental services specialists Lipetsk region found in the river in Plavitsa Dobrinka district the dead fish reported gorod48.ru

The department reported that the dead fish — roach, perch, bleak — was discovered near the village Veselovka. Water samples and samples of dead fish were taken for research.

Specialists note that fish Plavitse could die from lack of oxygen, for the reason that in some places the river does not freeze even in extreme cold.

U.S. East Coast fish dying en masse

U.S. scientists are studying another mysterious phenomenon with massive loss of animals. Over the last week at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Atlantic waves released nearly two million dead fish.

Specialists consider several theories explaining the loss of so many sea creatures. The most obvious version — pollution — is considered the least close to the truth.

"At the moment we have not found any problems with water quality, — the representative of the environmental agency. — In our opinion, this was due to sudden change in temperature."

Died, mostly young members of the family Gorbyleva. This species of fish are

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