Evil Dead 4: Hail to the King

Зловещие, мертвые и довольные этим!

СЭМ РЕЙМИ (SAM RAIMI) ПРОСЛАВИЛСЯ не черным фильмом “Человек тьмы”, не черным вестерном “Быстрый и мертвый” и даже не черным триллером “Простой план”. Его имя стало известно в конце восьмидесятых, с выходом “Армии тьмы” — последнего из тройки сверхлегкомысленных, примитивных, кровавых, но в чем-то привлекательных ужастиков о Некрономиконе и зловещих мертвецах с Брюсом Кэмпбеллом

(Bruce Campbell) в главной роли. Черных, с темно-красным юмором, аморальным и брутальным до предела и после него. После того как Рейми пошел на повышение, он забросил свою трилогию и даже не помышлял о четвертой истории про зловещих мертвецов и Эше, человеке

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Flooding in Colorado will have to find the missing months

September 18, 2013. Search for the dead and missing in the flooding in Colorado It may take weeks or even months. It recognized the authority of the state experiencing the strongest over the past few decades, a flood.

While officially declared dead eight people, but the number of those who can not contact the police, close to a thousand, and there is little doubt that the death toll could rise.

Lloyd Mueller, rescuer: "At any time, there can happen, anything. Our task is to clear the path to their homes. We are trying to look in the windows and

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The Dead Sea absorb sinkholes

September 20, 2013. The rate of drying of the Dead Sea continues to grow, and on-site water immediately arise deep crevices that are very similar in appearance to a giant bowl-shaped karst cave-ins. Over the past year, such salt was particularly large craters, which attracted the attention of researchers.

Each cleft is a result of subsidence and the simultaneous dissolution of salt on the bottom of the sea under the influence of underground freshwater sources. According to the latest observations, the day of on-site water retreated there is at least one new crack, but other patterns of occurrence

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The reality in the U.S. worse than any horror movie

In the city of Joliet in Illinois four teenagers killed two guys for sex with their corpses.

As the The Daily Mail, One of the killers Josh Miner remembered that his girlfriend — 18-year-old Alice Massaro — once told him that she wanted to have sex with a dead man. He invited her to embody sexual fantasy, but first she refused. Several days later, Alice changed her mind and agreed to have sex with the dead.

Then her lover, along with a friend — 19-year-old son of a police officer Adam Lendermanom — decided to kill

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Their customs. Issue number 1 (1 — January 15)

On the night of January 1 to Arkansas dropped dead a few thousand blackbirds. According to the official authorities — it was a reaction to the explosions of firecrackers blackbirds. At the noise of the birds rose into the night sky and the dark ran across a variety of obstacles: trees, power lines, etc.

January 4 Texas police shot dead a teenager who threatened them with a pneumatic gun. Police caused her to school leadership. Slain student was walking down the hallway with a gun in his hand. Calls on the police to drop their weapons did not react.

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Chile: Hundreds of dead animals washed up on shore

May 17, 2013. Residents of Chile found about 600 dead animals washed ashore in Punta Choros (Punta Choros), On the northern coast of the country. Officials fear that the death of the animals was caused by fishing with dynamite. Explosions used by fishermen to scare away the sea lions and seals in the water, which compete with them for fish resources.

Fishing is one of the most valuable industries in Chile, which has more than 4,000 km of coastline.

Source: Guardian

The disappearance of the Dead Sea

Carried out at the end of September this year of the study, which are devoted to changing the level of the Dead Sea, Israeli scientists are seriously concerned — again rapidly shallower water. From these data, it became clear last month that the water level dropped by 16 centimeters. If this goes on, the water could soon disappear altogether.

Studies have shown that in late September, line the water's edge of the Dead Sea has moved to the mark 423.83 meters below sea level, while that in August, a decrease of 14 cm turns out, the pond

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Trafficking in human organs in the U.S.

Waking up on the table for organ

A woman named Colleen Burns (Colleen Burns) recently opened her eyes and found herself on the operating table in a hospital in Syracuse (New York). Looking around, she noticed that the operations are performed on it. It was found that the doctors were going to cut her organs and send them to other surgeons, already waiting for their transplant patients.

This is not fiction. ReportedABC Newsand other news channels. It really happened.

And how did it happen? Doctors falsely declared her dead, they said

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Risen priestess of love almost ruined hotel guests



The hotel Maynor is located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, the incident took place, after which the police took a long time sedation.

A resident of Bulawayo, apparently did not enjoy the attention of the beautiful half of humanity, wanted to spend the evening in the company of women for which invited into a hotel room priestess of love, is represented by Mandla (MaNdlo).

However putana not live up to expectations of African, who dreamed of spending the night in her arms

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Archaeologists have found where the entrance to hell. Door to Hell was on the ground.


Photo from discovery.com

Italian archaeologists have found the entrance to the realm of the dead. Italian archaeologists said they found a portal to the realm of the dead, also known as the gate of Pluto (the lord of the underworld in Roman mythology), reports Discovery. On the discovery was announced in March at a conference in Istanbul. The discovery was made during excavations of the ruins of the ancient Phrygian city of Hierapolis in southwestern Turkey, a group led by professor of classical archeology at the University of Salento Francesco d'Andriya. The professor

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