Uganda returns Hinds.

UGANDA ANNOUNCED on March 15 that it is returning two Mi-24 attack helicopters -reportedly because they have not been overhauled as specified in the contract. The supplier, Consolidated Sales Corporation (CSC) has been given three weeks to meet its obligations or face the loss of the contract and a demand for a refund. However, CSC maintains that the deal has no termination clause but does allow for amicable settlement or arbitration.

The latest difficulty is finding a suitable overhaul location. The Ugandans estimate the overhaul cost to be $1.2 million, but CSC objects to that amount. It has come up

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Greece to Buy F-16 Block 52s

GREEK DEFENCE Minister Spilios Spiliotopoulos announced on July 19 that the Greek Government is to place a 1.1 billion euro order for 30 Lockheed Martin 1-16 Block 52 fighters, with options on a further ten aircraft. The announcement followed a meeting earlier that day of the Greek National Security Council (the KYSEA) to discuss its four-year arms procurement programme up to 2010. The aircraft will be ordered in a government-to-government deal with Washington, with the precise final cost still to be determined. Provision of maintenance support will be requested as part of an offset deal still to be negotiated. The

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Good Deal


Tom Penk loves guitars and also loves a haggle, so he’s managed to gather a wide range of instruments for very little outlay. Lars Mullen joins him on a trip to the park

Ask Tom Penk how he came to acquire so many tasty instruments and the answer is simple: ‘I just like guitars!’ It’s a passion that has thrown a wide and eclectic net, capturing not just electrics but also basses and acoustics, ranging from archaic to modern, and originating from all over the world. Some are one-offs, others are regular production models; some were big purchases, others

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Congress could buy time to reach deficit deal

Six months from a potential blunt cut to federal spending and government is continuing to warn, industry is starting to act, and lawmakers are looking for an escape hatch. If Congress does not approve $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction or reverse a law passed last year, the federal government will suffer an across-the-board budget cut of the same amount. And half of that will be targeted at the Pentagon. During a speech to the American Enterprise Institute May 30, Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter says the size and bluntness of the penalty

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Czechs sign Gripen lease deal

DESPITE political controversy over the proposed Czech Republic Air Force lease of Saab JAS 39 Gripens, on June 14 Sweden and the Czech Republic signed the CZK 19.65 billion ($750 million) contract. FMV, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, signed the agreement, covering lease of 14 Gripens for a period of ten years, in Prague with its equivalent department in the Czech Ministry of Defence.

At the same time, an offset and industrial co-operation agreement was signed to the value of 130 per cent of the value of the aircraft lease agreement. After a series of negotiations, the final lease contract

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Austrian Telekom confirmed it is in talks with Belarus

If the deal goes through, the Austrian investor will own sophomore Belarusian municipal enterprise. Month reverse stock Belarusian plant "Matavela" acquired Austrian holding company "ATEC".According to news agency APA, for Mobilkom it may be the most expensive purchase in the history of the office — over 1.6 billion euros. As reported by an Austrian journalist, details of the transaction likely will be announced on October 2, during a meeting of the supervisory board of the Austrian Telekom.

Mobilkom Austria is the European pioneers of mobile third generation — 3G. As a services company — a variety of video, including watching

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Realtors got a golden share country

Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree that broadened the scope of municipal regulation of the real estate market and increased control in real estate activity.In accordance with the decree of Alexander Lukashenko, introduced administrative regulation of tariffs for real estate services — from April, all prices in the market of real estate will be determined by the Council of Ministers.Thus, the price of services to sign or terminate the contract of sale will be calculated as a percentage of the price of designated in the contract. At the moment it varies within the limits of 3% of the transaction amount. It

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Oil began to sell for rubles

St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange


Aug. 16 at the St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange was the first deal for the sale of crude oil. According to experts, this is an important event for our country — began to sell oil in rubles.

Trading oil on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange began in June of this year. But the transactions until this week was conducted. The first deal is not struck by its size — it amounted to 10 million rubles. Total sold 1 million tons of oil price of 10 thousand rubles per ton. But

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California legalized the rights of transgender people in schools

Text:Russia Today

The authorities of the U.S. state passed a law on transgender, which was submitted for consideration in July, reports the BBC. School children of this state will be able to officially use male or female toilets in accordance with their preferences.

"Will the other students uncomfortable with transgender? Probably. I do not want to downplay the problem, a new experience often brings discomfort. However, this can not be an excuse to not deal with prejudice "- said the author of the bill Tom Ammiano.

Some schools in the United States has

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The state bought the missing number of shares to a controlling stake of the Gazprom

State Corporation "Rosneftegas" notified the Federal Property Management Agency to acquire 0.23 percent of the shares of "Gazprom", the agency said the economic information "Prime". As a result of this transaction under the joint supervision of the Federal Property Agency, "Rosneftegas" and "Rosgazifikaciya" (noting that the "Rosgazifikaciya" the state owns 74.55 per cent) was 50.005 percent of the shares of "Gazprom". The deal to acquire the shares held in mid-March — probably the papers were purchased in the market.

As reported today the newspaper "Vedomosti" State seeks formal control over the company "Gazprom" in

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