In the Kuban was a mass death of birds. Video


29.11.12.Prichinu mass death of birds in Temryuk district and near Anapa ascertain regional management specialists Rosselkhoznadzor. Now most of the dead birds utilized.

The results of analyzes of samples from local reservoirs will be known by mid-afternoon. According to experts Rosselkhoznadzor, a preliminary version of mass death of birds — bird flu.

Dead ducks, cormorants, swans were found earlier this week at the border areas Temryuk and Anapa. The exact number of dead birds in the Rosselkhoznadzor can not yet name. In Temryuk district numbering from a few hundred to a thousand.

28.11.12.Spetsialisty Rosselkhoznadzor Administration of Krasnodar

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The death of birds in Bukovina


One has only assume why animals die. TV channel "Inter"

19.12.11.V Chernivtsi region in the forests of an unknown disease killed rabbits, according to media Bucovina.

According to the Chairman of the Regional Council of Chernivtsi Ukrainian Hunting and Fishing George Rudyagi, hunters are in the woods dead birds, the corpses are not visible signs of violent death. "One has only speculate why the animals are dying," — he said.

Hunters believe that birds kill some unknown cleft disease, or they are poisoned with chemicals, that people treated with agricultural plants.

Rudyaga noted that the cause of death

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12.05.12.Gibel birds in Novokuznetsk


Kemerovo. May 12. Interfax-Siberia — in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region find out the cause of death of birds have fallen dead from the trees in front of the students.

In the city department Gosvetnadzora agency "Interfax-Siberia" reported that employees of the department have put in several laboratory dead birds found in the school of music in the street Gadenovyh.

"The death of birds was small, and there are studies that would help to establish the true cause of the incident. No need to panic, "- said the source.

Source: Interfax-Siberia

Bird deaths registered in Ussuriysk


September 22 afternoon in Ussuriysk rescuers there were serious and inexplicable accident.

As the "memory" in the management of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, on that day on the street in the area between Chicherin DB "Express" and OJSC "Sberbank of Russia" on earth was discovered 17 dead tits. To determine the causes of death of birds, they were collected and sent for examination to the veterinary station. But, according to "memory" on duty in the city Civil Defense Ussuri, on September 25, the cause of death of birds has not been established, of review.

A new case of mass death of birds in Northern California

More than 200 brown pelicans were thrown dead on the shore Topseyl Beach, on the south-east coast of Northern California.

Preliminary autopsy several individuals by the University of Georgia, was inconclusive and did not confirm the version of a possible crime. Full toxicology and pathology reports will be available soon.

Was formed task force, which includes members of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Service Fish and Wildlife Service U.S., as well as government representatives, who took up the study of bird deaths, but to find out why they have so far failed. The first deaths of pelicans were observed

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22.08.12.V Perm killed birds. Video


22.08.12.Zhiteli Perm witnessed a strange phenomenon. In different parts of the city began to find dead birds. Sparrows, doves, chickadees.

One of the favorite places for honeymooners — square at the opera house. Pigeons eat right here with it — make great pictures for the wedding album. But recently it began to notice a lot of dead birds. Sight for this celebration is not pleasant. The death of birds has been the subject of active discussion on the city web forum. Users share observations — before such a large number of dead birds have not seen anybody. Remember

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Mysterious death of birds in the New Year in Arkansas

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Thousands of dead blackbirds on New Year's night again filled the streets of Little Rock, the U.S. state of Arkansas. Cause of death of the birds is unknown.

Special mystery what occurred makes the fact that the dead birds have fallen on the city this time last year — New Year's Eve 2011.

As the channel Fox news, citing local police, the first birds began to fall down dead after townspeople hours at 7 pm, to see off the new year began with numerous individual fireworks.

Official city fireworks in the city were

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Birds killed testing kosmooruzhiya

Experts have linked the shooting a member of Congress that oversees the development of space weapons, and Masov sea birds.

Scientists have linked the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, oversaw the military-space complex, with a massive plague of birds. Bird watchers around the world can not figure out the cause of mass death of birds. U.S., Sweden, Canada, Italy, China, Japan and Russia are faced with a mysterious global plague of birds. Flocks bodied birds suddenly falling from the sky, carpeting the ground. — The dead carcasses everywhere: on the highway, on the roofs of cars, on the

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Bird deaths in Chile.

12.05.12.Na coast of Chile from the beaches of Cartagena to Santo Domingo found more than 2300 dead birds. Basically, it's gray petrels, boobies, pelicans and cormorants. Most of them are diagnosed with fractures of the wings and body injuries, indicating that the birds were in fishing nets.

According to the director of the Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, Santo Domingo, José Luis Britos, that fishermen are to blame for the death of the birds. Soon representatives of the museum plan to file a complaint with the police indifferent fishermen. In this regard, Chilean authorities are turning

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The mass death of birds in New Zealand

July 16, 2011. About 200 dead birds were found on the beach in Northland, New Zealand, reports

In the death of birds experts blamed the stormy weather and strong winds, but in this kind of weather is not unusual for the island of New Zealand. The climate in these places always had a strong wind and rain, so why birds suddenly could not cope with it?

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